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For three years, a website called Canary Mission has spread fear among #Undergraduate activists, posting more than a thousand #Political dossiers on #Student supporters of #Palestinian #Rights. The dossiers are meant to harm students’ #Job prospects, and have been used in interrogations by Israeli security officials.

Check out @khussh_’s Tweet:

They call us nazis bc we have morals, and don’t believe in Israel blowing, or blowing up little kids. 🤔

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“If the #Jewish #Communities got #Involved in the #AntiPsych #Movement, it would be #GameOver.” [#PleaseRead] #LetItBe #PeaceOnEarth

It wouldn’t be the first time in history that the Hebrews changed the narrative and overthrew an overbearing empire. Think Egypt and Rome.

When people are oppressed they see the dark-side of humanity. Trauma forces humans to adapt and overcome any situation. When starving and angry, it can even make us rich… So rich in fact, that we forget what it was like to be the victim. (King David)

We are at a point in history, where we need to change our direction, or collectively face dire consequences.

It doesn’t matter who is to blame, what’s important is that we globally re-learn compassion.

I would be willing lead a campaign that forgives major players of the establishment, for the small price of canceling all financial debt.

Jailing those who fund overthrowing democratic societies is not an effective solution, it is just a band-aid, a repeat of history.

I urge you to join us for the greater good of humanity! ⬅️

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@DaPeaple Meanwhile.. in real life, #UNICEF reported that one child dies every ten minutes in #Yemen with 462,000 suffering from severe acute malnutrition which is a dramatic increase of about 200 percent since Saudi Arabia’s invasion started in 2015.

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this is why the west is demonizing Russia because all those TRILLIONS was for nothing. the west saw the trillions as an investment for the future, thinking they will get their returns over the years after they gain full access to #Syria’s oil, gas, and other rare minerals.