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Psychiatric treatments are harmful. All psychiatric treatments are harmful. Psychiatric drugs, ECT (electric shock) and brain surgery (lobotomy) each harm the individual and society. This sometimes goes against what we have been taught or indoctrinated into believing, and also against what we would often like to believe. Taking a pill as a "cure" obviously is easier than confronting and dealing with the actual personal reasons for one's difficulties with their own mind and life. The alternative requires personal responsibility, control and can take time, but the final results far exceed the quick fix (drugs, shock, etc.). In fact, the "psychiatric" methods "fix" nothing at all and actually make things worse.

The field of psychiatry is rooted in German experimental psychology, racist eugenics theories, and anti-human materialistic opinions parading as scientific facts. The promotional activities and tremendous profits of the major drug companies and affiliated financial interests play no small part in understanding the development and success of modern psychiatry. The result of modern psychiatric theories and methods is the denial of everything comprising man's "inner" personality of thoughts, feelings, values, hopes, dreams, intentions, goals, and ultimately, life itself.

Much of modern education and all aspects of the social sciences are rooted in flawed modern theories of psychology. This has had and continues to have disastrous effects on individual people and society.

The links to information here supply a formidable basis of knowledge leading towards an accurate and true understanding of what psychiatry really is. Sources are referenced and much additional suggested reading material is given both on the Internet and in books. Your local psychiatrists will never refer you to this information.

Do not base your opinion only on what members of the psychiatric field tell you. Liquor manufacturers will not tell you their products cause liver damage, are the source of numerous automobile related deaths every year, and encourage you to cease drinking liquor. Similarly, no psychiatrist will tell you psychiatry harms people and that you should avoid it at all cost. Even if he or she knew or suspected this, he or she couldn't endure the loss of income, status and authority this would entail.

Psychiatry and the affiliated major drug companies form a huge money making enterprise (business) which can tolerate no criticism. Each psychiatrist has gone to school for many years, spent much money on their "education" (which I consider to largely be indoctrination into nonsense), and invested a good part of their life towards their "profession". It isn't easy for anyone, regardless of one's field, to flush years of education, expense, time spent in their field and one's source of a very good income down the toilet, much less also to confront that what one does for a living is fundamentally harmful to other people and society. Don't argue or even discuss the facts with them. Most of them won't listen, and instead will defend their opinions to the end while sarcastically and "authoritatively" criticizing the proponents of the truth

Psychiatry and modern psychology are primarily ideologies comprised of opinions, theories and beliefs with little basis in actual "science"


For more on this see:

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Comprehensive overview of psychiatry by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Do the research yourself, and base your decisions on what you discover and what you find to be true. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t drug it, shock it or cut it up. Don’t allow anyone else’s to be drugged, shocked or cut up either.


To everyone who bashes on Anti-Psychiatry, not realizing what we’re really about, here is a copy of our Principles of Unity..

Judge for yourself if we are extremists, or simply humanitarians in a desensitized world that values profits over people.

We Believe:

⦁ That psychiatry is not a legitimate field of medicine.

⦁ That psychiatry is a tool of social control which enforces conformity to the prevailing social order.

⦁ That "mental illness" is a semantically absurd concept which falsely conflates the abstraction known as the "mind" with the physical brain to mislead people into believing they have literal diseases.

⦁ That the psychiatric system cannot be reformed but must be abolished.

⦁ An end to all state support for psychiatry, including but not limited to the use of psychiatric testimony in legal proceedings; psychiatric screenings in schools, prisons, and workplaces; licensing of psychiatrists; and the use of public monies to support psychiatric programs or research.

We assert -- and plan to exercise -- our right as an oppressed class to self determination.
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