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@Ledger I need you to look into this: I can’t transfer #Tron from #TronWalletMe 💱🚨

I’ve been using Binance En since like 2016. Loved it, never got hacked.. I recently was looking to transfer some Tron from my Tron Wallet Me to Binance, when this happened…

Followed by this email the day after.

Coincidence? I wish.

So, I decided to say f it, and just transfer my Tron to Ledger.. Only to have the same error msg appear. 🤦‍♂️😔

~ @Ledger, please help!

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#WiFi Struggling to Keep Up with #StayHome Demands? Try “#FlashRouters!” 👈

Your average router’s stock firmware is unreliable, functionally limited, and likely full of dangerous vulnerabilities that can put your entire online experience at risk. In fact, manufacturers will often not even bother to patch routers with serious security holes, especially if the device is a few year’s old. This leaves devices defenseless, out in the world, completely exposed to potential hackers and prying eyes looking for network security weaknesses to exploit.
Because of this, FlashRouters utilizes DD-WRT open-source firmware to transform a personal-class router with limited functionality into a powerful, multi-use, business-class router. With DD-WRT, a router’s enterprise potential can be unlocked at a home user’s cost.

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#bars #hiphop #rap #music #rapper #freestyle #newmusic #cocktails #bar #artist #beats #drinks #lyrics #love #rapmusic #undergroundhiphop #nightlife #restaurants #hiphopmusic #boombap #soundcloud #realrap #producer #nyc #rappers #explorepage #freestylerap #gymnastics #trap

The weather was nice today, so I decided to break my normal routine and go for a walk by the water. I actually felt like a normal human for a change, was in good spirits until I went to the dive bar, and they told me I needed to sign a registry to have a drink.

The first time I witnessed this protocol was at a coffee shop in Royal Oak, however, the cashier loosely enforced it. It was also asked upon with a QR code, so I had my burner phone with UK sim card ready.

Generally; guest lists are for funerals, government agencies, doctor offices, and or fancy restaurants; not an empty bar lol.

This bothers me! What if had one drink for an hour during the day, and someone aledgedly had Convid later that same the day when I wasn’t even there? Now my name is on a list, all in the name of Security right?

Makes me not want to go out at all anymore.

The worst part is that all the luxury bars in downtown Detroit were packed, meanwhile the progressive bars which are most strict (because they gotta keep up with their policies) are the ones hurting. How is this liberation? Small business(s) are being destroyed over rhetoric.

Here’s a plausible solution:

Download The Club app.

Start making money Streaming online today:

  1. Join the DJ Directory at
  2. Schedule your first stream: “MyClub” -> (+) top right corner -> create event -> when ready hit “Start” to start stream
  3. Share this with other DJs

Yeah, I understand that seems almost equally invasive, letting big brother and big tech into your home… But, the difference is you don’t have to sign a list, you’re in control. Your business is your home, what happens in your home is your business.

Just make sure you invite me to the parties. Been feeling left out lately. 😔

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#GoVote! 😂

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As a young adult, all I wanted was to be free, to be nomadic like my hippie friends. Then after years of crying and begging, I got it, I became the freeist person on earth. I didn't work a 9-5 like every other slob anymore; I pretty much turned into #WillyWonka, doing creative things with my mind and my heart, studying all the great philosophers; like a barefoot man wearing a 3 piece suit at @barnesandnoble. (Sadly, both were never mine to own.) Sometimes getting your hearts desire causes problems. Loved one's get jealous, they don't understand why you get things for free and they don't. They must of forgotten the poor boy was in prison his whole life, he could of had a lot more, had his life not been taken from him in the first place. 😡 They stab your hand for accepting your your own bread crumbs; everybody at the table gets up, stabs you in the back, one by one. Now here we are; and here I am, going back on my word, complaining how all I want is consistency and structure. Guess I forgot how s***ty life was before I had knowledge, before I could cut corners, and walk thru walls with my cell phone. I deeply apologize for forgetting where I came from. Maybe going back to that old way of life isn't the answer? Maybe the controlled Mason side is wrong, and I'll choose the transhuman illuminati side after all? 🤔 ⌛ #danielbrummitt #disruptivefineart #art #artbasel #menwithtattoos #menwithink #guyswithink #tattooedguys #inkedmen #luxury #unique #seo #dinogogoglow #artcollector #artblogger #tattooedmen #inkedguys #guyswithtattoos #authorlife #artgallery #indiepublisher #sothebys #blogger #christies #follow #saffronart #michiganmade #sothebyscontemporary #selfie

