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(#BDS) Full List of #Companies to #Boycott. (#WIX #DeviantArt #LOREAL #Caterpillar #G4S #Motorola Solutions #Viber)

Don’t worry about Pepsi & McDonald’s. Focus on these Companies! 👈

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🇺🇸USA 21 Trillion Dollar debt 🇬🇧UK 8.5 Trillion Dollar debt 🇫🇷#France 6 Trillion Dollar debt 🇩🇪Germany 5.5 Tr Dollar debt 🇨🇦Canada 2 Tr Dollar debt 🇨🇭Switzerland 2 Tr Dollar debt 🇦🇺Australia 1.5 Tr Dollar debt

Rothschild family alleged + 500 Trillion Dollar wealth

Who rules the world?

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#MentalHealth #Policy #Change Suggestions 🏥

  • Required to inform people that they are being put into a psychological evaluation

  • Similar to informing someone being arrested (Miranda’s law) that anything they say can be used against them

  • Every 5 people in a hospital must have a non-mental health field advocate – who tries to get person out of involuntary hold, e.g.

  • Cannot force people/patients out of their initial clothing

  • Cannot force catheters

  • Cannot use restraints on ambulances, chairs, or gurneys

  • Employers cannot ask for psych history unless it is volunteered

  • Hospitals, EMS, police, cannot use previous psych history against person – unless it is volunteered and wanted to be by person

  • Cannot ask if previously been in a psych hospital or previously diagnosed during ER/EMS/police interactions

  • Cannot force person to state previous or current medications

  • Cannot Polydrug (over 2 drugs at a time) a person

  • Cannot suddenly increase dosage over a certain threshold at once

  • Must present withdrawal pamphlets and information

  • Patients should be able to be visited at anytime (not a set time – is this a hospital or a prison?)

  • Should not be forced to attend therapy sessions, activities, etc and/or not let this be used as a punishment for less cafeteria access

  • Cannot have “levels” of obedient patients

  • Sexual harassment and abuse training required for all “mental health” facilitators

  • Patients can use their own written testimony against a professional’s testimony and also that of witnesses or advocates

  • Therapy and activity session paperwork is included in medical records

  • Required to present patients with regular information on school, employment opportunities, transportation opportunities, and housing opportunities

  • Required to allow internet access to patients

  • Cannot lock up patient’s items into lockers or away from patient unless a weapon or at higher levels of danger

  • Patients should have access to their cell phones, wallets, and money at all times

  • Required to work with patients to get impounded cars out of towing yards.

  • Annual checks with interviews with patients (not staff) on how facilities are run and any complaints

  • Should be able to deny drugging

  • Cannot drug victim before a judge’s written order

  • No isolation rooms

  • Must be required to let patients out at least twice a day optionally outside.

  • Disability, not danger criteria

  • Gravely disabled criteria cannot be used to force patients beyond “danger to self or others”

  • Psych records can be expunged after 3-5 years (similar to how crimes can be expunged).

  • Danger to others should be separated from danger to self.

  • Must be given list of side effects with each drug given.

  • Patients should be able to be released to themselves (not always to another person), when they can prove economic, scholastic, or career responsibility

  • No option currently to be released without a “caregiver” of some sort or relative

  • Not required to open access to relatives without permission from patient.

  • More protections for students who are labeled or not yet labeled.

  • Cannot be kicked out of school without proving violence to others may occur otherwise

  • Cannot be kicked out for danger to self

  • Cannot be forcibly put into “mental health” treatment unless with reasonable idea of violence to others

  • Allowed to refuse psychological evaluations and tests.

  • Do not have to inform school of psych history, drugs, or records.

  • No restraints in ERs

  • Cannot state to patients that they must take a drug for their entire lifetime.

  • Should be able to request non-mental health professional accommodations

  • Alternatives

  • non-MH MDs, doctors, health professionals

  • Cannot force illegal drug addicted patients on to psych drugs

  • No psych drugs as substitute

  • Should be able to state allergies to drugs and not take drugs

  • Should be able to take vitamin alternatives

  • Should be able to receive mail

  • Should be able to openly communicate to outside people if given permission by patient to give information to advocates → Patient not required to give name before permission given, can ask patient for permission to all or select people.

  • (problematic when outside people want to help a person and unable to say anything)

  • Visitors should be able to go to patient’s rooms and through facility (as in regular hospitals, or is this a prison with a visiting room?)

  • Suggestions for financial advisors, not conservatorship

  • Required to report numbers of Americans under conservatorship, on community treatment orders, involuntarily held, and the number of psych wards in America publicly each year.

Continue reading #MentalHealth #Policy #Change Suggestions 🏥

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“I ask our #Friends of the world to raise a powerful #International #Movement of solidarity with #Venezuela, to defeat the #US threats against our Homeland. Carry the truth of these people that refuse to surrender and continue to fight for their sovereignty” #HandsOffVenezuela ⬅️

Give Suzi Bitcoin:

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Both Parties despise you, and think you’re stupid.. Stop defending them! – Unless you’re #Rich, what do you gain? 🤔🗣 #LeftWing #RightWing #DivideAndConquer

@Regrann from @intellectual_activism – What if I told you conservatives and liberals are a big club and their goal is to divide us. They are all working for the same corporations.
– # –
#LeftWing#RightWing#DivideAndConquer –

Regrann App – Repost without leaving Instagram – Download Here :

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Get the feeling #Democracy & #HumanRights are under threat? No uniform, insignia, ID number or visible face => menacing unaccountability. Militia? This is dark… #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #France #Macron #Europe #EuropeanUnion

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We have a right to an actual free and open press that opposes #Governments instead of getting their talking points from them. We demand that our elected officials serve their constituents and not the lobbyist who stuff their pockets #PeoplesParty go to

I Support this! ✔ Vote for “Daniel Brummitt” as US President in 2020.

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Pretty much sums up how they #DivideAndConcur This is the game that everybody plays.

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As the #US, #Britain, #France, #Spain, et al, try to lay the ground for conflict with #Venezuela, claiming they want to ‘bring #democracy’, let’s remember this day 16 years ago when the people of Iraq were their target.

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The same #Politicians calling for #RegimeChange in #Venezuela because they’re so “concerned” about the people’s #Suffering, have championed the very illegal and crippling #Sanctions which are killing Venezuelans and destroying their country. Via "@sahouraxo" 💛🐯 Changing #Ideas is dead. My job is null and void. It doesn't even matter anymore how the killing is justified, because everyone in the world is awake now, and it's still happening. – #DANIELBRUMMITT #menwithink #menwithtattoos #guyswithtattoos #inked #inkedmen #inkedguys #tattooedmen #tattooedguys #guyswithink #fitness #inkedup #art #menwithbeards #girlswithtattoos #inkstagram #tattoolife #mensfashion #menwithstyle #tattoomodel #selfie #tattedup #streetstyle

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#GrandSchemeOfThings 🤑 Get people like me to complain about this, and now you have a 100 more years of #War in reverse.

The law, and the ones running this shit, are usually 10 steps ahead.