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#Activists are trying to free #Singer #BritneySpears from her #Conservatorship. #Reporters interviewed #Protesters outside of her hearing in the #StanleyMoskCourthouse in Los Angeles on Sept 18, 2019. Give her control over her money, travel, and assets. She’s an equal person and let her have independence.

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How I fell Into The Vulture’s Clutches… (This recollection is from my new book “GaslitByAMadman”, currently available on Amazon in Kindle Format) 

Growing up is tough. Perhaps it has been an awful lot worse in the past. But today, it is still very hard, even in the more developed countries. Jordan B. Peterson, now the hero of a generation, makes this abundantly clear: in his work, we see how lost many people are; how lost many of us are or have been at times, (which we know even better from personal experience, if we are honest).

Our education system draws no attention to our spiritual life, to the cultivation of the virtues and dispositions that make life genuinely ‘meaningful’ (to use Peterson’s term). Many people, such as those Peterson speaks of, become highly brainwashed by the system, in a sense keeping their heads firmly in the sand and never questioning their social indoctrination. They merely become more and more fanatical. I wasn’t like that. I suffered from, if anything, the opposite pathology. Suddenly, when I read Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good And Evil” at 17, I found myself engulfed by so many doubts and reservations about the education I had received hitherto, and about the ‘values’ that most people take for granted, that it paralysed my ability to continue with life – with my formal schooling – in a productive manner. However. I was so enthralled to the system, so ‘institutionalized’ by 14 years of public curriculum schooling and classroom routine, that I was unable to act independently and decisively to extricate myself from this same system. Thus, I continued on, going to University, in a degree (Philosophy and Mathematics) that I didn’t even want to be doing (I think I would have faired better with P.P.E. – Politics, Philosophy, and Economics – but that wasn’t available at at a top University other than Oxford until a year later. I should have taken an extra year and switched course, or simply abandoned the Mathematics, as I was only interested in the Human Condition at the time… but I was too indecisive, didn’t think Philosophy alone sounded as impressive or offered the same ‘career prospects’, and I was afraid of making any kind of a scene).

In the last year I was at University, because I was expressing my unhappiness, & had always been curious about psycho-analysis, after seeing it romantized so splendidly in the incomparable films of Woody Allen, I foolishly consented to see a psychiatrist – thinking I was gonna get the full, in depth couch & dreams approach, intrepid, disabused psychological delving & diving with a seasoned guide.  But in reality….  The white-coated lame wad asked me a bunch of stupid, childish questions from his standard, poxy little ticklist, & unfortunately when he asked ‘Do I think I receive messages from the T.V.?”, in my sweet naivety I simply answered ‘Yes’. (Doh! The T.V. isa form of media; its whole job is to send you messages!) As a result of that moronic misunderstanding, the jumped-up invalid labelled me ‘schizophrenic’ there and then…. & that’s how it happened folks! That’s how Eden got nuked! Because I claimed a t.v. sends messages! 

Anyway… they didn’t kidnap me at that point. I merely returned to University after being kept in for a night on ward, & then I just about passed my horrible course, after 4 years of intellectual sclerosis in the bloom of youth (though far, far worse was to come!)…but by the end of it, I was masturbating compulsively (to internet pornography), which continued for another 2 or so years at home again in my old bedroom of my parent’s residence. Then, to cut a long story short, I suffered a (minor) injury to my private parts, which I was convinced was more serious than it actually was, yet still I continued with the self-abuse, with ever mounting guilt and worry. I began having physical symptoms – coughing up phlegm, pains in my head – as well as extreme states of dysphoria upon attempts to withdraw from my addiction. I was concerned that I was verging upon doing permanent damage to my nervous system. To combat this, as well as the unpleasant effects I just mentioned, I began fasting and meditating for days or weeks at a time. After a week or two of fasting, I would then feast myself prodigiously, especially on lots of meat (yes, I invented the ‘meat-only, ketagenic diet’ a good decade before Peterson… which now is officially being used to treat ‘schizophrenia’, btw!… and, unlike him, I was roundly committed for it!) and blueberries.
To cut a long story short, my worried mother took me to see a Dr., (who I just went a long with, not considering it of any great significance and vaguely hoping they might send me for a brain scan to see what was happening with my nerves). However, due to the fact I had spent all of the last two years largely alone in my bedroom (‘negative symptoms of schizophrenia’, and because I said that I was concerned that my excessive habits might be causing a problem with my brain (together with my unorthodox but actually quite effective attempts to rectify the issue), plus my frenzied feasting, they thought I was delusional, psychotic. So one night, when I was least expecting it… they came to my house and Sectioned me (though vivi-sectioned might be more accurate)….


