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#PeakStuff #BankruptOnSelling #Economy #Usury | If we have full employment and great economic growth-if we have cities of gold and alabaster-but our children have not learned to walk in goodness, justice, and mercy, then the American experiment, no matter how gilded, will have failed, – William F Bennett

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Haven’t had this Convo with #God in a longtime. – #HumanResponsibility #FreePalestine #AntiPsych #ClimateChange #AntiWar #FamilyLawReform

Check out VANDMAN (@vandman777):

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Well, I’ve never gotten a break, so I must be pretty strong. 😎 Tbh, when friends say “remember the good days?” I say, no, no I don’t. – Just a #ManOfSorrows.

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So it's official, all jokes aside. I'm running as a #Candidate for #President Of The United States in 2020. Just got off the phone with the FEC. This is real life. Each Twitter and Instagram account of mine will be used to target key States for #ElectoralVotes. 1 account per each state running autonomously. Not wasting hardly any money on TV ads. Social Media is key! I also have nothing to hide, bc all my dirt is already out there. Lol I'm gonna #EndAllWars by defunding money sent to Israel completely. The billions left over will be used towards fixing #Infrastructure like in Flint, and to make a realistic #Healthcare plan, allowing you to keep private #Insurances. I'll criminalize psychiatry, but federally legalize #Marijuana and hemp imports/exports. (This will allow for #Innovation in industries previously dominated by #BigOil.) Create job programs for everyone I'm letting out of prison. Prisons cost tax payers alot of money anyways, plus I'm sure everyone has a family member they really miss who's in jail for petty weed charges. Prostitution will also be federally legal. (No more mass shootings, bc sex heals.) 😉 I'm gonna remove all nuclear sanctions from #Russia and #China… Ss7 #Internet communication protocols will be revamped and tightened; so China can have #5G, and private security companies can't easily harrass civilians. Keeping up with #NetNeutrality. I'm going to pardon all #WhistleBlowers. Custody battles in #FamilyLaw cases will always be awarded 50/50. #Tampons will be free, or at least #TaxFree.

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#FreeBritneyRally #FreeBritney #BritneySpears #ANTImentalhealth #AntiPsych #Forced #Control #Labels #Insurance Fraud #Enough! #Artist #NotMentallyill

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Walking 450 kilometers for Free Assange and a Free Catalonia @chalecosamarill #Anonymous #FreeAssange #FreeCatalonia #FreePress #FreeSpeech

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Some brag about #Sobriety, I brag that I’ve been #Voices free for 12 years now. I always hated #Drugs, especially when not being in #Control of your own thoughts, and #Forced to take them from #Childhood by the #Government.

I was hospitalized for the first time when I was 9 years old, and put on psychotropic medications. Continuing on through the course of my teen years, I spent over 7 birthday’s, and Christmas(s) institutionalized. One year after my first hospitalization, my mother signed a contract with an EI school that said they would help with behavioral modification of my OCD rituals. However, that was not the case. The teachers and staff of this program sexually harassed and bullied us. When we fought back, they video taped only our reactions. The videos were then sold to Michigan State University’s Psych program for research. I was one of the lucky ones, because my parents were 2nd generation tax paying citizens of the city where the program resided in. The ACLU got involved, not because of the abuse, but because I was denied my right to public education in my own school district. (I regret not suing.) I was then rehabilitated into a normal school setting, but monitored by former staff and a particular social worker from the program all the way until I dropped out of high school. At the age of 17 I hospitalized against my will, and by 19 was 277 Lbs. from the cocktail of medications they put me on. I was on 2000 mil of Depakote, 6 mils of Risperdal, plus a few more at one time. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve been on every psychiatric medication in the book. One day, about 4 years later, I had something of a divine Intervention occur. I don’t know if I really was born mentally ill; mkultra’d suffering from an Existential crises, possessed by a jinn, demon; or the devil himself… All I know is that the voice in my head that used to harass me went away! It’s been 10 years now. Thank God I took the leap of faith to stop my medications. Since then; I’ve been so much healthier, had I kept taking them, I more than likely would have ended up dead. My story doesn’t end here. If you work with the Press, and would like to know more. Contact me via Instagram or Twitter: @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b

