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Since we’re all wearing #Masks anyway, here’s some ways to ensure you defeat #FacialRecognition #Cameras 🎭🛰

6 Ways To Defeat Facial Recognition Cameras | Survivopedia via @survivopedia

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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#Drones that can detect fevers and coughing will soon take to the sky. Here’s what you can do to keep your #Family #Safe from #GovernmentSurveillance and slander.

Instead of shooting the messenger, you can hire this German based company!

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#BREAKINGNEWS!!! Most #Important #VideoOfTheMonth! The truth about #COVID19 and #agenda2030 by the elite!!!

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#Eugenics 🚫 #HumanRights #BillOfRights #VaccinesHealthRisks #CoronaVirusEpidemic – Sign The Petition to #ArrestGates!

Council of the European Union: Arrest Bill Gates – Sign the Petition!
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What Bill Gates is doing to sell #Vaccines is utter madness, #SteveJobs is rolling in his grave right now!

I used to laugh at the concept of the book 1984, because as an advertiser, I understood that combining narcissism and peer pressure to get people to willingly give up their privacy was much more diabolically clever.

Until Corona happened…
I never thought I’d see the day when fake Non-Profits; Private Corporations, and Governments, became so desperately greedy that they held the whole world hostage, putting everyone in a state of confusing pandemonium; proving even the most insane conspiracy theorists’ rhetoric as factual.
Growing up being labeled as a religious fanatic, and losing much of my life because of it… I steered away from people who would talk about the world ending every 5 mins. To me, the world was always ending, we’ve always had earthquakes and war. RFID chips at the time didn’t signal Mark of the Beast, and if presented in the same way Apple presented it, I may have considered jumping on the Transhumanism bandwagon.
What Bill Gates is doing to sell vaccines is utter madness, Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now. This is so dangerous and risky, words cannot express how livid the whole world is at the irresponsibility of Government leaders allowing this to happen.

It’s like with Facebook, my issue was never about them collecting data for advertising purposes, it was their guerrilla tactics forcing people to use their products. It was the way they went about doing business by means of “force” that was the deal breaker for me.

Forcing people with fear to take a vaccine because no one trusts the industry anymore is where we must draw the line!… And who’s fault is it that we don’t trust the drug industry? It’s people like Gate’s fault, with their phony version of philanthropy that no one is buying anymore!

Sign the Petition to Arrest Bill Gates

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Message to #BillGates from Anonymous : #coronavirus #corona #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #Anonymous #Anonfamily

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My sources told me this, but #DoYourOwnResearch. I really don’t have the #Answers. That’s why I’m more focused on posting content that makes people think, masked with satire so the masses don’t freak out.

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#CoronaVirus #Corona #Covid19

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#AnonymousBitesBack is live with a #Whistleblower Special. Guest: @iainoverton #Journalist #IainOverton worked with #Assange on the #Iraq war logs. Stream: #Anonymous #FreeAssange #JulianAssange #ChelseaManning #Assange

Click to listen live 🎙

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#FailedGovernmentResponse #Michigan #MiLegislature #MichiganCoronaVirus #SecretaryOfState #DepartmentOfState #DMV #CoronaVirusUSA

Calling doesn’t work either, number is at capacity. What, so call centers have Corona too?