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From public Twitter: “And it’s been happening over and over for 20 years. this is the first time I’ve ever been seen as being dangerous though. It’s been a horrific experience but at least I know how it feels. I always used to be incredibly careful not to tell people I didn’t trust

But I messed up, I reached out and grabbed something someone was wearing (an ID tag) that is a fair enough thing to flag a behaviour issue and it was right to do it. Unfortunately if I had not also been flagged as “MH” I would have been given immediate second chance

Or if I had been willing to go to psychiatrist of their choosing and do everything he said I would have been given a second chance. But because I said I was a victim of institutional abuse & domestic violence,  I needed a specialised institutional abuse or at least  DV counsellor

But its not that simple. I’m a PhD student, if I walk away 8 months into my Phd I am leaving research forever, nobody will take me. I also live in a state where this is the only university. My supervisors are awesome supportive people, this is administration. what they said…. See

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“He’s homeless, he’s aggressive, he’s suicidal, so he ain’t gonna be the best, is he?” the driver can be heard to say. “You don’t need to take him if you don’t feel safe with him. That’s why we’ve got the fire extinguisher. Take it off the hook now and you’ve got something to hit him with. You’d rather be prosecuted, wouldn’t you, for beating a patient to a pulp than that patient beating you to a pulp, wouldn’t you, as a choice of the two?”

After his colleague agrees, the driver continues: “D’you want a broken arm, a broken jaw, black eyes, or do you want to beat the fuck out of someone and then get prosecuted? You could still say it was self-defence.” His colleague then adds: “And get suspended for six months while they check up on it.”

The driver concludes: “[At] least you’re able to sit in your garden. You wouldn’t be able to get into your garden with a broken leg, would you?”

At the end of the four-minute message, the driver realises they are still being recorded. “That was a long message on his phone,” he says, without appearing to register the significance of what the two have said.

The patient, aged 43, had not been picked up by the two crew members before and has no history of being aggressive towards G4S staff. He said the message left him distraught.

“When I got in the ambulance they were all nicey-nice and said ‘how are you mate?’ and I said ‘I was good till I heard your voice message’,” he said. “Then I played them the voicemail. They tried to apologise and I said it’s a bit late for that.” He said he self-harmed as a result of the incident.

On 10 May, G4S wrote to the patient saying: “I am sorry to learn that you had a poor experience with our service.” He was subsequently visited by G4S management, which apologised to him.

He added: “What made it worse is that I was told the two men were suspended on full pay.”

This person was picked up with the ambulance drivers and EMTS knowing he had been labeled with so-called “mental health” issues. As a result, they were going to use brute force, violence, and discrimination on him.

Psych Victims are at higher risk of being abused after being labeled, which will only make them worse off.

There was no proof of the man being previously aggressive with G4S ambulance staff. Only the label gave “guilty before being innocent.”

“The patient, who does not want to be named, told the Guardian he was sent the ambulance on 8 May to take him for an MRI scan on his lower abdomen after a stomach rupture. He has mental health problems and had been rehoused in temporary emergency council accommodation in Kent the previous week.

The driver of the G4S vehicle left a message saying the crew would be a few minutes late to take him to William Harvey hospital in Ashford, Kent.

From The Guardian on May 15, 2019:


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#Capitalism #FollowTheMoney #AbortionIndustry #Profits 1.6 Billion #AnnualReporting

The abortion industry

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@dananessel #ACLU – #Please #Help these #Kids who are being subjected to #Scientology like #BehaviorModification in #Ferndale #Michigan – They are isolated from their peers, and do not recieve a proper #Education.

@Regrann from @psychvictims –
Where to begin? Oh, how bout here.. This school is a fake black ops CIA facility, where they hire delinquents who get off to beating up children. This is not a joke. It’s a real torture program, hidden right in plain sight of a suburb in Ferndale Michigan. If you get close enough; you can hear kids scream, and if u go inside, you might have a few chairs thrown at you… Not bc they’re bad kids, but bc they are being ABUSED!!! Sometimes sexually too! Does anyone care? No! You libtards are too busy worried about protecting illegals, than to pay attention to your own kids, who are being drugged and kidnapped on a daily bases.
#publicschools #education #teachers #wearebcs #lovepubliceducation #bcs #avlnews #ilove #ashevillemoms #charterschools #ncpublicschools #avl #nbct #bcsadvantage #isgreat #asheville #parentingtips #substituteteacher #testproctoring #testproctor #wiseredsolutions #etsy #valentineparty #valentinesdayshirt #valentinesshirt #publicschoolgift #publicschoolshirt #publicschooltee #parenting “Welcome to the #MaxProgram 👀 You can checkout, but you can never leave.” 🗝 –

