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This is how we’re all gonna die, #Uranium from #DowChemical baby. 🤣 ☣ [#CIA in #Ukraine] Of course Erik Prince is from #Michigan. 🤦‍♂️ Nothing good, only #Corruption comes from Michigan.

Via Time Magazine, SCOOP: Documents Reveal Erik Prince’s $10 Billion Plan to Make Weapons and Create a Private Army in Ukraine
Cover Of Time Magazine, SCOOP: Documents Reveal Erik Prince’s $10 Billion Plan to Make Weapons and Create a Private Army in Ukraine

Final Preparations for the February 2014, CIA & State Dept engineered, Coup in Ukraine were started in March 2013 by training up hundreds of pro Coup Propagandists – a project run out of the US Embassy in Kiev Full Timeline of the Coup in Ukraine.

CRIMINAL MINDED Black Water: Murder Threats Were Just The Start… Coke; Hash, Steroids, Gun Smuggling, and more indiscriminate shooting – were coming soon to the City of Warren Michigan, but I stopped it.. And you’re welcome.

They wanted to replace the all ready corrupt police with even more corrupt mercenary contractors during the Trump admin, but because I exposed it on time, a birdy in Hobby Lobby told my friend who told me that the CIA tried to kill that kid they had running for Mayor. They said it was because of his posts on Facebook, lol yea right. That’s why he was sponsored by Raytheon and a million other Defence Companies right? 🤣

I do belive it was God who protected the kid, just like God protects me.

[BTW, we all know each other, it’s a small world.]

Example of what God did to an Oakland County Sheriff who was stalking me. 👀

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#Midwest 📅 date and times for #HomeRun4Julian ⚾️ 📰 #PressFreedom #Chicago #Columbus, OH.

Assange’s family members will meet with activists, press, and policymakers to raise awareness of the importance of protecting whistleblowers and journalists, and to advocate for the release of Julian Assange, whom the United Nations has declared “arbitrarily detained” since 2010.

Chicago June 17th 4:30pm | 625 N Michigan Ave Featuring: Jerome McDonnell Facebook

Columbus, OH
June 14th
1pm | Statehouse

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It’s happening as we speak. Just please remember the #Good I did in trying to spark this #GlobalRevolution. 🌐🔥 #AnonymousWorldwide 🌋🏦

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@CIA #FreeJulianAssange, the whole world knows he’s innocent. Jokes on you now. 🃏 #WeAreAllAssange 🗺

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#WeAreAllAssange 🍀 📰 ⏰ #Censorship #Bias #SocialMedia #PressFreedoms

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Like every #Friday we speak out for Julian #Assange and press freedom on hashtag: #WeAreAllAssange Do you value an independent press, do you want to make sure those in power are being held accountable? Do you want to stop an innocent journalist from being extradited? Join us.

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Our brother @YourMarkLubbers account has been suspended! @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack kindly reinstate our brothers account. 🙏 🌐 Thank you! #Anonymous #Anon #AnonOps #AnonFamily #Twitter

This censorship is not justified. Twitter became a platform of no right. You see the staggering number of peodcriminal and porn accounts on twitter.. Accounts that date for years and with many followers and are not suspended.

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#Anonymous #anon #anonops #anonfamily this was planned. 🚰☠💰

to control all life on the planet all you need is control over WATER FOOD POWER – Vandman

Bush Family Evil Empire join the rush to privatize the world’s water supplies
The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water
Bush Family Buy Up Guarani Aquifer
Why Did George Bush Buy Nearly 300,000 acres in Paraguay?
50K View … REAL NEWS …: July 2014 What the Bush Family Knew,, Before th…

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#YemeniCrisis 💀 A different perspective #Follow: @YemeniFatima @MiddleEastInst

This doesn’t mean not to donate, (I just want you to know what’s really going on,) babies are still starving in the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

Yemen can’t wait! Please Donate generously. 👈

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#USA #COPS are trained #DomesticTERRORISTS – #AbolishThePolice #DefundThePolice