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BREAKING: DPD’s internal affairs dept is investigating more than 30 officers whose #socialmedia accounts were documented on Plainview Project #database, where posts included Islamophobic comments, racist stereotypes and jokes about police brutality.

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This What They Doing To Our People Smfh .. He Ain’t Have No Gun & They Shot & Killed Him For No Reason. & Then They Still Try to Cuff him after shooting him smfh. #Policebrutality #44thprecinct

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Watch “How the #MilitaryIndustrialComplex Killed #Detroit” on YouTube – Tired of War? Shop Decor!

Posted on Leave a comment Does this #Law mean that it’s illegal to film #Officers doing illegal acts? 🤔 If so.. “Fuck The Law!” People need to #Film, #Photograph, and expose more!! 📸

The use of Social Media; Smart Phones, and Photography, have been the only way to protect ourselves against the corrupt US Court System, and violent Police that try to rob; and kill us on a daily basis for profit!

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They said don’t talk about it, so, I’m gonna talk about it. #RT #OpYemen #Humanity #AntiWar #HumanRights UNICEF reported that one child dies every ten minutes in Yemen with 462,000 suffering from severe acute malnutrition which is a dramatic increase of about 200 percent since Saudi Arabia’s invasion started in 2015.

And if you speak about the evil that the government does
The Patriot Act’ll track you to the type of your blood
They try to frame you, and say you was tryna sell drugs
And throw a federal indictment on niggaz to show you love
This shit is run by fake Christians, fake politicians
Look at they mansions, then look at the conditions you live in
All they talk about is terrorism on television
They tell you to listen, but they don’t really tell you they mission
They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion
Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician
They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose
Fahrenheit 9/11, that’s just scratchin’ the surface