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What’s even more sad, is we have a legit #Platform for people to speak on, and it’s not being used fully. This site is the perfect way to create #Credibitly for #Gangstalking cases, which could later lead to big #Lawsuit wins! ⚖💲 @PsychVictims

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#RT The only #AntiMentalHealth #Organization. 💊 Look; lots of people are #AntiWar these days, they care for #AnimalRights, even equal #CoParenting #Rights for moms and dads in divorce proceedings, all great things; but #SpeakUp against the #Psych industry, and their #MentalHygiene #Eugenics, and watch the #Gangstalking begin! The Everyday Psych Victims Project catalogues victimization by the "#MentalHealth" field experienced daily by millions of people. We are a platform for you to #ShareYourStory, create a lobby, and to highlight the #RightsViolations, #Discrimination, and harm that "mental health" is founded upon. #Natural reactions, not #Disorders. We give #PsychVictims a voice. 🎙

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Ever since #MarkZuckerberg bought #Instagram. I’ve been having problems #Connecting with #People thru the #App. 😑

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between hysteria and someone who is really targeted.. but the timing and context of when I’m blocked/banned/restricted, are beyond coincidencidental at this point..

It makes so much sense why facebook is focused on turning themselves into a msging app. It’s the best way to control/breakup your closest relationships. This guy is a freak dude, I don’t understand how someone could have so much control issues, esspecially towards strangers?!! 🤷‍♂️😤

View this post on Instagram So it's official, all jokes aside. I'm running as a #Candidate for #President Of The United States in 2020. Just got off the phone with the FEC. This is real life. Each Twitter and Instagram account of mine will be used to target key States for #ElectoralVotes. 1 account per each state running autonomously. Not wasting hardly any money on TV ads. Social Media is key! I also have nothing to hide, bc all my dirt is already out there. Lol I'm gonna #EndAllWars by defunding money sent to Israel completely. The billions left over will be used towards fixing #Infrastructure like in Flint, and to make a realistic #Healthcare plan, allowing you to keep private #Insurances. I'll criminalize psychiatry, but federally legalize #Marijuana and hemp imports/exports. (This will allow for #Innovation in industries previously dominated by #BigOil.) Create job programs for everyone I'm letting out of prison. Prisons cost tax payers alot of money anyways, plus I'm sure everyone has a family member they really miss who's in jail for petty weed charges. Prostitution will also be federally legal. (No more mass shootings, bc sex heals.) 😉 I'm gonna remove all nuclear sanctions from #Russia and #China… Ss7 #Internet communication protocols will be revamped and tightened; so China can have #5G, and private security companies can't easily harrass civilians. Keeping up with #NetNeutrality. I'm going to pardon all #WhistleBlowers. Custody battles in #FamilyLaw cases will always be awarded 50/50. #Tampons will be free, or at least #TaxFree.

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…And listen; I know my brothers and sisters in the anonymous community probably don’t understand my need to stay on there, but from a design standpoint, it’s the greatest app in my opinion, especially for marketing artwork.

So fuck facebook even though I’m hypocritically still on a Zuckerberg platform. I’m not giving up my love for this app yet, I am however in favor of the US Government cracking down on these tech giants, and will help push awareness to the abusive psychological games being played with relationships right now.

In the meantime.. feel free to checkout our new networking site, called “W🌐RLDIE” that will be fully revamped by 2020, with AI and crowdsourcing features. ⬅️

…And hey, if I’m wrong about Mark, I just wanna say I’m sorry. I know what it’s like to get slandard for trying to network people, and make a living off trying to do the right thing.

Sincerely, Daniel Brummitt W🌐RLDIE, CMO

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Walking 450 kilometers for Free Assange and a Free Catalonia @chalecosamarill #Anonymous #FreeAssange #FreeCatalonia #FreePress #FreeSpeech

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It took more time for the #Developers to create the #Algorithm that blocked me, than the interest in answering a vocal #SocialMedia user, banding with others Action Blocked users, to bring #instagram and #DeleteInstagram back to the #News and #Trending. #SoSimple but instead…

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#PrivateSecurity #Comapaines used for #Gangstalking – #BigBrother #Michigan

These guys are the largest private security company in the world. I’m certain they are behind my gangstalking. G4S is in cahoots with corrupt cops and firemen, perhaps Freemasons. Organized Stalking has to be federally funded. Private contractors like G4S that specialize in surveillance are given big contracts to mess with people, drive them batty.

Says’ Mystic Banana.

