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It’s time 2 take a stand. We have launched a #Petition 4 the nu #EU commission (after the #Elections in #May) to create a nu directive that stops the old #Copyright directive. #StopACTA2 #Article11 #Article13

Sign it and share!

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Suits in office and on tv who have cried about press freedoms are now giddy over a journalist being arrested… #OpAssange #OpEcuador #FreeJulian

What I don’t think these suits understand is that we have been preparing for this for 7 long years. We expected it. Now Expect Us.

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Este hombre es un hijo, un padre, un hermano. Ha ganado docenas de premios de periodismo. Ha sido nominado para el Nobel de la Paz todos los años desde 2010. Poderoso actores, incluida la CIA, realizan un esfuerzo sofisticado para deshumanizarlo, deslegitimarlo y encarcelarlo.

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This #Article has many problems, but it still gets the #Assange #Indictment right. – #TheNewYorker #FreePress 🦉⚖

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By Daniel Brummitt

Twelve paged Children’s Poetry Book from the dark side, about a dino named GO who lost his way!