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#Crypto Death Spiral Incoming By Jared Schlar April 29, 2021 #GME #Stocks #Reddit #Financial

The crypto bull run has been a free ride, 2021 experienced the greatest bubble so far, how long will this last? This current trend seems difficult to understand, and different from other times, a bunch of people live in disbelief of this new phase.
A lot of manipulations seem to be happening in the markets, the stock price is influenced, the crypto prices look like a rising bubble. The pump and dumps cause investors to think the stock market is being rigged. Technically, the stock market should function according to supply and demand, but there are some disadvantages for retail investors. Some bad hedge funds are manipulating the stock market by creating shares from thin air using naked shorts, attempting to bankrupt good companies.
There is a need for an awakening in the US markets, when the fundamentals adjust to the new reality, we will see a financial meltdown similar or worse to the financial crisis of 2008. Many experts have warned us that this is happening but most people are too addicted to easy gains to notice.
A better approach by individual investors would be to put their money in a safe place. Our team came out with the best research result from crypto and the stock market.
GameStop (GME) is number one on our list because there is a tremendous short squeeze happening now. Investors could benefit from gains similar to the way Tesla squeezed but on a much larger scale.
If you want to gain more information about GME, visit:

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When #HedgeFunds Try and Cheat the #System 📈 #CryptoNews via

Hedge funds have a history of trying to use cheat codes to steal money from either companies or retail investors and fatten their wallets. One of the more popular tactics they use is shorting stocks, for some short them so much that it can bankrupt the business. Less often do we see people fighting against these shorts causing a squeeze on the stock, causing the price to skyrocket. These squeezes can be so damaging to the market, that they may even cause the market to crash. It’s also important to review these past squeezes and compare them to the situation that has been going on with GME since January.

The Volkswagen squeeze is one of the more famous squeezes to happen as it caused some hedge funds to take massive losses, as well as the squeeze occurring in the middle of the 2008 global financial crisis. So what happened? Volkswagen was in the process of being acquired by Porsche, which caused its ordinary shares to rise in price while its preference shares to stay the same.
Hedge funds wanted to take this opportunity and short their shares because they thought it was over-valued. What they didn’t realize is that Porsche had taken a majority of the float(existing shares that are available to trade) leaving only 6% in free float, whereas short sales had risen to 12% of the total outstanding stock. This caused a squeeze shooting the price from ~€200 to nearly €1,000. This squeeze ended up costing hedge funds upwards of $30 billion.

DGAZF is another stock that was recently squeezed to the moon. It had a jump from $125 to upwards of $25,000. There are multiple sources that have differing opinions on how this happened. The Street had a good analysis here. Their theory stems from the fact that Credit Suisse deciding to delist DGAZF and letting it drift in the over-the-counter market instead of just closing it out. Furthermore, no new shares are being issued, this essentially turns it into a rare commodity. This has made some collectors want in and since there is a limited supply in the world their willing to pay top dollar for shares.

Short sight had a different analysis on it which you can find here. Their analysis shows that DGAZF had 140 million shares shorted or 45.94% of its float and an 18.59% stock borrow fee. This has had huge consequences for the short sellers causing over $2 billion in losses. What’s even crazier is that this is just what happened with 45.94% shorted, GME supposedly has around 100% shorted.
An issue that pops up if you try and look up how many shares are shorted for GME is that many of the shorts are being hidden in different exchange-traded funds. This post on r/GME titled: “Comparing Rough GME Numbers to VW ’08 Numbers: Why the VW Chart is About to Look More Like a Speedbump” goes into more detail on how the apes of Reddit know GME is going to be squeezed to the moon. A key piece of information that it uses is based on this Reddit post: “INSTITUTIONAL OWNERSHIP AT 207% (some updated as of 1/31/21 after the gamma squeezes)” along with this graph:

To read the full report click here!!

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#Statistics of who disproportionately has the most #Money in the #US.

How income varies among U.S. religious groups
Most Jewish Americans identify as White, non-Hispanic

Cited from

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My dream has finally come true‼️ Purchase the rights to my #Art via #Mintable so I can officially retire. 💰🏌️‍♂️🏖 #nftart #nftcollector #nfts

Buy my entire Brand on Mintable! 🔹️–Artwork-by-Daniel-Brummitt/ 👈–Artwork-by-Daniel-Brummitt/ 👈

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#AedanInc 🍀 Codenamed: “Dropkick” This is the world’s first universal think-to-act dashboard which allows users to securely control their devices using thought. #neural #emotiv #neurosky #muse #vr #ar

This is the world’s first universal think-to-act dashboard which allows users to securely control their devices using thought.

So far functionality supports motor cortex mental commands and music recognition from your mind.

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@Ledger I need you to look into this: I can’t transfer #Tron from #TronWalletMe 💱🚨

I’ve been using Binance En since like 2016. Loved it, never got hacked.. I recently was looking to transfer some Tron from my Tron Wallet Me to Binance, when this happened…

Followed by this email the day after.

Coincidence? I wish.

So, I decided to say f it, and just transfer my Tron to Ledger.. Only to have the same error msg appear. 🤦‍♂️😔

~ @Ledger, please help!

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#DataBreach: #Tax-Related #Information for #Taxpayers [Agency not even competent enough to protect your #Data] #DefundTheIRS #AbolishTheIRS #IRS 🚫

America Desperately Needs to Rebuild the IRS

It’s no secret that the IRS has a modernization problem. For decades the agency’s outdated tech – with some critical systems dating back to the Eisenhower administration – has been a target for lawmakers, government watchdogs and technology advocates.

A new audit from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) suggests the legacy tech problem for the agency could be even worse than advertised.

