Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Society collectively changes its ideas about moral decrees and beauty faster than the wind can travel.

For the longest time, I grew tired of fighting and allowed other people to dictate what I knew to be offensive to God.

Now, I’m back to being closed off.

Heart Chakra

Natural selection is a real thing.

Governments don’t need to run eugenics operations in the background.

They just do it to maximize profits.

Heart Chakra

For this reason, I’ve decided not to continue down the path of an existential crisis.

My dad made a stinging comment to me years ago that people 6’0 or over don’t usually struggle to find work..

It’s true, how many homeless people do you see that are tall?

The only men I know who aren’t divorced are +6’0 and have high paying jobs.

I believe God’s law has the power alone to establish order for people to live peacefully, but maybe it’s best to be silent and accept that I’m scrap?

Isaac from the Bible, and I share the same logic, lol.

Isaac Lies about His Wife

Later on, the men of that place asked about his wife, so he replied, “She’s my sister,” because he was afraid to call her “my wife.” He kept thinking, “…otherwise, the men around here will kill me on account of Rebekah, since she’s very beautiful.”

8 After he had been there awhile, Abimelech, king of the Philistines, looked out through a window and saw Isaac caressing[a] his wife Rebekah.

9 So Abimelech called Isaac and confronted him. “She is definitely your wife!” he accused him, “So why did you claim, ‘She’s my sister?’”

Isaac responded, “Because I had thought ‘…otherwise, I’ll die on account of her.’”

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