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#Feeling #Blessed 🧹🏡 My #Home is definitely in order. 🧼😇🌻

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“Anybody can get a #Label. A #Doctor can say you are bipolar. And once you’re given a label, your #Rights are taken away from you. You’ve less rights than a #Criminal has.” – Mary Maddock #AbolishForcedPsychiatry

“Anybody can get a label. A doctor can say you are bipolar. And once you’re given a label, your rights are taken away from you. You’ve less rights than a criminal has.” – Mary Maddock

Guns don’t kill people, forcing kids to take pills do. 💊🤪😳🤯

Watch “Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust (Anti-Psych) Trailer” on YouTube

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“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Matthew 7:1 #danielbrummitt #disruptivefineart #art #menwithtattoos #menwithink #cmo #selfie #barselfie #handsome #unique #michigan


By Daniel Brummitt in DINOGO GO! GLOW!

12 pages, published 10/29/2014

Twelve paged Children’s Poetry Book from the dark side, about a dino named GO who lost his way!

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#Shopping #Book #Books #Shop #Mattel #Hasbro #Art #KidsBook #KidsBooks #Google #SEO #PopularItem

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Fact: #Amazon and #Lulu have #NotPaid me for my “known” #BookSales. There could be tons of other #BooksSold, but they are not providing a way to #TrackTheOrders. Only reason I caught them is because I knew one of the UK purchasers of my book.

View this post on Instagram @penguinrandom Please #Publish the greatest #KidBook ever! "#DINOGOGOGLOW" #bookillustrators #spiritinart #humour #writerofkidsbooks #whatif #buynow #orderonline #presents #saraperrybooks #notonthehighstreet #greatgifts #winter #coulourful #lookingforpublisher #kidsbookpublishers #somethingdifferent #psychic #humourous #selfies #rhyme #newagewriter #rhymingbooks #contemporaryinteriors #studio #apartment #bedroom #contemporary Fact: Amazon and Lulu have not paid me for my "known" book sales since February. There could be tons of other books sold, but they are not providing a way to track the orders. Only reason I caught them is because I knew one of the UK purchasers of my book.

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Here’s some links and #References to file for #Fraud against #LuluPress. #EthicalConsumer #CopyRightLaw #BreachOfContract #PublishingFraud #ConsumerFraud #FTC #IC3 “#ClassActionLawsuit” get psyched!!! 🔫 📖 💰

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#BREAKINGNEWS! Most #Important #Information regarding #SelfPublishing in 2020 – #TraditionalSales – the old, #NewNorm!

Truthfully, I would not use anyone other than MagCloud for self-publishing at this point, and here’s why:

Daniel Brummitt, Author and illustrator of DINOGO GO! GLOW!

Years ago self-publishing was a blessing, because it was a kick in the face to publishing giant gatekeepers, but with the push of everything being online, self-publishing is over-saturated, most of us are not even being payed for sales made via Amazon, we are just now finding this out as the world becomes a smaller place and these tech crossover companies are getting caught.

With MagCloud there is no ISBN, but this far into the game, why would you want someone else profiting from your work? I don’t want Jack Ma selling counterfeit versions of my book.

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Reposted from @57kazqz6uyiq2p2 – via #amazonJP Dinogo Go! Glow! (#英語) ペーパーバック – 2017/9/19 Daniel Brummitt (#著) カスタマーレビューを書きませんか? ï¿¥ 1,739 #きょう入荷した本 #緑 #きえちゃえでっかいみどりのモンスター #ハロウィーン #絵本 #モンスター #読み聞かせ #著者 #漫画家 #ゴジラモンスターの王 #アリペイ中国ネットワーク技術共同 #ワードプレスのブログリスト #トイザらス #書店 #ジーンズ #ショップ #セガ #책 #어린이 #도서 #아마존 #книга #детскиекниги #картабайду – #regrann

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They should be paying you, you’re the artist! Your best bet is to make physical copies; and sell them on your own Website, or outside of 7-11, plus if you sell them in person you don’t have to pay taxes. Aka Ledger – XRP – Bitcoin – Cash.