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I used to laugh at the concept of the book 1984, because as an advertiser, I understood that combining narcissism and peer pressure to get people to willingly give up their privacy was much more diabolically clever.

Until Corona happened…
I never thought I’d see the day when fake Non-Profits; Private Corporations, and Governments, became so desperately greedy that they held the whole world hostage, putting everyone in a state of confusing pandemonium; proving even the most insane conspiracy theorists’ rhetoric as factual.
Growing up being labeled as a religious fanatic, and losing much of my life because of it… I steered away from people who would talk about the world ending every 5 mins. To me, the world was always ending, we’ve always had earthquakes and war. RFID chips at the time didn’t signal Mark of the Beast, and if presented in the same way Apple presented it, I may have considered jumping on the Transhumanism bandwagon.
What Bill Gates is doing to sell vaccines is utter madness, Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now. This is so dangerous and risky, words cannot express how livid the whole world is at the irresponsibility of Government leaders allowing this to happen.

It’s like with Facebook, my issue was never about them collecting data for advertising purposes, it was their guerrilla tactics forcing people to use their products. It was the way they went about doing business by means of “force” that was the deal breaker for me.

Forcing people with fear to take a vaccine because no one trusts the industry anymore is where we must draw the line!… And who’s fault is it that we don’t trust the drug industry? It’s people like Gate’s fault, with their phony version of philanthropy that no one is buying anymore!

Welp, at least Jobs tried.🌈🍎-apple-applecommercial-advertising-convid1984/

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#WorldHunger ending? No. Buying #Groceries with your hand? Yes. 👈 Must Read

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I wish you could do something about #PersonalityTests on #Jobs too. Make people who are #Labeled with #PseudoScience #Disabilities a #ProtectedClass.

Your favorite website might be discriminating against you. The ACLU is suing to ensure researchers and journalists can investigate this because right now investigating this discrimination is a crime.


Every now and then, thanks to the internet, I’ll be a head of the curve a little when it comes to my work life. The year I believe was 2011, and my resume was banging! I had a Job recruiter hmu and praise me for how awesome it looked. He said “I got this position; it’s a bit of a drive, you’ll have to start from the bottom, but there’s possibilities to work your way up, and land your dream creative role.

I said “I’m down.”

My Grandfather drove me all the way to Wixom, and took me out for lunch at Wendy’s – he was so excited for me.

On the way there I was scoping out new Chrysler Fiats, because I believed this job was so promising.

So, I got the job, took the personality test, and failed it. Lol

My Grandfather who was a Free Mason said to me, “you know, it’s not fair, but it’s just the way things are.”

Well how is that gonna benefit my family to be complacent about a system that discriminates against our own fucking bloodline?

Why is my personality so feared?

The recruiter like literally praised me for my outstanding resume, I got the job based on credentials, not my Semitic personality score. Lol wtf?

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Let’s bring back #PercentForArt, but for #Offices in #VR. #Wealth #WealthCreation #TrillionDollarIdea #ArtInvestment #JobCreation #AR #CorporatealArt #VirtualItems #VirtualArt #Cyrpto #5G #Vbucks

Percent For Art – We need to make this a National Law!

The term percent for art refers to a program, often a city ordinance, where a fee, usually some percentage of the project cost, is placed on large scale development projects in order to fund and install public art. The details of such programs vary from area to area. Percent for art programs are used to fund public art where private or specialized funding of public art is unavailable. Similar programs, such as “art in public places”, attempt to achieve similar goals by requiring that public art be part of a project, yet they often allow developers to pay in-lieu fees to a public art fund as an alternative.

