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Like my god @instagram … when I see fully #Naked #Girls and handfuls of #Nipples on the #Daily and you take a #Bikini #Photo down… fuck off

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#Instagram keeps taking down my posts regarding #menaretrash so Iโ€™m posting it here.

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This is surprisingly accurate. However, I refuse to #Chase.

7 Secrets About Men Most Women Donโ€™t Know
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“4 Real #Reasons #Men Don’t Take #Women Serious When #Dating.”

Well, I got so tired of immature smut based content other bloggers write about, I decided to give my down to earth perspective. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿฅ‚

Number 1. Drugs: No one wants Hep C, drugs are unattractive just like smoking cigarettes are. A guy with a good head on his shoulders wonโ€™t even give you an explanation why he ghosted you if he thinks youโ€™re an addict.

Number 2. An Aggressor: Assertiveness is sexy; feminism is sexy, if by feminism you mean being independent, focused on your studies and career… No one wants someone who gets agitated all the time, and tries to start fights over nothing.

Number 3. Negativity: The reason guys like younger girls is not because they are perverts; however most older men who date younger are, depending on the age gap, and motives… But having a bubbly personality is by far the most attractive trait.

Number 4: Guy Friends: I mean itโ€™s cool or whatever; but says a lot about having low-self esteem from mommy issues, and can give off the wrong impression. Having healthy female friends makes a girls face light up, also shows you come from a good family. โฌ…๏ธ Now here’s typical media for ya!

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Serious #Question? Does my #Tinder make me sound crazy?? I think it’s #Funny.

I can’t hide who I am anymore. People fucking bore me. Sick of addicts, sick of fucking amateur pornstars. Is it a crime that I want someone to play with my hair before they suck my dick in a bathroom stall at a bar?

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Signs you are dating a borderline woman

I think a lot of guys come to this forum because they have in one way or another dated a woman with a borderline. In a nutshell these women (labeled as BPD or cluster B’s will be the best you ever had in bed, will satisfy your ego in a way that no other woman will ever have, and provide such a high for you at the beginning of a relationship most normal women you meet will be boring to you. Below are some signs you are dating a borderline, anyone who is experienced in dating one of these is free to add to the list. 

– She tells you she loves you within the first month or first few dates of knowing her
– she does whatever it takes to please you in the beginning that is, once she has you she uses sex as a weapon until she gets bored of you 
– compliments you a lot, tells you your the best she’s ever had, etc 
– very critical of other men. and you eventually, once you can’t live up to the perfect man she thought could rescue you from her horrible dark life
– always complaining about little aches and pains- my back hurts, my head hurts, etc.
– all of her exes are *******s or abusive, she’s had numerous burnout relationships but the breakup NEVER had anything to do with her Roll Eyes 
– can’t hold down jobs …usually it’s their boss was trying to get in their pants or some bull**** 
– likes pain from tattoos,piercings in weird places, kinky sex, etc
– rebound relationships- there is always another guy and her bed never gets cold. 
– loves you one minute hates you the next minute. Sometimes just goes cold overnight 
– extremely sensitive, starts crying over bull****…like flips out when you don’t text her back in time etc.just really scared of abandonment 
– poor relationship with her mother or an abusive mother
– they see ghosts, believe in magic, etc 
– usually have some sort of music running through their head


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