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10 of the world’s best virtual #Museum & #ArtGallery tours. The originals are out of reach for now, but you can still see world-class art – without the queues or ticket prices – with an online tour of these famous museums…

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#IoT takeover being pushed by #Corona: This is what we wanted, now we just have to protect it! #TechForGood

Growing up many kid’s just wanted to get high; meanwhile, I envisioned having a Christian family, doing things better than my parents ever did, even had my son’s name picked out at age 16.

Met this kid my sophomore year of high school named John. He came from a religious school, and was socially awkward, later on in life he killed himself.

It was then, at John’s funeral I made a promise to myself that I would never put my future son in a private school, and would especially never homeschool.

As a result of keeping my commitment, I have a very outgoing son. Out of his 2 cousins; the one being vegan and homeschooled, the other on 6 psychotropic drugs, my son is definitely the most well rounded.

Not to compare, but I am proud to say that my son is the healthiest. I believe moderation is key, I also believe my son’s health, and the great relationship I have with his mother is a result of God making fun of all the degenerate doctors who tried to discredit me my whole life.

Somewhat recently, had a talk with a friend of mine from Puerto Rico, she said she could never raise a family here. She said that gun violence is too much, and there’s no sense of community.

IoT takeover being pushed by Corona:
I predict in the coming months homeschooling will become the new norm. No one trusts public schools anymore. From playgrounds getting shot up, to teachers touching kids, and now the CDC probably forcing unsafe vaccines when they go back in April.
They’ve already indoctrinated enough, and just look at their failing test results, yet they’ll take your kid away to an adoption agency for having mixed matched socks. The Federal and State Governments in America are what the Catholic Churches were in the dark ages. Enough is enough, leave our poor kids alone!
Besides? What can a teacher provide that YouTube and Khan Academy can’t? Luckily for me, my son’s social skills are developed. During this time of digital transformation, I think having kids play a sport would be wise. Social skills will be the hardest part of this transition, but the end result will be worth it.

The benefits of the 4th industrial revolution are clearly being seen. You don’t need a crew to run a McDonald’s, police cause more harm than they do good, all Government Services can be done online. Suggested isolation by the Government Media caused from a man made disease and corruption has forced couples to spend time with each other. Sad that it took biological warfare to scare humans into being families again.
Technology is neither good nor bad, artificial intelligence is only as moral as it’s master. We are at a breaking point in our culture. This will be the test as to who evolves and who gets left behind. The “beauty” of the beast which was slain, is that no one can argue skin color and gender having anything to do with it. Transformation is a choice. The mountains have fallen; the veil of information lifted, the road is smooth for all who will accept my lover, the Goddess who’s name is “Change.”

Furthermore, you don’t need to get chipped. Brain user interface is an affordable technology that allows all the same benefits as an RFID. Although my heart is too broken to keep God’s laws when it comes to certain things; I still believe Jesus is The Messiah, and that’s why I’m telling you this secret that you don’t need to get an RFID implant, user brain user interface is cheaper, and more safe!

You can buy; sell, learn, socialize, and barter at We are a non-profit, so as long as you don’t use our service for illegal stuff the possibilites are limitless.

Partnership’s and alliances welcomed:

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#Share and #Like as much as u want at @Worldie_com. All we ask is that you kindly #Follow our #Policies, we want to keep our #Network the #Safest place #Online.

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We've known for years that #NaturalHealth is being #Censored by current #Market leaders of #SocialMedia. We at #Worldie are all for #Natural #Health, especially our committees. We agree that people should have health #Freedom for #Nutrition. We're the first all-in-one #NonProfit social media #Network and would like to provide our #Services. Here at Worldie, we would like to find natural health company and #Organization alliances. We can provide a protective #Environment for natural and #Alternative health speech. We also would like to join with #eCommerce #Websites to instantly sync (auto-post) products and services posted through a possible #API (such as a #JSON) that could be coded to provide leads from Worldie's #Shopping area to link to your websites. We would like to support nutrition, and much of our base is #International. Many countries take harsher stances against #Chemicals and #GMOs, such as the #EU. We want people to have the choice to have #Vitamins, #Supplements, and #Herbs. Please let us know if you are interested in an alliance/partnership, auto-reposting of your products/services, or even representing on our committees! By providing open partnerships and representatives, we can create a #Fair and helpful platform that is transparent.

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Very #Blessed to have come from such a good #Family. 🏡

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My sources told me this, but #DoYourOwnResearch. I really don’t have the #Answers. That’s why I’m more focused on posting content that makes people think, masked with satire so the masses don’t freak out.

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During the #GreatDepression, the only #Brands that survived were the ones who spent their last dime on #Advertising! Brand(s) like #McDonalds 🍟

Daniel Brummitt, VP at, uses it to promote his Contemporary Artworks!


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#FailedGovernmentResponse #Michigan #MiLegislature #MichiganCoronaVirus #SecretaryOfState #DepartmentOfState #DMV #CoronaVirusUSA

Calling doesn’t work either, number is at capacity. What, so call centers have Corona too?

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#Portrait of an #American #Artist – Life b4 #Corona BC #DANIELBRUMMITT #DisruptiveFineArt #DetroitMichigan #ArtBlog #Curator #PopArtist #Online

Daniel Brummitt; age unknown, at the bar with unnamed friend, celebrating his b-day in Detroit Michigan.

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#dinogogoglow #goodreads #bookrecommendation #instabook #fiction #amreading #bookobsessed #instabooks #booklovers

Greatest Independent Kids Book of all time!

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Fricken #Love my son’s #Art! – Now #Featured on #RedBubble via #DisruptiveFineArt