View this post on Instagram Where to begin? Oh, how bout here.. This school is a fake black ops CIA facility, where they hire delinquents who get off to beating up children. This is not a joke. It's a real torture program, hidden right in plain sight of a suburb in Ferndale Michigan. If you get close enough; you can hear kids scream, and if u go inside, you might have a few chairs thrown at you… Not bc they're bad kids, but bc they are being ABUSED!!! Sometimes sexually too! Does anyone care? No! You libtards are too busy worried about protecting illegals, than to pay attention to your own kids, who are being drugged and kidnapped on a daily bases. #publicschools #education #teachers #wearebcs #lovepubliceducation #bcs #avlnews #ilove #ashevillemoms #charterschools #ncpublicschools #avl #nbct #bcsadvantage #isgreat #asheville #parentingtips #substituteteacher #testproctoring #testproctor #wiseredsolutions #etsy #valentineparty #valentinesdayshirt #valentinesshirt #publicschoolgift #publicschoolshirt #publicschooltee #parenting "Welcome to the #MaxProgram 👀 You can checkout, but you can never leave." 🗝

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View this post on Instagram #AntiPsych #Gangstalking #PublicSchools #FreedomofReligion|The year was 1999; I got pulled into the office by that same #SocialWorker who stalked me all the way from the Elementary EI School I went to, John Page Middle School, and at this point, my freshman year of High School.  He put his shoes up on the desk and said, "You look like a punk!" "Why don't you go to #Sommerset; conform, and get some nice Docs and Levis like me?" I said "Sir; my Nike #AirJordans that are hidden under my #KIKpants were $150.00, they took me all summer working very hard to save for, and these pants that you say I'm sweeping the floor with, cost equal value to your Levis. (I thought to myself, who my age even wears #Levis at that time?.. What an irrelevant weirdo?) Then he said to me, "Why do you walk with your head down all the time?" "#AreYouDepressed?" "I'm concerned for you, do you not have any friends?" I laughed, "Of course I have friends, I said," "I just got my #VarsityLetter this year, and I have a steady girl friend, my life is going great!" "The reason I walk with my head down is because I'm so confident, that I don't want to appear arrogant, I believe in being humble." "Humble?" he said, "No, you need to be a man, and walk like a man!" Then he said, "We need to have a #PsychVal on you asap!" "Tell me someone you look up to; it can be anyone, sports figure, a friend?  I said, "I don't worship other men sir, I only look up to Jesus." "Jesus is the only man I idolize as a #Mentor." He pulled his hair out of his head, and said, "Damn it Dan!" "Jesus never existed!" Is there anyone else?  I said, "Fine then, #TheApostlePaul." "Damn it Dan!" he said louder! #RealPeople? Not #MythologicalCharacters.  I said, "these shoes that I paid $150.00 for, were inspired by #MichaelJordan, the greatest Basketball player ever in the history of the game." "One day, Jordan will die, and even his great legacy will be rarely talked about…" "But #Jesus has devout worshipers all over the world, consistently for 2000 years. People are still writing books about Jesus; so if Jesus never existed, than tell me, who the fuck exists?" I got kicked out of school shortly after. 🤣

