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Today #AaronSwartz would have been 32 its important to remember one of the greatest minds of my generation. #RT #AaronsLaw 📲👨‍💻

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By #Facebook’s own editorial standards, the Atlantic Council should be banned: It is a #money-driven #influence #business built to #promote #misinformation on behalf of its #donors.


Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed

“This is huge, this is dangerous, and this is being under-reported.”

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The #PeoplesParty is looking for #Volunteers if you wish to join our growing #Movement! Via @DaPeaple

Are you fed up with our current political realm of mania?

Join a movement that is by the People and for the People.

The “PeoplesParty” is looking for volunteers if you wish to join our growing movement go to https://t.co/icnHdpzR5b
Together we can take our government back! https://t.co/d5cvUPgBvp