City of Southfield Voter Fraud..

City of Southfield Voter Fraud..

Voter fraud is rampant in Michigan and always has been especially in Southfield Michigan.

City of Southfield Voter Fraud..

When Southfield, MI, City Clerk Sharikia Hawkins was arrested and charged with six voter fraud-related felonies related to the 2018 election, MI Democrat AG Dana Nessel and MI Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson held a press conference and absolutely nothing was ever done, all for PR.

Now, I want you to understand something about this. The corruption has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican, both are the same snakes. Both support cops trampling our rights, they don’t care about race; gender, or religion, that’s all a show. The fake political theater is no different than watching WWE wrestling. Every person in Government is self interested, they don’t care about you or your rights.

Southfield imo just happens to be extra corrupt, especially in recent years. I’d say it all started around GW Bush era, because that’s when the money started coming in. Southfield is the HQ of Easter Seals, so go figure. It’s a Zionist snake pit.

Oakland and Macomb are the two most corrupt counties in the state of Michigan for MIC money laundering. Wayne County is actually more safe if you want to be left alone from cops.

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