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@MichiganHHS Wow! These are some pretty sad #Reviews, let me #Help you #Create a more #Efficient #System for #Michigan #Family(s). @firnsom

I actually created this website before mobile was a thing. I have a gift of forward thinking, and accurately predicted the rise of mobile devices being used for government procurement purposes, mainly because I social engineered the idea like 15 years ago.

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#Boomers, #Learn how #Bitcoin can #Save your #Retirement from #Banking #DataBreaches.

#Boomers, #Learn how #Bitcoin can #Save your #Retirement from #Banking #DataBreaches.

I was really interested in impulse shopping ads for Instagram when they first came out; but when I discovered the only way to get them was to sign up with Facebook, I immediately declined, and went to Pinterest’s version instead; considering their mainly female user base, figured I couldn’t loose. (FYI statistically, women are the biggest consumers of smaller purchases in large quantities, men usually buy more expensive items but shop less often.)

It wasn’t the same, Instagram was where it was at, so I went against my gut feeling and caved.

After giving Facebook my information like a chump, I received a memo from one of my security apps that Ukrainian Hackers stole every bodies info.

Here’s the deal, even Vanguard associates will tell you having crypto on your retirement portfolio is an option to consider now. It’s public knowledge, (not conspiracy) that there’s something phishy going on with Ukraine and the US right now. This Facebook data breach could have something to do with it? No one knows?? All I know is that I care about my parents retirement, and it bothers me that US Government uses minimal security features on their website to protect your banking information. (2FA via MTP not secure.) Any 12 year old with a spoofing app can intercept verification codes. [Read SS7 Stack Protocols] Encrypted Facebook owned WhatsApp also easily visible with paid apps like Mspy.

According to the most recent US tax code, gains and losses are the only thing needed to report when investing in crypto currencies. That is if you are purchasing (hodl) for an investment. However… if you are using it to buy a house; or Starbucks for instance, there are no taxes to pay when making crypto purchases, with the exception of maybe (BCH)… But don’t quote me on the last part, I think that’s what the fork was mainly about.

Lastly, and the conclusion of the matter:

Using crypto for direct deposit means that you don’t have to worry about data breaches, unless you mess up and give your info away. Bitpay for example, does not report your information to anyone, even if you ask them to for your own account. Only bad thing is that if you loose your pin, it’s on you, because you’re the bank now. In the day in age we live in, I would prefer to put in the extra work to be more secure, I mean, it’s only your money right?

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Over 65 and don’t #Trust #Banks? No worries, here is how to collect #SocialSecurity benefits using a #BitPay debit card.

There are three ways to load funds on your BitPay Prepaid Visa® card:


This is the quickest and easiest way to load dollars onto your BitPay Card account. There are no card fees for loading your BitPay Card, but you will pay the standard miner fees and BitPay’s network cost fee when paying any BitPay invoice. Please see What fees will I pay to pay a BitPay invoice?

To add funds to your BitPay Card balance with cryptocurrency, login to your cardholder account, select the Add Funds option. You will be prompted to enter a dollar amount and then presented with a BitPay invoice. To pay the invoice, you need to use an up-to-date wallet that supports Payment Protocol.

Here is a video that walks you through loading the BitPay Card:

Direct Deposit

To set up your direct deposit, you will need your BitPay Card account’s routing number and account number. ask your employer to send your funds directly to your BitPay Prepaid Visa® automatically each pay period. Just share the routing number, deposit account number associated with your card and the amount that you wish to be deposited.

Select the Direct Deposit option in your BitPay Card dashboard to get access to your bank account info for the card.

When you direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits to your Card, there is no charge.

ACH Credit

If you wish to load your BitPay Card via an ACH credit, you will need to provide your card’s account and routing numbers to the crediting service.

To get access to your bank account info for the card select the Direct Deposit option in your BitPay Card dashboard.

To initiate an ACH credit you can load your BitPay Card via cash at Western Union, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens and other participating retailers.

Remember fees for cash loads varies by location and can be up to $4.95 per load and ACH debit includes a fee of $5. The maximum ACH transaction amount that can be pulled from the card at a single instance is $25,000 ($24,995 debit plus the $5 fee).

You can learn more about the fees and limits for the BitPay Card here:

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This year 1,965 individuals have come to the Tumaini Center for support! #GettingToKnowNSO #OpSafeWinter #DetroitMichigan

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#Live #AnonymousBitesBack with with @official.mcafee

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@worldie_com – 🌐 #ecommerce #marketing #business #digitalmarketing #entrepreneur #fashion #onlineshopping #ecommercebusiness #webdesign #startup #shopify #website #branding

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Super stoked about this #Interview and that @azrael2600 and @YourMarkLubbers were able to pull it… #Anonymous #AnonymousBitesBack #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #McAfee @officialmcafee #TRX #XRP #Blockchain

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I’m so sick of #Facebook over stepping boundaries; ever since they took over #Instagram I get blocked nonstop, and now that they’re in the #Dating scene, I’m permanently banned from #Tinder. 😤 No #Coincidence…

Never had a single issue with either App until FB started covertly destroying these Brands.

Via TechCrunch

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#Worldie #NonProfit #SocialMediaNetwork Join the #Future with #SocialImpact – #PositiveTechnology

Worldie is better

We created Worldie to be the most benevolent social media platform with worldwide leadership.

For years, we saw unfair removal of content, and unethical practices by for-profit social platforms. We saw fewer features and less personality.

Worldie is connecting people worldwide with positive social impact. We “let it live” and want people to feel safe to express themselves online with personality. We’re against cyberbullying with an innovative and ethical policy. We want you to meet new people and have new experiences.

Be different! It’s your creative canvas. 🦄

We want you to have fun, know what is happening in the world, and to have a voice.

We are the first Nonprofit Social Media Network connecting people worldwide with videos, photos, profiles, channels, pages, groups, events, posts, customization, and more all-in-one.

Creating positive social impact with technology.

We will have a new Worldie by 2021

Leaders Representing People Worldwide

At our international nonprofit board of directors, we represent people worldwide and from different regions.

We’re global to show that we value people from all parts of the world, and to show different perspectives.

Christina Taft Founder, Chair, and CEO in California, USA Innovator, Creative, Difference maker. An entrepreneur, she works on social impact and solving problems. She founded Worldie, created its policy, and managed all service providers.

Chief Marketing Officer and VP in Detroit, Michigan, USA DANIEL BRUMMITT is a Social Journalist; Professional Art Blogger, & Independent Publisher from Detroit Michigan, whose focus is Automation + Data driven Sales.

Finally, a social network that knows about social impact.

What We’re Best At. Prepare for innovation, fun, and creativity.