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View this post on Instagram #overdose #silentkiller #drugpushers #shameful #maximizingprofits #victims #labrats #circumstances #diagnonsense #forced #healthcare I was hospitalized for the first time when I was 9 years old, and put on psychotropic medications. Continuing on through the course of my teen years, I spent over 7 birthday's, and Christmas(s) institutionalized. One year after my first hospitalization, my mother signed a contract with an EI school that said they would help with behavioral modification of my OCD rituals. However, that was not the case. The teachers and staff of this program sexually harassed and bullied us. When we fought back, they video taped only our reactions. The videos were then sold to Michigan State University's Psych program for research. I was one of the lucky ones, because my parents were 2nd generation tax paying citizens of the city where the program resided in. The ACLU got involved, not because of the abuse, but because I was denied my right to public education in my own school district. (I regret not suing.) I was then rehabilitated into a normal school setting, but monitored by former staff and a particular social worker from the program all the way until I dropped out of high school. At the age of 17 I hospitalized against my will, and by 19 was 277 Lbs. from the cocktail of medications they put me on. I was on 2000 mil of Depakote, 6 mils of Risperdal, plus a few more at one time. Throughout the course of my life, I've been on every psychiatric medication in the book. One day, about 4 years later, I had something of a divine Intervention occur. I don't know if I really was born mentally ill; mkultra'd suffering from an Existential crises, possessed by a jinn, demon; or the devil himself… All I know is that the voice in my head that used to harass me went away! It's been 10 years now. Thank God I took the leap of faith to stop my medications. Since then; I've been so much healthier, had I kept taking them, I more than likely would have ended up dead. My story doesn't end here. If you work with the Press, and would like to know more. Contact me via @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b

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View this post on Instagram This excerpt was taken from the hardtruth wake up America website which was taken down. Although this article features the Monarch Project, the findings could relate to other projects and programs as well and give you insight as to why you may be targeted or why others are. A. Selection Based on Genetics and Dissociative Abilities B. Availability C. Mental and Physical Features One of the primary reasons that the Monarch mind-control programming was named Monarch programming was because of the Monarch butterfly. The Monarch butterfly learns where it was born (its roots) and it passes this knowledge via genetics on to its offspring (from generation to generation). This was one of the key animals that tipped scientists off, that knowledge can be passed genetically. The Monarch program is based upon Illuminati and Nazi goals to create a Master race in part through genetics. If knowledge can be passed genetically (which it is), then it is important that parents be found that can pass the correct knowledge onto those victims selected for the Monarch mind-control. The primary important factor for the trauma-based mind-control is the ability to disassociate. It was discovered that this ability is passed genetically from generation to generation. American Indian tribes (who had traumatic ritual dances and who would wait motionless for hours when hunting), children of Fakirs in India (who would sleep on a bed of nails or walk on hot coals), children of Yogis (those skilled in Yoga, who would have total control over their body in trance), Tibetan Buddhists, children of Vodoun, Bizango and other groups have a good ability to disassociate. #antipsychiatrie #antipsychiatry #antipsych #antipsychology #antimentalhealth #badpharma #nomorepills #letyourvoicebeheard #healthcare #awareness #forced #coercion #opiate #overdose #labrats #victims #maximizingprofits #shameful #drugpushers #silentkiller #discrimination

