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Please Sign! I want to make it a #National #Law for #Building #Contractors to #Buy #Art from the #Local #Community. (: #RT #LawMakers #PercentForArt

Beautiful Contemporary Artwork by Daniel Brummitt, that should be hung in every Corporate Office in Royal Oak, and Troy Michigan. 

Sign The Petition to Nationalize Art!

The term percent for art refers to a program, often a city ordinance, where a fee, usually some percentage of the project cost, is placed on large scale development projects in order to fund and install public art. The details of such programs vary from area to area. Percent for art programs are used to fund public art where private or specialized funding of public art is unavailable. Similar programs, such as “art in public places”, attempt to achieve similar goals by requiring that public art be part of a project, yet they often allow developers to pay in-lieu fees to a public art fund as an alternative.

From 1934 to 1943, the Section of Painting and Sculpture in the United States Department of the Treasury followed a policy requiring one percent of the cost of federal buildings to be applied toward art and decoration. In 1959, Philadelphia adopted the first such municipal ordinance in the United States. Other jurisdictions followed suit, including Baltimore in 1964, San Francisco and Hawaii in 1967, and Seattle in 1973.

More than half of the states now maintain percent-for-art programs. On the federal level, since 1963 the General Services Administration has maintained the Art in Architecture Program, which allocates one-half of one percent of construction cost for art projects.

Problem now is that funding is very limited, and many states and cities neglect the need for maintaining this ordinance! Not much has changed since the 70’s, except the loss of funds.

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Aedan Cloud Space is the “Netflix” of on demand desktops allowing users to deploy clones of their computers in a private web browser based cloud space.


  • Deploy Everything in the Cloud
  • Universal Compatibility & Mobility
  • All Devices may connect to the cloud without installing any software.
  • The World’s First Cloud PC -Powered by AedanOS
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From Binance hacks to Huawei 5G bans, and CIA caused riots in HK. The US Government is out of control, and it only hurts the Poor.

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#Pipelines, not #Religion, is the cause of all #Wars. 🐊 Stop the pipelines, save the #World. 🌐

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Too bad it’s not gonna benefit any of us who are still #Poor.. :( Where do the #Prudent #Invest their #Money? #Crypto and get audited?? Blood backed #Fiat under a pillow case??? None of these are real #Investments. :(

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Don’t listen to what the #Wealthy say, #Watch where they #Invest their #Money. 👁💰💱


With its shiny new $8 billion valuation, Coinbase is now worth more than all but the top three cryptocurrencies that trade on the platform. That’s right, the only cryptocurrency assets that are worth more than the platform that trades them are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.Coinbase, the leading U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, recently raised $300 million at a valuation of $8 billion. Armstrong’s stake in the company is worth a reported $1.3 billion, according to Forbes.


In less than eight months, Zhao grew Binance into the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, as of April 2018. In February 2018, Forbes Magazine placed him third on their list of “The Richest People In Cryptocurrency”. As of September 2018, his net worth is estimated at $1.4 billion.

That’s just his wealth…


…And if you’re still worried about getting hacked, here:

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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#Bosch on #Blockchain and #IoT: Please read my #Opinion as well. Via #DANIELBRUMMITT #DisruptiveFineArt

My Father started a computer business in 1996, simular to what Gateway did. I remember him bringing over to my grandfather his first PC. My Grandfather took some classes to refresh his skills. He programmed kobalt for Chrysler at the office, so it wasn’t his first rodeo using a computer.. But for what ever reason, having it in his home scared the crap out of him. I remember him plugging his ears, and ducking under the table after he fired it up. Lol

…I think in a way, this is how many feel about IoT. Like we’re all getting chipped, ready to receive the mark of the beast. Growing up religious, one can’t help but to feel that way I suppose.. But just remember, everything is about the heart, a lot of great things can come from these advances in technology. – It’s all in how we treat them.

@Regrann from @cryptokoohii – #05172019 👏🏼👍💎💰📈💵🚀🎉
Engineering and electronics manufacturer Bosch hinted it would take an active role in defending the openness of the Internet of Things (IoT) against censorship as part of a press release from May 15.

Bosch, which has various developments on the way in the sector, highlighted distributed ledger technology (DLT), including blockchain, as an essential part of the future of both IoT and the related Economy of Things. “Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as blockchain may well become the key technology in these domains,” the press release reads.

While entities from governments to dedicated startups are tackling blockchain’s potential in IoT, Bosch went further in its publicity, conspicuously adopted an open stance on the ethics of the phenomenon.

The company, it appears, is concerned about the impact of censorship and retrograde reactions to new borderless technologies such as blockchain. “To build trust in digital ecosystems, we need open platforms and an internet in which users have the power to decide for themselves,” CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner commented at this week’s Bosch ConnectedWorld (BCW) conference in Berlin.

Dr. Michael Bolle, a board of management member and CDO/CTO, was even more explicit. “We cannot accept a situation in which the overwhelming reaction to digital innovations is mistrust and fear,” he said ahead of a gathering of industry group the Trust IoT Alliance at the inaugural meeting of the Digital Trust Forum on May 16. He added: “For this reason, the aim of the Digital Trust Forum is to initiate open dialogue among experts to discuss the trust-related issues raised by the internet.”
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CONFIRMED: Chemical Weapons Assessment Contradicting Official Syria Narrative Is Authentic “We now have confirmation that, for whatever the reason may be, this assessment was hidden from the public by the OPCW.” #Syria #Douma #OPCW

Have you heard that many people lost their crypto assets by keeping it online, as their wallets and exchanges was hacked one day? Get a new Ledger Nano X now! It is the most advanced and secured wallet on the planet.