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#OctopusPROMIS: The Conspiracy Against #INSLAW Software, And The Murders To #CoverUp A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate!

Octopus PROMIS: The Conspiracy Against INSLAW Software, And The Murders To Cover Up A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate!

This article provides proof of a monolithic conspiracy to murder key individuals involved with trying to expose DOJ, CIA and NSA involvement stealing PROMIS software. Beyond that it provides some evidence of The Octopus criminal enterprise during the 1980’s.

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Reinstate #Zerohedge immediately #Twitter‼ #TwitterSupport #Censoring Independent #Journalists and #News operations will NOT be tolerated. People are free to think for themselves. CC: @YourAnonNews @YourMarkLubbers @Anon2world @AnonsWorldwide

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@Sydney_Krey #AmericanModel is the #JaneFonda of our #Generation. #Millennials #GenZ #FlintWater #MedicalMarijuana #Spokeswoman #Equality #HumanRights #Michigan

Sydney is an Activist for Flint Water and Prohibition.

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#NoWarWithIran please!

U.S. History Of Attempting To Overthrow Iran Is Riddled With Conspiracy To Stage Conflicts
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📽🆘️DENUNCIA || #Chile @CIDH crímenes de lesa humanidad por parte del gobierno de Piñera, ¿hasta cuando se va a seguir permitiendo esta masacre? ES HORA DE ACTUAR los pueblos se deben ARRECHAR ⚠️VAMOS HACERLO VIRAL⚠️ @rhm1947 @RalitoDigital @RayJoha2

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Everyone should read this #Professional #Development document about the #AfricanUnion #africandiaspora – how #technology and #progress is being produced in #Africia, as well as centralized #banks and funds to provide structure!

Thanks to Carl Teo of MRESENCE and Social Edificiation for sharing this enlightening information! Ecocarrier Inc.

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If u aren’t speaking about #JulianAssange do u value ur rights? Mother fucker, they are killing a man who practiced #Journalism. Do u want this all as a precedent?

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Everything starts with a #Word. #Communications is life, and if you were #Wise, you’d move all your #SocialMedia #Content to – This is #Digital #Exodus. 🌐🌻

It’s time.

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@Worldie_com is the only #Nonprofit #SocialMedia #Network who is not owned by #Globalists, and or #Corporations.

Look how Beautiful is.

Listen… I’m gonna be real; once you put your Pictures on Instagram, Google, and Facebook, u don’t own them anymore.

Worldie is the only Nonprofit SocialMedia Network who is not owned by Globalists, and or Corporations.

Our only Agenda is to Provide the World with the Best Online Social Experience, Free from un-Ethical Behavioral Regulations that are currently being used by every other Big Tech Company to Segregate for Profit. Come see what makes Worldie Difffernt, a Social Media Experience for The Now!

Are u an Artist, or Art Dealer like me? Maximize your SEO and sell/curate for real. No more being pushed in the back of a search engine because you’re not an A list celebrity who has millions of dollars for PR, we are a first come first serve.

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