Ways VR and AR can save the global economy 🌐

Imagine a world without limits, without walls, and without borders. A world where things like damaged infrastructure; traffic, and even death are replaced with un-corruptible buildings, roads of gold, flying cars; and fearlessly cliff diving, because in VR death is not reality.

Here are 4 ways VR and AR can save the global economy:

  1. Strippers: Imagine going to a strip club where the girls are not harmed, where the fantasy is still alive and vivid, but the center stage is holographic images . Dancers don’t even have to leave the house, they can accept bitcoin payments 24 hours of the day and night, because blockchain is the bank that never sleeps. Augmented reality is good for sex workers, it’s good for the CDC, and it’s a healthy way to stimulate economic growth.

  2. Roads: I’m from Michigan, and one thing that slows down my day is the fact that I have to drive to most places to get around. Gas is bad for the environment; traffic is a waste of time, we risk dying every time we drive, cops give us tickets, car insurance is expensive; and wear and tare on vehicles is costly.
    VR can change this, strap on the headset, and virtually go to work instantly. This will create less traffic on the roads; money saved on repairing roads, reduced car accidents, and time saved driving to your job. Now, you have no excuse but to spend time with your loved ones, and driving will be more of a recreational thing than a necessity.

Don’t worry automotive companies, you don’t wanna get caught driving to work in the VR without the most up to date flying vehicle do you? It’s proven through years of social media research, that people spend money on their virtual self, who you are in VR matters. The virtual self is just as important, if not more than your actual life. I did not write these rules, it’s in our corruptible human nature to behave narcissistic.

  1. Textiles: Yes, people will cave under social pressure to spend money on designer suits, and shoes in VR. Which is great, because now sweatshops will become a thing of the past. Less trees will be cut down, plastics burned, etc.

  2. Life on the blockchain’s 24 hour transactions and the reduced need for petrol, will eliminate the need for war. Hemp will be globally legal since it’s not a threat to the oil dollar, and life on earth can be filled with peace, and an increased curiosity for technological knowledge.

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UNO 1 #CoffeeTable by #DanielBrummitt #coffee #interiordesign #coffeeshop #homedecor #coffeetime #furniture #design #coffeelover #interior #art #sidetable #woodworking #coffeeholic #wood #cafe #coffeehouse #coffeeaddict #decoration #sofa #table #coffeebar #coffeeart #handmade #livingroom #photography #home #coffeecup #furnituredesign – $249.00 35.75″ x 17.75″ x 17″ (H) Baltic birch table top with beveled edge High quality print with satin finish Steel legs available in black or gold Assembly required Please note: all furniture is custom-made and printed upon order. Returns are only accepted in the case of damage. We currently do not ship furniture outside of the United States.

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mad cowZa titor doZa #CoffeeTable by #DanielBrummitt #minimalist #minimalism #minimal #art #bnw #design #photography #architecture #instagood #photooftheday #love #minimalistic #sky #blackandwhite #simple #beautiful #simplicity #nature #minimalove #fashion #artist #bw #style #ig #minimalista #monochrome #photo #minimalismo – $249.00 35.75″ x 17.75″ x 17″ (H) Baltic birch table top with beveled edge High quality print with satin finish Steel legs available in black or gold Assembly required Please note: all furniture is custom-made and printed upon order. Returns are only accepted in the case of damage. We currently do not ship furniture outside of the United States.

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This is my actual #Life, and I don’t mind it that much. I’m used to having no real #HumanConnection with anyone. 😉 #BlackMirror #SocialCredit #HumanFutures #BigData #AI

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A #WallStreetJournal analysis claims discovery of #TikTok violating #GooglePlay(s) guidelines in the past and collected the #MACAddresse(s) of #AndroidDevices to track users online. Here’s what you can do to safeguard your phone.

The company was said to use an exploit in Android OS to collect and track the MAC addresses of Android devices. Aug 12, 2020

The Solution:

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“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” Most important Documentary on Netflix rn. #TechForGood #TheMatrix #HumanResponsibility #5G #Automation #IoT #BigData #SocialMedia #SocialImpact #BigTech #DigitalTransformation