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#KAVANAUGH, AND WHY I GENERALLY BELIEVE GIRLS WHO CRY RAPE. I knew a girl growing up who was raped by a cop. Like many, I didn’t believe her. Even though her family won a 1.3 million dollar lawsuit. She went to a CIA Day Treatment Training School with me. She rode the bus with me, was the first girl to kiss me, and grab my cock really hard, simultaneously. (Age 11) The Local News Paper slandered her, said “she had an IQ of 70,” her Parents house was considered the Red Light District of Madison Heights, all bc her Dad owned a Strip Club way the f* up north. It would seem like she was a troubled kid from a broken home, who was lying to get money. Years later, I was tattooing an old pal who was much older than me. We were on the subject of exes, he brought the girl up in conversation, and said “That Cop was always an old perv.” I started to reminisce about something the alleged pervy Officer told me a while ago during a D.A.R.E. rally. (Age 5, photographic memory, it’s a blessing and a curse man lol.) The Officer said “he took a pay cut, and was sad bc he had to sell his son’s jet skies.” Pay cut bc he was pervy to all the school kids? 😂 He used to live by the school, and they shipped him as far away from kids as they could, while still being able to keep him in the district. Things you need to know: He was not a normal cop. He was #FBI. I’m sick of people hating on local cops, not understanding it’s the #DeepState on a powertrip that are the most fucked up, and commit crimes without fear of getting caught. Rep. Sen. Levin let him off the hook with full pension, and he is currently working in Bear Lake, as a Casino Auditor. #psychvictims #antimentalhealth #mentalhealth #discrimination #shareyourstory #gangstalking #rightsviolations #eugenics #mentalhygiene #natural #speakup #rights #forced #organization #rt #psych

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View this post on Instagram #AntiPsych #Gangstalking #PublicSchools #FreedomofReligion|The year was 1999; I got pulled into the office by that same #SocialWorker who stalked me all the way from the Elementary EI School I went to, John Page Middle School, and at this point, my freshman year of High School.  He put his shoes up on the desk and said, "You look like a punk!" "Why don't you go to #Sommerset; conform, and get some nice Docs and Levis like me?" I said "Sir; my Nike #AirJordans that are hidden under my #KIKpants were $150.00, they took me all summer working very hard to save for, and these pants that you say I'm sweeping the floor with, cost equal value to your Levis. (I thought to myself, who my age even wears #Levis at that time?.. What an irrelevant weirdo?) Then he said to me, "Why do you walk with your head down all the time?" "#AreYouDepressed?" "I'm concerned for you, do you not have any friends?" I laughed, "Of course I have friends, I said," "I just got my #VarsityLetter this year, and I have a steady girl friend, my life is going great!" "The reason I walk with my head down is because I'm so confident, that I don't want to appear arrogant, I believe in being humble." "Humble?" he said, "No, you need to be a man, and walk like a man!" Then he said, "We need to have a #PsychVal on you asap!" "Tell me someone you look up to; it can be anyone, sports figure, a friend?  I said, "I don't worship other men sir, I only look up to Jesus." "Jesus is the only man I idolize as a #Mentor." He pulled his hair out of his head, and said, "Damn it Dan!" "Jesus never existed!" Is there anyone else?  I said, "Fine then, #TheApostlePaul." "Damn it Dan!" he said louder! #RealPeople? Not #MythologicalCharacters.  I said, "these shoes that I paid $150.00 for, were inspired by #MichaelJordan, the greatest Basketball player ever in the history of the game." "One day, Jordan will die, and even his great legacy will be rarely talked about…" "But #Jesus has devout worshipers all over the world, consistently for 2000 years. People are still writing books about Jesus; so if Jesus never existed, than tell me, who the fuck exists?" I got kicked out of school shortly after. 🤣

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Mental Health Policy Changes

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#Remember when #MTV pushed #Sexual #Promiscuity on my #Generation to #Market #Condoms and #Abusive #Porn to us?

I do. They said God is stupid, just wear a rubber. Fuck monogamy, you’re only a monkey. Then they said ‘go; I send you out to sodomize the planet, otherwise you’re missing out, and you’re weird af’…

Oh, and ‘your dick, and pussies will stop working if you don’t touch yourself constantly.’ – Jane Fonda

The irony is that no one uses condoms anymore… I don’t even know why they sell them? You could give them away for free, and they won’t get used… Bc when you sleep around enough, condoms don’t feel the same anymore. Likewise; it’s hard to be with one person, when you’re used to 3 ways, and the core of climaxing is objectifying the person’s body/ bodies you’re with.

Think the Catholic Church may have had a valid point regarding sex being only for reproduction. *(sarcasm) 😂🤔

Think about it, beauty is only beautiful bc someone else told you to think that way. If we all agreed collectively that pine trees were the new ass, you’d all be dendrophiliacs rn, thinking it’s natural to fuck the rain forest. No one would cut down trees anymore, bc everyone would be in the woods fucking them instead. Certain industries would be affected by this; bc after all, whether it’s the Catholic Church pushing ponzi schemes to not spill the seed, or the Zionist media telling you rape is okay as long as you film it, it’s always about the money; and the control.