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(#PsychVictims #AntiMentalHealth) I was a long time virgin, waiting till marriage to have sex. (In the anti-theist psych world, this means you're a schizophrenic fanatic. I was the kind of guy who had such moral convictions, that I would throw up at the park and cry for 3 days, if I even had oral.  I met this goth girl thru a friend, she was a CCS student. She tried to kiss me, so I pulled a way, and bit her lip to tease her. I noticed she moaned really loud, and told me to choke her. (Now despite what allegations have been said about me, I was the guy that couldn't play contact sports in middle school, bc I had a phobia of hurting people.. In fact, I couldn't even guard other boys in Rec basketball, bc the voices would start singing "Savage Garden, I want to bathe with you on the mountain." lol.) So, the night went from slight choking, to her demanding me to punch her in the face.. And I did it. I beat the fuck out of her. I didn't know how to feel after, Did I sin? I didn't know. There was no penetration involved, my dick did't get wet, all I know is that girl got off really hard from me slamming her head in the ground. The next day, I went to the therapist at Easter Seals, and told her about my love for Jesus. She yawned, and said "anything else Dan?" I said "actually yes." "I met this girl," (brief interruption) "Ooh, tell me more" she said excitedly. Therapist crosses her legs, appeared to be rubbing her… Then I told her about what happened; and she said, and I repeat, "DANIEL, THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO GET OFF" "Whoa," I exclaimed, almost falling out of my chair. That was the last time I went to therapy. What do you think? Do you think there is no wrong way to get off?? What about Pedophiles? Or Necrophiliacs?? Or Rapists??? BTW.. That was many many years ago. I'm a completely different man now. Currently happily divorced; conquered the #SausageCastle, and you couldn't pay me enough to go to church, or be monogamous again. That part of me is dorment until I de-program everybody. 🌐 (The point I was trying to make is that the system has overly sexualized everything, & I believe bdsm in pornography is the root cause for many domestic abuse problems.)

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#KAVANAUGH, AND WHY I GENERALLY BELIEVE GIRLS WHO CRY RAPE. I knew a girl growing up who was raped by a cop. Like many, I didn’t believe her. Even though her family won a 1.3 million dollar lawsuit. She went to a CIA Day Treatment Training School with me. She rode the bus with me, was the first girl to kiss me, and grab my cock really hard, simultaneously. (Age 11) The Local News Paper slandered her, said “she had an IQ of 70,” her Parents house was considered the Red Light District of Madison Heights, all bc her Dad owned a Strip Club way the f* up north. It would seem like she was a troubled kid from a broken home, who was lying to get money. Years later, I was tattooing an old pal who was much older than me. We were on the subject of exes, he brought the girl up in conversation, and said “That Cop was always an old perv.” I started to reminisce about something the alleged pervy Officer told me a while ago during a D.A.R.E. rally. (Age 5, photographic memory, it’s a blessing and a curse man lol.) The Officer said “he took a pay cut, and was sad bc he had to sell his son’s jet skies.” Pay cut bc he was pervy to all the school kids? 😂 He used to live by the school, and they shipped him as far away from kids as they could, while still being able to keep him in the district. Things you need to know: He was not a normal cop. He was #FBI. I’m sick of people hating on local cops, not understanding it’s the #DeepState on a powertrip that are the most fucked up, and commit crimes without fear of getting caught. Rep. Sen. Levin let him off the hook with full pension, and he is currently working in Bear Lake, as a Casino Auditor. #psychvictims #antimentalhealth #mentalhealth #discrimination #shareyourstory #gangstalking #rightsviolations #eugenics #mentalhygiene #natural #speakup #rights #forced #organization #rt #psych

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View this post on Instagram Once upon a time, before #SocialMedia, I was walking to a friend's house who lived in my subdivision. As I was walking, I noticed what looked like a giant tortoise blocking the #Sidewalk. I wiped my #Eyes; thinking I was either #Hallucinating, or perhaps the #Neighborhood #Teens got #High, and were up to stealing #LandOrnaments again. So, I approached the thing, and sure enough it moved! Then out of nowhere, a bunch of little kids came around and started hitting it with sticks. I ran home to use the #Landline #Telephone. (#Lulz) But… I was too late. The same kids who were hitting the 100 year #Tortoise with sticks, also has #CellPhones. (They were Chaldean duh.) 😂 #TheZoo arrived on the scene, and said the Tortoise escaped. I did't get a reward for my #Discovery, but it did make the paper that no one read. The conclusion of the matter is this. Even before social media, people were so distracted and caught up in their own affairs, that they missed a giant 100 year old tortoise slowly escape from the zoo. The zoo is in #RoyalOak, my friend's house was on 12 Mile and Stephenson Hwy — in Madison Heights. How in the holy Hell did no one see this thing? Makes me wonder, what else people don't see?.. #UFO #Sightings back then, #ChemTrails now. I think it's fair to say that #Humans #Distract themselves by #Nature, with or without #MassMediaConsumption. Whenever I think of this event, it gives me #Faith. I mean; if a #Giant #Leviathan can #Escape from the zoo at 2 miles per hour, I can easily believe God could summon some #SheBears from the zoo also, and save me from #TimesOfTrouble.  It also makes me believe in other sightings that took place outside my bedroom window as a child, because clearly, not many have ever looked into the #Sky in the same direction I did.