The point of being sold at big box stores such as Barnes And Noble; BAM, Hudson’s, etc, was to reach a bigger audience; but the concept makes no sense anymore, because who goes to Book Stores under the New Norm? 😷

Amazon is the same way, we don’t need them anymore. They’re dinosaurs. 🦕 ☄

I was the top seller at many art galleries, because I didn’t just let my art sit there and expect some PR person to sell it for me. No, I ran down the street, and hustled people to come into the store front. It’s the same way with books; we can’t expect Lulu to sell for us, we all need to collectively take back control of our lives, and own our own data.

Come join me on MeWe! It’s the only social network built on trust, control and love.

Long before Drake and Beiber did it, I even had Rappers at my Art Shows. If you notice the Gallery spelt my name wrong, ( I thought on purpose.) This is why you can’t rely on anyone other than yourself to make money.

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In the present, that $11 an hour at #McDonalds, is greater than the 15 mins of already washed up #Fame on #SocialMedia.

15 minutes of fame is short-lived media publicity or celebrity of an individual or phenomenon. The expression was inspired by Andy Warhol’s words “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, which appeared in the program for a 1968 exhibition of his work at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden. Wikipedia


Dear McDonald’s, let’s face it, Gen Z does not want to work for you. They have grown so accustomed to selling $5 Hot n’ Ready Snapchat Premium Subscriptions, that coming home smelling like Frylock isn’t gonna happen anymore. Then with Bernie bro’s preaching apathy; plus, the actual reality of student loan debt, and Cops pulling over your employees for simply trying to exit their driveway, Capitlslismo killed the Ham-Burglar star… But I can help! 🚨

I know you guys are the kings of advertising, but I have an understanding that can effectively reach the people you can’t, and turn those frown arches back into ham-believers. 

Here’s how I do it, every time someone sends me a link to their Fan’s Only page, I’m gonna send them a link to the McDonald’s App so they can apply. You will notice massive amounts of traffic being sent to your app by the end of the month, if not sooner. You’re welcome. All I ask in return is that you put my Kids Book “DINOGO GO! GLOW!” in future Happy Meals across the world! – “The Youth will Read again!!” 📖 🦖 🍔 🍟 

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Jeff Bezos has decided he will not end world hunger today, or pay me for my #BookSales. 🤷‍♂️😈

Jeff Bezos has decided he will not end world hunger today.

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Something doesn’t settle right with the whole #LuluDotCom fiasco. #Amazon #Profiting from #BookSales while #Creatives get nothing? (#Rollcall) It’s time for #IndieAuthors to take back their power, by revamping #Branding #Strategies – for a post #Corona area. 📖💡

Years ago, it was a pretty big accomplishment to have your books sold at brick and mortar stores such as Barnes & Noble, but like anything else (including BN), times change. Technology is constantly reshaping the way we buy, sell, and discover new consumer products.

Coming into the publishing industry during the social media revolution; I was a young arrogant hotshot, who happily disrupted the snobbish closed off industry by utilizing my knowledge of collective behavior, making myself appear bigger than I was.

Since having no working capital, POD companies such as Lulu were lifesavers for self-promoting.

Lulu was great; because for $20.00 you could have your book available for purchase on every major shopping channel, including Amazon, which at the time was a kick in the face to traditional publishers, and banks who required circulation for credibility.

Sadly, like every good thing, it has it’s end.

Now, I don’t know what’s really going on with Amazon and Lulu, but all I do know is that I’m not getting paid for known books sales… Which is highly illegal; but as of right now, there’s not much I can do, just have to wait in line to be part of a giant upcoming lawsuit.

Does that mean I’m gonna take my book down off the shelves? No, that’s a lot of work, why ruin already existing PR and SEO? What I am gonna do; and what I would encourage other authors to do also, is switch to MagCloud, make your new content exclusive for them only. MagCloud does not provide ISBN numbers, no detail on why that’s golden.

You’re new strategy should be “straight sales;” not relying on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for anything, forget they even exist, instead just hustle and sell your books!

Rage against the machine, “Join MagCloud” like me!

Fyi Magcloud is an Israeli based company, but what can you do, boycott the whole planet?? I’d rather take down Amazon, even if that means technically sponsoring a terrorist state to do so.

Yes, I’m a hypocrite. 😆