Goodbye to Your #WebsiteLink:

Goodbye to Your WebsiteLink:

Instagram Cracks Down on Bio Links, Find Out What This Means for Your Business!”

Instagram has become quite cautious with that one precious link allowed in your bio.

This is due to the amount of spam accounts they see. (So they say.)

I personally think it’s because I don’t support NATO nazi regimes in Ukraine; but whatever, I’m the terrorist right, lol?

Don’t ever trust these snakes! The second they have a little bit of a comeback, they revert into their old ways of #Censorship.

Goodbye to Your #WebsiteLink:
Carbonari was an informal network of secret revolutionary societies active in Italy from about 1800 to 1831.1 They advocated liberal and patriotic ideas and provided the main source of opposition to the conservative regimes imposed on Italy by the victorious allies after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815.

Your Website Link Is Blocked by Instagram.

Here are 5 possible solutions:

Solution 1: Facebook debugger

Whether your URL is blocked by Instagram or Facebook, try the Facebook debugger.

This same advice was provided over and over when people were complaining about this issue. I’m hoping it works for you!

That debugger link is pretty handy for a number of things, including getting Facebook to pull up the right image with link posts.

Bookmark it, or this post!

Solution 2: URL shortener or service

Some readers suggested that using a link service like allowed them to link to their website. provides a landing page where you can place multiple links you’d like your IG followers to check out.

If Instagram discovers people use services like these to defeat their safeguards, they’ll probably disallow them, but for now it’s worth a try.

Solution 3: Meta Business Help live chat

I had no clue this was a thing, and maybe it won’t last, but a reader said this worked for her.

It’s intended for business accounts, and maybe only ones that are connected to a Facebook business page.

I’m not sure but thought you’d want to give it a shot.

If you don’t find live chat, one blogger says to just report the issue daily with a screenshot until it’s resolved.

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