Don’t worry about Pepsi & McDonald’s. Focus on these Companies! ⬅️

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It’s time to end the plague that’s killing our youth, not #Guns, but “Clinical #Psychiatry!” Let’s make it an illegal practice in the States! 

Reposted from @psychvictims (@get_regrann) – Watch “Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust (Anti-Psych) Trailer” on YouTube
#antimentalhealth #mentalhealth #psychvictims #eugenics #antipsychology #rights #antipsychiatry #psych #discrimination #natural #humanrights #mentalhygiene #rt #rightsviolations #antipsych #organization #antiwar #animalrights #coparenting #speakup #gangstalking #shareyourstory #disorders #psychology #psychiatry #human #torture #adversity #nature

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How #AnonymousBitesBack wages a #WarAgainstCensorship 🚫🎙 MUST SEE! #RT #TheGreyCouncil #BinarySec #anonfamily #Anonymous #Anon #OPisis #CtrlSec #ISIShunters #IntelGroup #infosec

This article is about our friends from Anonymous Bites Back, a group of free speech activists who fight back against censorship on the internet.

Most of our readers probably know that independent podcasts are going through a difficult time online right now. The major social media have embarked on an effective censorship campaign to silence dissident voices on the internet. It started with Facebook giving a lot of trouble for groups of a certain political side. Pages were removed, others were shadowbanned and receive pretty much no reach anymore. At first many people were embracing it, because it didn’t happen on their side yet. They were unaffected.

And then it changed. Suddenly everyone with a voice that wasn’t accepted by the “main stream” was being targetted. And after Facebook, the website Twitter started to do the same. It caused people to freak out. Resulting in the word shadowbanning becoming a new “internet dictionary” word, because it is the discussion of the day.

A lot of the victims of this campaign give up and choose to find their place elsewhere. Many new alternative websites are being created, like and Normally this would be a good thing, but not when it results out of necessity. The major social media networks are attempting to silence free speech in a very serious way. The solutions are there, but the masses are not yet using these websites. So it creates tiny islands and especially for activists this is very difficult to deal with.

But not all of the broadcasters are giving up. Anonymous Bites Back is different. With a panel consisting of free speech activists and technology enthusiasts from around the world, they chose to fight back. At first they were silenced on Facebook. And they started to invent ways to get around the oppressive algorithms, by utilizing their audience as well. Then the same happened on Youtube, with their streaming capabilities being fully disabled for 90 days, without any reason.

Eventually they started to decentralize. Anonymous Bites Back developed a system independent from all social media, able to broadcast to all of the sites at once whenever they go live. This means that they no longer depend on any individual net, but they will just have their live stream on whatever site accepts them. And they will spread that link. The podcasters combined this with audio streams on their own site, and on another volunteer network that works with them. Being fully weaponized against the system. The amount of viewers increased to a level that was larger than ever.

This created a change in things. After streaming just 2 episodes they were already contacted by the Youtube team, asking them if the situation on the site should be fixed and that it might have been a mistake. Anonymous Bites Back gave them a simple response: No. We don’t need you anymore.

So even though they were victims, decentralization made them stronger than ever.

Find their main stream (while it lasts) on Periscope: Anonymous Bites Back Live

Another article about this: Anonymous Bites Back Free Speech Activists Found a Way to Defeat Censorship

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Watch “Pedophiles Rule the #World” on YouTube #Remember when I told everyone about this? 😏 #EyeOfProvidence is about to be flipped upside down. Just because it’s infowars doesn’t mean it’s not true.

View this post on Instagram Where to begin? Oh, how bout here.. This school is a fake black ops CIA facility, where they hire delinquents who get off to beating up children. This is not a joke. It's a real torture program, hidden right in plain sight of a suburb in Ferndale Michigan. If you get close enough; you can hear kids scream, and if u go inside, you might have a few chairs thrown at you… Not bc they're bad kids, but bc they are being ABUSED!!! Sometimes sexually too! Does anyone care? No! You libtards are too busy worried about protecting illegals, than to pay attention to your own kids, who are being drugged and kidnapped on a daily bases. #publicschools #education #teachers #wearebcs #lovepubliceducation #bcs #avlnews #ilove #ashevillemoms #charterschools #ncpublicschools #avl #nbct #bcsadvantage #isgreat #asheville #parentingtips #substituteteacher #testproctoring #testproctor #wiseredsolutions #etsy #valentineparty #valentinesdayshirt #valentinesshirt #publicschoolgift #publicschoolshirt #publicschooltee #parenting "Welcome to the #MaxProgram 👀 You can checkout, but you can never leave." 🗝

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Where to begin? Oh, how bout here.. This school is a fake black ops CIA facility, where they hire delinquents who get off to beating up children. This is not a joke. It’s a real torture program, hidden right in plain sight of a suburb in Ferndale Michigan. If you get close enough; you can hear kids scream, and if u go inside, you might have a few chairs thrown at you… Not bc they’re bad kids, but bc they are being ABUSED!!! Sometimes sexually too! Does anyone care? No! You libtards are too busy worried about protecting illegals, than to pay attention to your own kids, who are being drugged and kidnapped on a daily bases.