Despite a number of different strategy documents – including a six-year, $2.7 billion business systems modernization plan – auditors say the IRS lacks specific plans to identify, retire and replace legacy systems. The documents provided to TIGTA outline a few dozen specific systems, but “for the majority of legacy systems, no efforts have been made to identify time frames, activities to be performed, and functions to be replaced or enhanced.” Previous investigations from TIGTA and the Government Accountability Office have found that having specific plans and time frames in place for these activities can be crucial in pushing an organization to following through with them.

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Let’s bring back #PercentForArt, but for #Offices in #VR. #Wealth #WealthCreation #TrillionDollarIdea #ArtInvestment #JobCreation #AR #CorporatealArt #VirtualItems #VirtualArt #Cyrpto #5G #Vbucks

Percent For Art – We need to make this a National Law!

The term percent for art refers to a program, often a city ordinance, where a fee, usually some percentage of the project cost, is placed on large scale development projects in order to fund and install public art. The details of such programs vary from area to area. Percent for art programs are used to fund public art where private or specialized funding of public art is unavailable. Similar programs, such as “art in public places”, attempt to achieve similar goals by requiring that public art be part of a project, yet they often allow developers to pay in-lieu fees to a public art fund as an alternative.

Ways VR and AR can save the global economy 🌐

Imagine a world without limits, without walls, and without borders. A world where things like damaged infrastructure; traffic, and even death are replaced with un-corruptible buildings, roads of gold, flying cars; and fearlessly cliff diving, because in VR death is not reality.

Here are 4 ways VR and AR can save the global economy:

  1. Strippers: Imagine going to a strip club where the girls are not harmed, where the fantasy is still alive and vivid, but the center stage is holographic images . Dancers don’t even have to leave the house, they can accept bitcoin payments 24 hours of the day and night, because blockchain is the bank that never sleeps. Augmented reality is good for sex workers, it’s good for the CDC, and it’s a healthy way to stimulate economic growth.

  2. Roads: I’m from Michigan, and one thing that slows down my day is the fact that I have to drive to most places to get around. Gas is bad for the environment; traffic is a waste of time, we risk dying every time we drive, cops give us tickets, car insurance is expensive; and wear and tare on vehicles is costly.
    VR can change this, strap on the headset, and virtually go to work instantly. This will create less traffic on the roads; money saved on repairing roads, reduced car accidents, and time saved driving to your job. Now, you have no excuse but to spend time with your loved ones, and driving will be more of a recreational thing than a necessity.

Don’t worry automotive companies, you don’t wanna get caught driving to work in the VR without the most up to date flying vehicle do you? It’s proven through years of social media research, that people spend money on their virtual self, who you are in VR matters. The virtual self is just as important, if not more than your actual life. I did not write these rules, it’s in our corruptible human nature to behave narcissistic.

  1. Textiles: Yes, people will cave under social pressure to spend money on designer suits, and shoes in VR. Which is great, because now sweatshops will become a thing of the past. Less trees will be cut down, plastics burned, etc.

  2. Life on the blockchain’s 24 hour transactions and the reduced need for petrol, will eliminate the need for war. Hemp will be globally legal since it’s not a threat to the oil dollar, and life on earth can be filled with peace, and an increased curiosity for technological knowledge.

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UNO 1 #CoffeeTable by #DanielBrummitt #coffee #interiordesign #coffeeshop #homedecor #coffeetime #furniture #design #coffeelover #interior #art #sidetable #woodworking #coffeeholic #wood #cafe #coffeehouse #coffeeaddict #decoration #sofa #table #coffeebar #coffeeart #handmade #livingroom #photography #home #coffeecup #furnituredesign – $249.00 35.75″ x 17.75″ x 17″ (H) Baltic birch table top with beveled edge High quality print with satin finish Steel legs available in black or gold Assembly required Please note: all furniture is custom-made and printed upon order. Returns are only accepted in the case of damage. We currently do not ship furniture outside of the United States.

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mad cowZa titor doZa #CoffeeTable by #DanielBrummitt #minimalist #minimalism #minimal #art #bnw #design #photography #architecture #instagood #photooftheday #love #minimalistic #sky #blackandwhite #simple #beautiful #simplicity #nature #minimalove #fashion #artist #bw #style #ig #minimalista #monochrome #photo #minimalismo – $249.00 35.75″ x 17.75″ x 17″ (H) Baltic birch table top with beveled edge High quality print with satin finish Steel legs available in black or gold Assembly required Please note: all furniture is custom-made and printed upon order. Returns are only accepted in the case of damage. We currently do not ship furniture outside of the United States.

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#ItsTime! ⏰ #AuditTheIRS The #TaxRevInstitute is taking a whole new approach to shedding light on the #InternalRevenueService.

View this post on Instagram #bookreview #bookstagram #booklover #bookworm #books #bookstagrammer #bookish #booknerd #book #bookaddict #bibliophile #reading #booksofinstagram #bookblogger #readersofinstagram #booksbooksbooks #bookrecommendations #bookcommunity #bookaholic #bookphotography #bookshelf #bookreviewer #igreads #read #bookclub #booklove #goodreads #reader #review #dinogogoglow @dinogogoglow Fact: Amazon and Lulu have not paid me for my "known" book sales since February. There could be tons of other books sold, but they are not providing a way to track the orders. Only reason I caught them is because I knew one of the UK purchasers of my book.

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#Wars used to be fought with #Guns and #Tanks. Now they’re fought indoors with #Mask(ed) #WIFI, riding #Tredmills listing to our favorite #Playlists. 😹❄ 👈💰

Welcome to the age of Aquarius! ♒🤖🎤👾