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@PublishersWkly #GoodReads “@psychvictims” Vol 1 and 2 now at #BarnesAndNoble !! 🎈📚🥳 #Detroit #Michigan #Authors #Indie #Publisher #PR #Press

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I went from #Victim to #Empowering others; no matter how many times car tires get slashed, D line to my internet gets cut, phone calls rerouted – even over @torproject, money stolen; #Gfs dump me cause #Hollywood directors and free masons give them blow. 😆 Checkout #BehindTheScenes #Photos of my forced #PressRelease for @psychvictims at @barnesandnoble Everything in #Media an #illusion, it's all fake. Probably only thing that's real is the #NSA blasting signals making my hair line thin. 😉 ..Cuz I looked like a #Snack the other day, I do not know how I got so ugly over night? 😝🤷‍♂️ (That's a joke btw, kind of like my #LoveLife and #Financal situation.) #HunterSthompson #AndyWarhol #GonzoJournalism #MenWithTattoos #SocialJournalism #BookStore #Selfmade #Author #AuthorLife #Publisher #ContentWriter #SocialEngineering #SleeveTattoos #AntiMentalHealth #PsychVictims #BrickAndMortar #BooksAndCoffee

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Buy it now! 📚🙏

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@PsychVictims Look what #JustArrived in the mail, and it looks #Beautiful! #PsychVictims Volume 1 and 2. Now at #BarnesAndNoble #AmazonBooks #GoogleBooks #MedicalJournal #Evidence #MentalHealthReform #Magazine #Zine #HighGloss #Print #PsychMag

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@Sydney_Krey #AmericanModel is the #JaneFonda of our #Generation. #Millennials #GenZ #FlintWater #MedicalMarijuana #Spokeswoman #Equality #HumanRights #Michigan

Sydney is an Activist for Flint Water and Prohibition.

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Cool? So countless #Complaints with #NoResolution; #Forced #Homelessness, #HealthcareFraud, reckless #GovernmentNegligence, and over 40k views in one week; but @MiCivilRights don’t care? #WakeTheFuckUp and serve your people! #FTCA

So many people are gonna be homeless this winter; and will probably die, not because they’re on drugs, or bad people, but because this agency is screwing with people’s health coverage. – Workers here need to be held accountable asap!

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#Vengeance is not for me. Please #Read my most recent #BlogPost

So, I was reading The Bible, justifying in my heart how doing dirt on some Gov people who wronged me recently was valid.

Right before the deed, my ex wife tells me her ex who she cheated on me with way back when died from a mysterious heart failure.

The reason this is so important is because years ago, around the same time she hurt me, I had a sponsorship to work for Ford in China. I also had a private contractor separate from the Military family who was sponsoring me; and who I was friends with at the time, wink, telling me to let the law handle it.

Also around that time, (please dont think I’m crazy) I was visited by something like God’s shadow who against my will put me into a deep trance, he said he was going to give me justice from those who wronged me. He said although I’m dirty; I am free to do with my body whatever I chose, he just had one rule for me, that was not to blaspheme his name over social media.

The shadow said, “and you will know this is true, because my name is Jahweh.” Then he left.

Upon release of the trance and fatigue, I googled the name Jahweh, because I never heard that name with a J. Sure enough it was a real name of God used when he gave Joshua power over the sun.

I got an ego; was frustrated with the slowness of how things were going, I disobeyed God, and started attacking Christians over social media. That’s when I was phished by some teenage hackers from UK, and they jacked my high profile Twitter account. I lost everything, including my free ride to China.

However… The promise still stood; my ex wife had neighbors take pictures of her, which lead to CPS accusing her of being a drug dealer, (which I know is not true.) Regardless, ever since she has been extremely nice to me.

That kid who was involved in the incident is the one who is dead. He’s not the only person who died for wronging me.

Everytime someone dies or goes to prison for hurting me or my family, I am reminded not to take matters into my own hands, even tho I can..

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The next big #SocialMediaNetwork won't be about who has the best #Encryption; it will be about who is the most #Trusted, because there's so new many #Decentrialized networks, but none that I really trust. The reason why; is because I'm not a #Security wizard, I'm just a #Marketer, and the tone of #DecentralizedNetworks is very #Dystopian. @worldie_com I feel is the #FrontRunner right now. We've been #Campaigning via Twitter and Instagram, explaining person to person why #Worldie is so great and different… Believe me it's been a challenge; literally speaking a different language at first, but now over time, people are starting to get it. #breakthrough #socialmediamarketing #marketing #digitalmarketing #business #branding #onlinemarketing #entrepreneur #seo #contentmarketing #advertising #marketingtips #smallbusiness #design #website #motivation #startup #inspired #onlinebusiness – Join us

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If u aren’t speaking about #JulianAssange do u value ur rights? Mother fucker, they are killing a man who practiced #Journalism. Do u want this all as a precedent?