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(#PsychVictims #AntiMentalHealth) I was a long time virgin, waiting till marriage to have sex. (In the anti-theist psych world, this means you're a schizophrenic fanatic. I was the kind of guy who had such moral convictions, that I would throw up at the park and cry for 3 days, if I even had oral.  I met this goth girl thru a friend, she was a CCS student. She tried to kiss me, so I pulled a way, and bit her lip to tease her. I noticed she moaned really loud, and told me to choke her. (Now despite what allegations have been said about me, I was the guy that couldn't play contact sports in middle school, bc I had a phobia of hurting people.. In fact, I couldn't even guard other boys in Rec basketball, bc the voices would start singing "Savage Garden, I want to bathe with you on the mountain." lol.) So, the night went from slight choking, to her demanding me to punch her in the face.. And I did it. I beat the fuck out of her. I didn't know how to feel after, Did I sin? I didn't know. There was no penetration involved, my dick did't get wet, all I know is that girl got off really hard from me slamming her head in the ground. The next day, I went to the therapist at Easter Seals, and told her about my love for Jesus. She yawned, and said "anything else Dan?" I said "actually yes." "I met this girl," (brief interruption) "Ooh, tell me more" she said excitedly. Therapist crosses her legs, appeared to be rubbing her… Then I told her about what happened; and she said, and I repeat, "DANIEL, THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO GET OFF" "Whoa," I exclaimed, almost falling out of my chair. That was the last time I went to therapy. What do you think? Do you think there is no wrong way to get off?? What about Pedophiles? Or Necrophiliacs?? Or Rapists??? BTW.. That was many many years ago. I'm a completely different man now. Currently happily divorced; conquered the #SausageCastle, and you couldn't pay me enough to go to church, or be monogamous again. That part of me is dorment until I de-program everybody. 🌐 (The point I was trying to make is that the system has overly sexualized everything, & I believe bdsm in pornography is the root cause for many domestic abuse problems.)

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#KAVANAUGH, AND WHY I GENERALLY BELIEVE GIRLS WHO CRY RAPE. I knew a girl growing up who was raped by a cop. Like many, I didn’t believe her. Even though her family won a 1.3 million dollar lawsuit. She went to a CIA Day Treatment Training School with me. She rode the bus with me, was the first girl to kiss me, and grab my cock really hard, simultaneously. (Age 11) The Local News Paper slandered her, said “she had an IQ of 70,” her Parents house was considered the Red Light District of Madison Heights, all bc her Dad owned a Strip Club way the f* up north. It would seem like she was a troubled kid from a broken home, who was lying to get money. Years later, I was tattooing an old pal who was much older than me. We were on the subject of exes, he brought the girl up in conversation, and said “That Cop was always an old perv.” I started to reminisce about something the alleged pervy Officer told me a while ago during a D.A.R.E. rally. (Age 5, photographic memory, it’s a blessing and a curse man lol.) The Officer said “he took a pay cut, and was sad bc he had to sell his son’s jet skies.” Pay cut bc he was pervy to all the school kids? 😂 He used to live by the school, and they shipped him as far away from kids as they could, while still being able to keep him in the district. Things you need to know: He was not a normal cop. He was #FBI. I’m sick of people hating on local cops, not understanding it’s the #DeepState on a powertrip that are the most fucked up, and commit crimes without fear of getting caught. Rep. Sen. Levin let him off the hook with full pension, and he is currently working in Bear Lake, as a Casino Auditor. #psychvictims #antimentalhealth #mentalhealth #discrimination #shareyourstory #gangstalking #rightsviolations #eugenics #mentalhygiene #natural #speakup #rights #forced #organization #rt #psych

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BREAKING: DPD’s internal affairs dept is investigating more than 30 officers whose #socialmedia accounts were documented on Plainview Project #database, where posts included Islamophobic comments, racist stereotypes and jokes about police brutality.

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This What They Doing To Our People Smfh .. He Ain’t Have No Gun & They Shot & Killed Him For No Reason. & Then They Still Try to Cuff him after shooting him smfh. #Policebrutality #44thprecinct