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It’s time 2 take a stand. We have launched a #Petition 4 the nu #EU commission (after the #Elections in #May) to create a nu directive that stops the old #Copyright directive. #StopACTA2 #Article11 #Article13

Sign it and share!

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Suits in office and on tv who have cried about press freedoms are now giddy over a journalist being arrested… #OpAssange #OpEcuador #FreeJulian

What I don’t think these suits understand is that we have been preparing for this for 7 long years. We expected it. Now Expect Us.

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Este hombre es un hijo, un padre, un hermano. Ha ganado docenas de premios de periodismo. Ha sido nominado para el Nobel de la Paz todos los años desde 2010. Poderoso actores, incluida la CIA, realizan un esfuerzo sofisticado para deshumanizarlo, deslegitimarlo y encarcelarlo.

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This #Article has many problems, but it still gets the #Assange #Indictment right. – #TheNewYorker #FreePress 🦉⚖

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Why #Millenials don’t care? Bc they can make more money masterbating on cam, than a $15 wage increase at #McDonalds. 😪

Let me break it down simply. I’ll even make a chart for you old people.

  • Gas money is expensive, car insurance is unaffordable, getting unnecessary traffic fines is cause for a revolution.
  • Smelly clothes, vs not having to wear, or own any. 🤔
  • Having the elderly call you dumb; vs them begging for feet, dick, or armpit pics. 😂

Unless your company is willing to pay us more than welfare, we don’t want your fake opportunites. Go enslave someone else. We’re too educated for you!

– No Money No Honey 🍯🐻


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#Kavanaugh, and why I generally believe girls who cry rape.

I knew a girl growing up who was raped by a cop. Like many, I didn’t believe her. Even though her family won a 1.3 million dollar lawsuit. She went to a CIA training school with me. She rode the bus with me, was the first girl to kiss me, and grab my cock really hard, simultaneously. (Age 11)

The Local News Paper slandered her, said “she had an IQ of 70,” her Parents house was considered the Red Light District of Madison Heights, all bc her Dad owned a Strip Club way the f* up north. It would seem like she was a troubled kid from a broken home, who was lying to get money.

Years later, I was tattooing an old pal who was much older than me. We were on the subject of exes, he brought the girl up in conversation, and said “That Cop was always an old perv.” I started to reminisce about something the alleged pervy Officer told me a while ago during a D.A.R.E. rally. (Age 5, photographic memory, it’s a blessing and a curse man lol.) The Officer said “he took a pay cut, and was sad bc he had to sell his son’s jet skies.” Pay cut bc he was pervy to all the school kids? 😂

He used to live by the school, and they shipped him as far away from kids as they could, while still being able to keep him in the district.

Things you need to know:

He was not a normal cop. He was FBI. I’m sick of people hating on local cops, not understanding it’s the Feds on a powertrip that are the most fucked up, and commit crimes without fear of getting caught. Rep. Sen. Levin let him off the hook with full pension, and he is currently working in Bear Lake, as a Casino Auditor.