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🇺🇸USA 21 Trillion Dollar debt 🇬🇧UK 8.5 Trillion Dollar debt 🇫🇷#France 6 Trillion Dollar debt 🇩🇪Germany 5.5 Tr Dollar debt 🇨🇦Canada 2 Tr Dollar debt 🇨🇭Switzerland 2 Tr Dollar debt 🇦🇺Australia 1.5 Tr Dollar debt

Rothschild family alleged + 500 Trillion Dollar wealth

Who rules the world?

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#MentalHealth #Policy #Change Suggestions 🏥

  • Required to inform people that they are being put into a psychological evaluation

  • Similar to informing someone being arrested (Miranda’s law) that anything they say can be used against them

  • Every 5 people in a hospital must have a non-mental health field advocate – who tries to get person out of involuntary hold, e.g.

  • Cannot force people/patients out of their initial clothing

  • Cannot force catheters

  • Cannot use restraints on ambulances, chairs, or gurneys

  • Employers cannot ask for psych history unless it is volunteered

  • Hospitals, EMS, police, cannot use previous psych history against person – unless it is volunteered and wanted to be by person

  • Cannot ask if previously been in a psych hospital or previously diagnosed during ER/EMS/police interactions

  • Cannot force person to state previous or current medications

  • Cannot Polydrug (over 2 drugs at a time) a person

  • Cannot suddenly increase dosage over a certain threshold at once

  • Must present withdrawal pamphlets and information

  • Patients should be able to be visited at anytime (not a set time – is this a hospital or a prison?)

  • Should not be forced to attend therapy sessions, activities, etc and/or not let this be used as a punishment for less cafeteria access

  • Cannot have “levels” of obedient patients

  • Sexual harassment and abuse training required for all “mental health” facilitators

  • Patients can use their own written testimony against a professional’s testimony and also that of witnesses or advocates

  • Therapy and activity session paperwork is included in medical records

  • Required to present patients with regular information on school, employment opportunities, transportation opportunities, and housing opportunities

  • Required to allow internet access to patients

  • Cannot lock up patient’s items into lockers or away from patient unless a weapon or at higher levels of danger

  • Patients should have access to their cell phones, wallets, and money at all times

  • Required to work with patients to get impounded cars out of towing yards.

  • Annual checks with interviews with patients (not staff) on how facilities are run and any complaints

  • Should be able to deny drugging

  • Cannot drug victim before a judge’s written order

  • No isolation rooms

  • Must be required to let patients out at least twice a day optionally outside.

  • Disability, not danger criteria

  • Gravely disabled criteria cannot be used to force patients beyond “danger to self or others”

  • Psych records can be expunged after 3-5 years (similar to how crimes can be expunged).

  • Danger to others should be separated from danger to self.

  • Must be given list of side effects with each drug given.

  • Patients should be able to be released to themselves (not always to another person), when they can prove economic, scholastic, or career responsibility

  • No option currently to be released without a “caregiver” of some sort or relative

  • Not required to open access to relatives without permission from patient.

  • More protections for students who are labeled or not yet labeled.

  • Cannot be kicked out of school without proving violence to others may occur otherwise

  • Cannot be kicked out for danger to self

  • Cannot be forcibly put into “mental health” treatment unless with reasonable idea of violence to others

  • Allowed to refuse psychological evaluations and tests.

  • Do not have to inform school of psych history, drugs, or records.

  • No restraints in ERs

  • Cannot state to patients that they must take a drug for their entire lifetime.

  • Should be able to request non-mental health professional accommodations

  • Alternatives

  • non-MH MDs, doctors, health professionals

  • Cannot force illegal drug addicted patients on to psych drugs

  • No psych drugs as substitute

  • Should be able to state allergies to drugs and not take drugs

  • Should be able to take vitamin alternatives

  • Should be able to receive mail

  • Should be able to openly communicate to outside people if given permission by patient to give information to advocates → Patient not required to give name before permission given, can ask patient for permission to all or select people.

  • (problematic when outside people want to help a person and unable to say anything)

  • Visitors should be able to go to patient’s rooms and through facility (as in regular hospitals, or is this a prison with a visiting room?)

  • Suggestions for financial advisors, not conservatorship

  • Required to report numbers of Americans under conservatorship, on community treatment orders, involuntarily held, and the number of psych wards in America publicly each year.

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