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View this post on Instagram #alien #art #ufo #space #artist #love #photography #aesthetic #aliens #music #extraterrestrial #sky #drawing #illustration #like #artwork #follow #universe #instagood #trippy #sad #nasa #design #fashion #christmas #anime #girl #science #psychedelic – #AntiPsych 👽 Complaining about the government or military can get a person labeled with so-called "diagnoses." Though, I suppose the label given for questioning authority should already state this fact, but most have never heard of it and it certainly is not marketed that way to the public. Via our Twitter EPVP page, we were able to talk to another psych victim. Psych victims are advised to post their stories on our website! It will stay here for many years. The victim was given a letter from a base, but the military personnel denied that it was from their base. The response was to declare it a no-fly zone from that particular base, but what if it was from other locations, even military or otherwise, and not known by that person? Regardless, this couple was labeled and harassed, all over just complaining over military aircraft flying too low over their house. Don't the police and other authorities have better, real crimes to spend their time on? They should. Psych victims simply want to live like other people, but the force and coercion given to them in response is long lasting. It lasts for years. According to the letter sent, this was in the late 90s. The coercion and force in response to nothing actually heightens the stress and feeling of oppression on the victim. Punishment is not the answer and it is not actually good for victims. Maybe they don't like their "behavior" – but is the long decades long memories and the victim getting worse actually beneficial?  The truth is that it actually harms society more to punish people than it would be if they were free. Further, filming and making theories should not be a crime, either, and certainly the psych industry should be exposed. It's the greatest underworld of oppression – and victims cannot even say that they're oppressed.

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View this post on Instagram #antipsychiatrie #antipsychiatry #antipsych #antipsychology #antimentalhealth #badpharma #nomorepills #letyourvoicebeheard #healthcare #awareness #forced #coercion #opiate #overdose #labrats #victims #maximizingprofits #shameful #drugpushers #silentkiller #discrimination Fleeing the country to escape community treatment orders. It happens for those who can gratefully escape CTOs by getting out of their jurisdiction. CTOs are what they are called in the United Kingdom. The image shown is a CTO victim from 2016 or 2017 that fled the UK. If you've never been a psych victim or looked in "anti-psychiatry" groups online, you may not even know that community treatment orders (or assisted outpatient treatment in the USA) exist. You likely never would know that they happen everyday, and they are a terrifying experience for those who want freedom in their own homes. They get threatened and intimidated that if they don't accept injections or pills, then they will be thrown and locked up into a "mental hospital." Then, their fearful compliance is called a "victory" by the subjectors because they forced their victim to take their chemicals.  With confirmation bias and religious-like fervor, any changes in the victim will be attributed to what they forced on them – only if it is good though, of course. Anything negative caused to the victim is just the victim's own fault or their so-called "disorders" (and not from the fear, intimidation, force, chemicals, and lack of freedom that the subjectors forced on them). The increase in weight and worse off physical body is frequently a result from psych drugs and only amplified with confinement. Psych drugs can decrease metabolism, cause bloating, and increased appetite.

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How I fell Into The Vulture’s Clutches… (This recollection is from my new book “GaslitByAMadman”, currently available on Amazon in Kindle Format) 

Growing up is tough. Perhaps it has been an awful lot worse in the past. But today, it is still very hard, even in the more developed countries. Jordan B. Peterson, now the hero of a generation, makes this abundantly clear: in his work, we see how lost many people are; how lost many of us are or have been at times, (which we know even better from personal experience, if we are honest).