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#StreetTheater isn’t just for #TargetedIndividuals anymore, #Feds are now #Targeting entire #Locations to stir up #Divisions with #People.

street theater

  1. Street Theater used in Gang Stalking

“Street theater” when spoken of in a gang stalking context refers to carefully scripted harassment by neighbors and strangers especially, but can include harassment by family, friends and co-workers. These skits are designed to keep a target at a high stress level, but are crafted so that outside observers are likely to wave the skits off as “the breaks”. The cumulative effect of such skits can be crushing to sensitive victims. Noise, crowding in person or on the highway, stealing items from shopping cart when in the checkout line, and kids sent to hang out in front of, stare, make noise, in front of a victim’s house or by putting strange items on a lawn as the victim drives by, such as a vacuum cleaner!

There was a car parked on the roadside and as soon as the person saw me coming, he opened the door and got out into the street! This street theater skit was designed to send a message to get out!

Because it is common to get out of cars it is hard for other people to understand. However in Gang Stalking this is shown to the victim in an overt way at first in a very unusual manner. In the example above it is obvious only to the victim that the person is sitting in the car waiting to get out as the victim goes by, instead of pulling up, stopping and getting out in a normal sequence.

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#EasterSeals said there’s no wrong way to get off. What do you think? #MentalHealthReform #Right2Refuse

Check out this review of Easterseals Michigan on Google Maps

I was a long time virgin, waiting till marriage to have sex. (In the anti-theist psych world, this means you’re a schizophrenic fanatic. I was the kind of guy who had such moral convictions, that I would throw up at the park and cry for 3 days, if I even had oral.
I met this goth girl thru a friend, she was a CCS student. She tried to kiss me, so I pulled a way, and bit her lip to tease her. I noticed she moaned really loud, and told me to choke her. (Now despite what allegations have been said about me, I was the guy that couldn’t play contact sports in middle school, bc I had a phobia of hurting people.. In fact, I couldn’t even guard other boys in Rec basketball, bc the voices would start singing “Savage Garden, I want to bathe with you on the mountain.” lol.) So, the night went from slight choking, to her demanding me to punch her in the face.. And I did it. I beat the fuck out of her.
I didn’t know how to feel after, Did I sin? I didn’t know. There was no penetration involved, my dick did’t get wet, all I know is that girl got off really hard from me slamming her head in the ground.

The next day, I went to the therapist at Easter Seals, and told her about my love for Jesus. She yawned, and said “anything else Dan?” I said “actually yes.” “I met this girl,” (brief interruption) “Ooh, tell me more” she said excitedly. Therapist crosses her legs, appeared to be rubbing her… Then I told her about what happened; and she said, and I repeat, “DANIEL, THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO GET OFF” “Whoa,” I exclaimed, almost falling out of my chair.
That was the last time I went to therapy.
What do you think? Do you think there is no wrong way to get off?? What about Pedophiles? Or Necrophiliacs?? Or Rapists??? BTW.. That was many many years ago. I’m a completely different man now. Currently happily divorced; conquered the #SausageCastle, and you couldn’t pay me enough to go to church, or be monogamous again. That part of me is dorment until I de-program everybody. 🌐 (The point I was trying to make is that the system has overly sexualized everything, & I believe bdsm in pornography is the root cause for many domestic abuse problems.)

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#overdose #silentkiller #drugpushers #shameful #maximizingprofits #victims #labrats #circumstances #diagnonsense #forced #healthcare

Check out this review of EDISON MAX on Google Maps

I was hospitalized for the first time when I was 9 years old, and put on psychotropic medications. Continuing on through the course of my teen years, I spent over 7 birthday’s, and Christmas(s) institutionalized. One year after my first hospitalization, my mother signed a contract with an EI school that said they would help with behavioral modification of my OCD rituals. However, that was not the case. The teachers and staff of this program sexually harassed and bullied us. When we fought back, they video taped only our reactions. The videos were then sold to Michigan State University’s Psych program for research. I was one of the lucky ones, because my parents were 2nd generation tax paying citizens of the city where the program resided in. The ACLU got involved, not because of the abuse, but because I was denied my right to public education in my own school district. (I regret not suing.) I was then rehabilitated into a normal school setting, but monitored by former staff and a particular social worker from the program all the way until I dropped out of high school. At the age of 17 I hospitalized against my will, and by 19 was 277 Lbs. from the cocktail of medications they put me on. I was on 2000 mil of Depakote, 6 mils of Risperdal, plus a few more at one time. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve been on every psychiatric medication in the book. One day, about 4 years later, I had something of a divine Intervention occur. I don’t know if I really was born mentally ill; mkultra’d suffering from an Existential crises, possessed by a jinn, demon; or the devil himself… All I know is that the voice in my head that used to harass me went away! It’s been 10 years now. Thank God I took the leap of faith to stop my medications. Since then; I’ve been so much healthier, had I kept taking them, I more than likely would have ended up dead. My story doesn’t end here. If you work with the Press, and would like to know more. Contact me via @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b