The conclusion, is that you should examine why someone is selling you an idea. What are the motives behind why this person/ Organization/ Company/ Government, is so passionate about what they believe should be forced upon your life? – My Art for sale.

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Fuck Johnny Depp supporters! They are the most #Manipulative trolls I have ever witnessed on Twitter. I need to break this down, bc it’s actually a serious matter now. Check it out on my #Blog. Too much to #Write on Twitter. Please #Read the whole thing before you send me death letters.. Thx! ✌ …And #JusticeForAmberheard.

So.. My internet friend, who is a human rights activist, & innovative entrepreneur, was the one who told me about Depp’s Shenanigans’. At first I was like “yea; that makes sense, typical Hollywood sociopath,” no doubt in my mind right? Well, then I saw Amber’s Twitter, and was like “Oh Hell No.” On the surface, she is everything I’m against morally, and I believe the way she acts sets a negative tone/ bad example for young women in many ways. I miss the Cardie B version of feminism; it was simple, “like I fuck who I want, and make my own money.” I respect that, but this Amber Heard type of man hating mentality is so conflicting to the way many of us have already been engineered. Not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that it’s only throwing more fuel on the fire. People already have so many problems staying together, maintaining healthy relationships, young people don’t need to have this type of redneck behavior propagating in their face all the time. Both of them should be fired from Disney, and Depp should be, and will be in his vampirial coffin soon. This reminds me of how embarrassed I was when my parents fought in the front yard. Like if you’re gonna fight; keep it private, however, seeing Depp’s troll squad in action, made me realize that I am Amber Heard. She is a very strong human being, a victim who is doing everything in her power, and resources to defend her life. These Trolls are so sneaky, like I said, I have never witnessed this type of manipulation and gaslighting on a single celebrity before… Despite my own experiences, and fears of having my exes come at me for things that were out of my control.. I support Amber Heard, and I really believe she needs our help!

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#RT The only #AntiMentalHealth #Organization. 💊 #FreeBritneySpears! End #ForcedDrugging; #Eugenics, #Gaslighting, and hurtful #Labels for #Profit.

@Regrann from @psychvictims – #RT The only #AntiMentalHealth #Organization. 💊
Look; lots of people are #AntiWar these days, they care for #AnimalRights, even equal #CoParenting #Rights for moms and dads in divorce proceedings, all great things; but #SpeakUp against the #Psych industry, and their #MentalHygiene #Eugenics, and watch the #Gangstalking begin!

The Everyday Psych Victims Project catalogues victimization by the “#MentalHealth” field experienced daily by millions of people. We are a platform for you to #ShareYourStory, create a lobby, and to highlight the #RightsViolations, #Discrimination, and harm that “mental health” is founded upon. #Natural reactions, not #Disorders. We give #PsychVictims a voice. 🎙 –

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View this post on Instagram Watch "Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust (Anti-Psych) Trailer" on YouTube #freedom #coercion #emotions #antieugenics #think #feelbetter #cause #externalize #motivation #society #humans #adisorder #everyone #circularreasoning #healthcare #notdisordered #overdose #silentkiller #drugpushers #shameful #maximizingprofits #victims #labrats #circumstances #diagnonsense #forced #awareness #letyourvoicebeheard #nomorepills #badpharma 🤣 You heard it yourself, there is no blood test for mental illness. There isn't even a brain scan.. It's a diagnostic, a clinical diagnosis, that is made up by talking to the person. These doctors need to be arrested asap, sentenced to life in prison for all the deaths they caused, and lives they ruined. These are the real nazis, living in your own backyard, profiting immensely from torturing kids.

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#RT @psychvictims The only #AntiMentalHealth #Organization. 💊 #FreeBritneySpears! End #ForcedDrugging; #Eugenics, #Gaslighting, and hurtful #Labels for #Profit.

@Regrann from @psychvictims – #RT The only #AntiMentalHealth #Organization. 💊
Look; lots of people are #AntiWar these days, they care for #AnimalRights, even equal #CoParenting #Rights for moms and dads in divorce proceedings, all great things; but #SpeakUp against the #Psych industry, and their #MentalHygiene #Eugenics, and watch the #Gangstalking begin!

The Everyday Psych Victims Project catalogues victimization by the “#MentalHealth” field experienced daily by millions of people. We are a platform for you to #ShareYourStory, create a lobby, and to highlight the #RightsViolations, #Discrimination, and harm that “mental health” is founded upon. #Natural reactions, not #Disorders. We give #PsychVictims a voice. 🎙 –

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