Our education system draws no attention to our spiritual life, to the cultivation of the virtues and dispositions that make life genuinely ‘meaningful’ (to use Peterson’s term). Many people, such as those Peterson speaks of, become highly brainwashed by the system, in a sense keeping their heads firmly in the sand and never questioning their social indoctrination. They merely become more and more fanatical. I wasn’t like that. I suffered from, if anything, the opposite pathology. Suddenly, when I read Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good And Evil” at 17, I found myself engulfed by so many doubts and reservations about the education I had received hitherto, and about the ‘values’ that most people take for granted, that it paralysed my ability to continue with life – with my formal schooling – in a productive manner. However. I was so enthralled to the system, so ‘institutionalized’ by 14 years of public curriculum schooling and classroom routine, that I was unable to act independently and decisively to extricate myself from this same system. Thus, I continued on, going to University, in a degree (Philosophy and Mathematics) that I didn’t even want to be doing (I think I would have faired better with P.P.E. – Politics, Philosophy, and Economics – but that wasn’t available at at a top University other than Oxford until a year later. I should have taken an extra year and switched course, or simply abandoned the Mathematics, as I was only interested in the Human Condition at the time… but I was too indecisive, didn’t think Philosophy alone sounded as impressive or offered the same ‘career prospects’, and I was afraid of making any kind of a scene).

In the last year I was at University, because I was expressing my unhappiness, & had always been curious about psycho-analysis, after seeing it romantized so splendidly in the incomparable films of Woody Allen, I foolishly consented to see a psychiatrist – thinking I was gonna get the full, in depth couch & dreams approach, intrepid, disabused psychological delving & diving with a seasoned guide.  But in reality….  The white-coated lame wad asked me a bunch of stupid, childish questions from his standard, poxy little ticklist, & unfortunately when he asked ‘Do I think I receive messages from the T.V.?”, in my sweet naivety I simply answered ‘Yes’. (Doh! The T.V. isa form of media; its whole job is to send you messages!) As a result of that moronic misunderstanding, the jumped-up invalid labelled me ‘schizophrenic’ there and then…. & that’s how it happened folks! That’s how Eden got nuked! Because I claimed a t.v. sends messages! 

Anyway… they didn’t kidnap me at that point. I merely returned to University after being kept in for a night on ward, & then I just about passed my horrible course, after 4 years of intellectual sclerosis in the bloom of youth (though far, far worse was to come!)…but by the end of it, I was masturbating compulsively (to internet pornography), which continued for another 2 or so years at home again in my old bedroom of my parent’s residence. Then, to cut a long story short, I suffered a (minor) injury to my private parts, which I was convinced was more serious than it actually was, yet still I continued with the self-abuse, with ever mounting guilt and worry. I began having physical symptoms – coughing up phlegm, pains in my head – as well as extreme states of dysphoria upon attempts to withdraw from my addiction. I was concerned that I was verging upon doing permanent damage to my nervous system. To combat this, as well as the unpleasant effects I just mentioned, I began fasting and meditating for days or weeks at a time. After a week or two of fasting, I would then feast myself prodigiously, especially on lots of meat (yes, I invented the ‘meat-only, ketagenic diet’ a good decade before Peterson… which now is officially being used to treat ‘schizophrenia’, btw!… and, unlike him, I was roundly committed for it!) and blueberries.
To cut a long story short, my worried mother took me to see a Dr., (who I just went a long with, not considering it of any great significance and vaguely hoping they might send me for a brain scan to see what was happening with my nerves). However, due to the fact I had spent all of the last two years largely alone in my bedroom (‘negative symptoms of schizophrenia’, and because I said that I was concerned that my excessive habits might be causing a problem with my brain (together with my unorthodox but actually quite effective attempts to rectify the issue), plus my frenzied feasting, they thought I was delusional, psychotic. So one night, when I was least expecting it… they came to my house and Sectioned me (though vivi-sectioned might be more accurate)….


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#America’s Freelance ISIS Killers, one of them now running for #Mayor #Warren of #Michigan. ✋ #BlackWater 🚫🐻 #PoliceBrutality and #Corruption on actual #Steroids.

Brett Felton deceived Christian’s to fight illegal wars for profit, now he’s running for mayor of Warren Michigan.

