Donate to Humane Coalition TRUST

Donate to Humane Coalition TRUST

Introducing the Humane Coalition TRUST:

Shedding Light on Antidepressants

Do you believe that antidepressants have failed us?

It’s time to not only to speak up but to take legal action as well!

Welcome to the Humane Coalition TRUST, a Crypto Defense Fund aimed at challenging the current narrative surrounding antidepressants and demanding accountability from psychiatric bodies.

Donate to Humane Coalition TRUST

We’ve all been told that antidepressants are a solution, but let’s examine the facts.

First and foremost, there is no clinically detectable benefit to taking these drugs.

They fail to prevent suicide, a critical issue that demands effective intervention.

The consequences of antidepressant use include detrimental effects on our mental health and even the risk of developing dementia.

Donate to Humane Coalition TRUST

So, why is nothing changing?

It’s time to ask ourselves this crucial question.

The truth is that these psychiatric bodies seem immune to criticism, impervious to the mounting evidence against their practices.

It’s clear that we need more than just words to make a difference.

That’s why we are considering a class action against these bodies to hold them accountable for their negligence and the harm caused by antidepressants.

You might be thinking, “A class action is too expensive.”

We understand your concern, but what if we all chipped in?

With collective support and a shared vision, we can make it happen.

We would need victims who are also lawyers to lead this legal battle.

Donate to Humane Coalition TRUST

This could work to our advantage.

We already have a deep understanding of the law and a strong support network that can guide us through this process.

It’s time to speak their language—the language of money.

These abusive doctors prioritize their own interests above patient well-being, human rights, good science, and clean research.

By taking legal action and suing them for their misdeeds, we can ensure they understand the gravity of their actions.

Donate to the Humane Coalition TRUST.

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