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Dear #Assange supporters/general public: The headline on the #Independent article (left pic) does NOT match what the article says (right pic) The headline is FAKE NEWS. Responsible people shouldn’t be promoting it without pointing that out DNC leak source was NOT #Russia. [#RT @Suzi3d]


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The #NoJulian4US tweetstorm will launch on 2/23 at 11:59 est #Anonymous. Feel free to tweet leading up to the event.

The sheet is easy to copy and paste if you would like to post it!
Links for the sheet:

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I’m officially endorsing @officialmcafee with #RTs for #POTUS 2020. #SocialMedia #Advertising is power, more so than #TV #Ads. #Bloomberg has a run for his #Money. 🥊🤑 – #Mcafee2020

Mcafee seems to be the only Independent Presidental Candidate who could effectively compete with Mike Bloomberg’s aggressive TV Ad Campaign.

View this post on Instagram So it's official, all jokes aside. I'm running as a #Candidate for #President Of The United States in 2020. Just got off the phone with the FEC. This is real life. Each Twitter and Instagram account of mine will be used to target key States for #ElectoralVotes. 1 account per each state running autonomously. Not wasting hardly any money on TV ads. Social Media is key! I also have nothing to hide, bc all my dirt is already out there. Lol I'm gonna #EndAllWars by defunding money sent to Israel completely. The billions left over will be used towards fixing #Infrastructure like in Flint, and to make a realistic #Healthcare plan, allowing you to keep private #Insurances. I'll criminalize psychiatry, but federally legalize #Marijuana and hemp imports/exports. (This will allow for #Innovation in industries previously dominated by #BigOil.) Create job programs for everyone I'm letting out of prison. Prisons cost tax payers alot of money anyways, plus I'm sure everyone has a family member they really miss who's in jail for petty weed charges. Prostitution will also be federally legal. (No more mass shootings, bc sex heals.) 😉 I'm gonna remove all nuclear sanctions from #Russia and #China… Ss7 #Internet communication protocols will be revamped and tightened; so China can have #5G, and private security companies can't easily harrass civilians. Keeping up with #NetNeutrality. I'm going to pardon all #WhistleBlowers. Custody battles in #FamilyLaw cases will always be awarded 50/50. #Tampons will be free, or at least #TaxFree.

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#OctopusPROMIS: The Conspiracy Against #INSLAW Software, And The Murders To #CoverUp A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate!

Octopus PROMIS: The Conspiracy Against INSLAW Software, And The Murders To Cover Up A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate!

This article provides proof of a monolithic conspiracy to murder key individuals involved with trying to expose DOJ, CIA and NSA involvement stealing PROMIS software. Beyond that it provides some evidence of The Octopus criminal enterprise during the 1980’s.

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I met some guys while returning home from #Florida in 2011, who made their own #HydroPowered #Yacht, and kits for $100.00.

Watch “Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion For ANY Vehicle – I’m Saving 56% At The Gas Pump!” on YouTube
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Everyone talks about #Amazon not paying #Taxes, but at least they stay in their own lane.. Unlike #Facebook, who takes invading #PersonalSpace way too far!

Exhibit A: App version of Be.Live only allows you to sign in with Facebook.
On my desktop I could sign in using Gmail, however, my audio wouldn’t work. Tech support was unable to fix the problem. My internal mic works on other sites flawlessly.
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Reinstate #Zerohedge immediately #Twitter‼ #TwitterSupport #Censoring Independent #Journalists and #News operations will NOT be tolerated. People are free to think for themselves. CC: @YourAnonNews @YourMarkLubbers @Anon2world @AnonsWorldwide

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@Sydney_Krey #avvisopubblico #thegreeneroommagazine #music #mediarelations #q #soundcloud #socialmediamarketing #hiphop #lotusindiafashionweek #folow #khramoshkin #musicmarketing #polreskotatangerang #tangerang #satreskrim #communications #kabupatentangerang #kapolrestatangerangofficial #djs #beagoodcop #worldstar #conference #poldabanten #adeary #promoter #thisis #youtube #dknomoneymedia #kab #showtime

View this post on Instagram #maximmagazine #maxim #maximcovergirl #model #maximmodel #maximhot #maximmag #detroit #michiganmodel #greatlakes #vote #covergirl #FemaleEntrepreneur #Blonde #RedDress #WoundedWarriorProject #SydneyKrey #AmericanModel #September11th My beautiful BFF making model moves, help her out with a vote my people! Takes under 30 seconds. Really appreciate it! And appreciate her sexiness and good heart ALWAYS! ❤❤❤ You Can vote for free EVERYDAY or if you're in the charitable mood you could give a minimum of $10.00 or more and proceeds will go to Wounded Warrior Project! Plus a vote towards her for each dollar sent. I really love that cause. So this is extra special to me! Thanks everyone for voting Sydney Krey Ballans <3

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[See, it’s not all in my head] #VISA issuers and #Mastercard make it harder to buy #Bitcoin and other #CryptoCurrencies via @techcrunch

Now, it seems VISA issuers and Mastercard have quietly reclassified the way Coinbase credit card purchases are processed on their networks. Coinbase transactions (and presumably all other exchanges, as well) are now being labeled as a “cash advance” rather than a “purchase.” Fees will vary by institution, but what this means is that using a credit card will result in an additional 5 percent fee tacked on by your credit card merchant, in addition to the 4 percent credit card transaction fee already passed on by Coinbase.

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The #Price of #Crypto before and after I drunk tweeted about getting denied purchases by #CEX.

The real reason I was so hyped about buying bitcoin on credit yesterday during the surge, is because I completely lost faith in humanity, especially when it comes to love and relationships. My goal/intentions was to accumulate so much money from pushing the wave, that I could just go to Macau and Vegas on a whim and buy prostitutes… Cuz that’s where I’m at in life. I don’t even care about social engineering ethical behaviors right now. I find more hope in my ability to empty out swiss bank accounts, than I do to meet some nice girl at a book store who isn’t gonna abandon me for cocaine, or some 60 year old with a weird mustache and a newer used sports car than mine.

Then this company CEX.10 totally blocked me from risking screwing up my credit buying bitcoin from them..

So that pissed me off, it’s not like anyone here where I’m from gives a crap about crypto. Infact, same day I dropped off misc belongings to my federal agent fwb bc she said I’m too much for her.. I recommended she should buy bitcoin, she laughed at me and said “drive safe Daniel, don’t txt and drive.”

Only innovative industries here in Michigan are medical marijuana, the least the wealthiest in Europe can do is let little ol’ me buy some crypto on credit hassle free.

Oh, and I forgot to add my handlers smile is breathtaking. She’s not really my handler tho; I just joke, she’s actually a good person, I’m just too scared to let her in.