DAQUQ, Iraq — The so-called Islamic State has recruited copious cannon fodder from around the world, along with quite a few ferocious fighters. But its toughest opponents on the ground, the Kurds of Iraq and Syria, are attracting Western ex-soldiers for their ranks who are determined to see the self-proclaimed “caliphate” not only “degraded,” as Washington puts it, but destroyed.

At a Kurdish Peshmerga base on the fluid battle lines outside the ethnically and religiously mixed Iraqi city of Kirkuk, three American fighters sat down with The Daily Beast. We were less than half a mile from the black flags of ISIS, as the would-be Islamic State is widely known, and the soldiers asked that I not give too many details about their identities. They worry that their families could become special targets for a fanatical fighting force whose battlefields, like its targets, seem limitless.

Dressed in a Peshmerga uniform, Jeremy is a compact, affable 28-year-old-guy from Mississippi who fought with U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s been fighting alongside the Pesh for the last six months.

Leo is a tall and direct 38-year-old Texan who worked security for private military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mel’s background also is in military security contracting and he says he served for a while with an army from a European country, but he won’t specify which. Mel’s a little eccentric. At 41, the Colorado native sports a pair of carefully pointed canine teeth—fangs, in fact— and a goatee that gives off a strong goth-metal vibe.

For two months Leo and Mel have been with the Peshmerga, the erstwhile guerrilla army that now makes up the autonomous armed forces of Iraq’s Kurdish Regional Government, and both are dressed in the gray flannel shirts and cargo pants often associated with private security contractors, but they and Jeremy all claim to be volunteers who are not receiving any kind of salary.

As we sit in the comfortable field office of Peshmerga Maj. Gen. Karwan Asaad, with Kurdish TV playing on a flat screen in the background, the hazy battle lines feel bizarrely distant despite a network of frontline dugouts only a few hundred yards away. But the Americans are anything but complacent.

“ISIS are tough, real tough,” Jeremy says with his Mississippi twang. With fog settling in, he says it’s prime conditions for ISIS to make a move. It’s a different kind of warfare from what he saw when he was with the U.S. occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He sees ISIS not so much as an insurgency as an invasion force. “It’s very different fighting a group that’s trying to take over,” he says.

The three men say their main assignments are guarding high-ranking Kurdish military officials and transporting jihadist prisoners in Peshmerga custody. It’s work Mel and Leo became well accustomed to when hired as contractors in earlier American wars. Here, Mel says he’s transported ISIS prisoners that come from Chechnya, Ireland, France, Germany, the UK, The U.S. and Canada, but maintains he is barred from speaking with them and has no idea what happens once they are handed over to Kurdish guards.

The three say, without specifics, they have received U.S. assurances they won’t be prosecuted when returning home, but that to be sure requires dealing with a lot of government clearances and maintaining a low profile. According to Jeremy, a lot of his ex-Army buddies are itching to get to Iraq and join the anti-ISIS fight, but he says many have been blocked because they make those plans public on social media.

The three say they have no interest in internal Kurdish politics and that even their sympathies for the Kurdish national struggle are secondary to their goal of contributing to the defeat of ISIS. They doubt the capabilities or commitment of the Iraqi Army and see the Kurds as the first defense against the spread of an American enemy.

Leo believes that if ISIS isn’t defeated, he could end up fighting its militants on battlefields around the world, and he is seriously disappointed in the way the Obama administration has handled the rise of the would-be caliphate. He says the failure of U.S. policy is a central reason he felt the need to join the Pesh.

Jeremy says he was uncomfortable sitting at home and watching the news of ISIS beheadings, mass killings and enslavements and felt obligated to use his military training and skills to support those fighting the jihadists.

For Mel, it was a matter of feeling disheartened by the large numbers of foreigners joining ISIS. He became convinced he had to join the Kurds.

None of these soldiers is interested in delving farther back in history to ponder the role the George W. Bush administration’s invasion and occupation of Iraq played creating the environment that allowed ISIS to emerge. When I ask Jeremy if guilt about the legacy of U.S. forces in Iraq was part of his decision to come back, he turned beet red. His eyes welled up with water. He didn’t want to answer. But Leo chimed in, saying that a longer American troop presence could have somehow left things different. Jeremy regained composure and repeated Leo’s claim word for word, but it sounded more like he was trying to reassure himself.

