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#Uranium contaminated site collapsed into the #Detroit River during the #Holiday

The shoreline of a Detroit, Michigan property contaminated by uranium and other chemicals dating back to the 1940s collapsed into the Detroit River during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. The public was not alerted to the existence of the toxic spill until a report was published this week by the local paper in Windsor, Ontario.

The property known today as the Detroit Dock was previously owned by Revere Copper and Brass, Inc., a provider of uranium rods for US nuclear weapons development during and after World War II.

According to a report in the Windsor Star on Thursday, the property has been listed by both the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a contaminated site for decades. It has also been listed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the country’s forgotten nuclear legacy “waste lands” where “potential exists for significant residual radiation.”

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We are all Producers now, and should be paid for it. – #BigData #DataManagement #UniversalIncome #Worldie

Your personal data can be used to predict the future, and that’s where the big money is. Your money.
  • The Value of Your Personal Data Movie.
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How we #Need to remake the #Internet | #JaronLanier @worldie_com #Worldie 🌐

Tribeca Film Festival 👈

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#US-#UK-#SAUDI-#UAE AGGRESSION & THEIR ALLIES AGAINST #YEMEN 🔹Duration of aggression until 04/12/2019 is: ⬇⬇ MONTHS : 56 DAYS : 1715 HOURS : 41160 MINUTES: 2469600 OF Resistance, Killing, Genocide, Bombing, Blockade, Diseases & Suffering. #1700DaysOfWarOnYemen🇾🇪

Yemen can’t wait!
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#CyberMonday #Detroit #lenovo #asus #samsung #iphone #oppo #sony #acer #laptop #vivo #xiaomi #pc #laptopmurah #toshiba #windows #hardware #software #epson #gaming

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#Team at #Leaders You Can #Trust Leaders Representing #People #Worldwide 🚢🦉

At our international nonprofit social platform, we represent people worldwide and from different regions. We’re global to show that we value people from all parts of the world, and to show different perspectives.

Worldie leads with the focus to create positive social impact and a better future.

Worldie protects consumers, expression, and privacy. Be different. We value the individual and act with ethics, transparency, and integrity.

As a moderate platform, we want our users offline and online to be safe and treated equally. We have one global egalitarian policy for everyone.

Meet our team and board of directors.

They may specialize in technology, social media, representing their country or region, leadership, social impact, helping others, human resources, public relations, nonprofits, businesses, international relations, and more. 💎 Sign up today!

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#Anonymous #AnonymousBitesBack #JFKAssassination #JFKonthisday #Conspiracy

Anonymous Bites Back is live with part 2 of the Conspiracy Special. Solved the technical issues.
Subjects: JFK, Bolivia, Lithium and more!

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From childhood’s hour
I have not been as others were;
I have not seen as others saw
I could not bring my passions from a common spring
From the same source I have not taken my sorrow
I could not awaken my heart to joy at the same t
&all I loved
I Loved alone -Edgar Allan Poe

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