Mel insists the American fighters’ motivations are driven by the values of the American Constitution and they’re not going to interfere with coalition interests. “We are Americans, 100 percent,” he says emphatically.

Although these three see their fight as closely aligned with the aims of U.S. interests and values in the Middle East, foreigners taking up arms alongside the Kurds seem to span a very wide political spectrum, from leftists following in the tradition of the international brigades that went to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War to Christians bent on their own version of a holy crusade.

Ageed Kalary, a frontline commander of a unit of guerilla forces in the leftist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), stationed in the village of Matara, told The Daily Beast that until recently his fighters had the assistance of a former soldier with Canada’s military. The PKK has been central in repelling ISIS but is labeled a terrorist organization in most Western countries for the tactics it employed in its 29-year war for Kurdish self-determination in Turkey, a NATO member.

In January there were reports that an Australian union leader and Labor Party president in the country’s Northern Territory had disappeared to join Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters defending the long-besieged town of Kobani. The group is a sister organization to the PKK.

On the other end of the political spectrum is the head of an NGO that’s essentially a militia for hire, Matthew Vandyke. The creator of “Point and Shoot,” a documentary about his motorcycle journey across the Middle East during the Arab revolution and his participation in the Libyan uprising of 2011, he now appears to have veered toward Christian holy war. Heading a group called The Sons of Liberty International, which claims to provide, globally, military support for “oppressed populations to liberate themselves,” he recently tweeted that he is trying to raise a “Christian army” to fight the Islamic State.

Vast political differences aren’t the only major distinctions among Western fighters joining the forces arrayed against ISIS.

Jeremy, Leo and Mel portray themselves—and really do seem to see themselves—as volunteers motivated by a need to support a historically victimized people leading a fight against a ruthless entity that uses Islamic scripture to justify biblical slaughter. But there are more than a few foreign gunmen, these three tell me, who treat this war like a business.

“There are people who have come over here to form clandestine military groupings,” says Leo, who found one of the first hurdles he faced was avoiding recruitment by mercenaries. Mel says he met far more foreigners trying to make a buck out of the war than those that came to fight ISIS out of conviction. “It’s mostly mercenaries or people coming over here to build a security company,” he says, describing the emerging market for start-up militias.

What real impact do any of these people have on the fighting? That remains to be seen. But as these three Americans view things, ISIS has created an international obligation for those with military skills to join the battle. And, like the jihadists, they see their involvement as just the beginning in a long struggle with no borders and no clear end in sight.

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#CRIMINALMINDED #Blackwater: Murder Threats Were Just The Start… #Coke; #Hash, #Steroids, #GunSmuggling, and more indiscriminate shooting – coming soon to the City of #WarrenMichigan. ✋🚫😡

Anti-Christ, Brett Felton deceived Christian’s to fight illegal wars for profit, now he’s running for mayor of Warren Michigan.

The mercenary firm Blackwater is back in the news, after a New York Times report that a company official threatened to kill a U.S. government official in Iraq—and got away with it.

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From public Twitter: “And it’s been happening over and over for 20 years. this is the first time I’ve ever been seen as being dangerous though. It’s been a horrific experience but at least I know how it feels. I always used to be incredibly careful not to tell people I didn’t trust

But I messed up, I reached out and grabbed something someone was wearing (an ID tag) that is a fair enough thing to flag a behaviour issue and it was right to do it. Unfortunately if I had not also been flagged as “MH” I would have been given immediate second chance

Or if I had been willing to go to psychiatrist of their choosing and do everything he said I would have been given a second chance. But because I said I was a victim of institutional abuse & domestic violence,  I needed a specialised institutional abuse or at least  DV counsellor

But its not that simple. I’m a PhD student, if I walk away 8 months into my Phd I am leaving research forever, nobody will take me. I also live in a state where this is the only university. My supervisors are awesome supportive people, this is administration. what they said…. See