Doesn’t Rain All The Time

Doesn’t Rain All The Time

Everybody has a rainy day.

A flat tire, or the occasional speeding ticket;

but most people don’t invest in custom radar systems and check their tire pressure first thing when they get into their car like I do,

because the universe just doesn’t work to protect me that way naturally.

I have to protect myself. That’s why I pray so much,

because the systems that most take for granted, I have to punch in those keys manually.

The reason for this post is that I’m re-living things from the past right now,

and I dread making the same mistakes twice.

2008 really freed me, but it also broke me in a lot of ways.

I haven’t worked a real 9-5 since then.

Everything in my life has been backward.

For a long time, it was like I would get rewarded for bad behavior and punished for doing good.

I do believe order is gonna return soon. What you put in is what you get back.

“In those days, it will no longer be said: ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the teeth of the children are set on edge.’

Jeremiah 31:29
Doesn't Rain All The Time

When I go the gym I get scared to watch the tv;

not only because the news gives me anxiety,

but I look down at my feet on the treadmill because I don’t even trust gravity.

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist.

― Stephen Hawking

This fear is not an unreasonable one.

I went running one day as I always did, same routine, wasn’t even running fast. Didn’t step on a rock or lose my balance. My knees didn’t give out, but man, did I fly? I didn’t feel anything push or move me. I just fell hard, so hard that I had to go to the doctor, and I dread seeing the doctor.

In conclusion:

  • I don’t trust doctors
  • I don’t trust academia
  • I don’t trust people at their word
  • I don’t trust gravity
  • I don’t trust banks
  • I don’t trust the police
  • I don’t trust regulatory agencies
  • I don’t trust systems, or anything to work as it’s intended
  • I don’t trust anyone other than God, myself, and my Son. I trust my Dad a little bit, he’s possibly done my taxes before, lol.

I was in my mid 20’s; I lost my job and moved to Hamtramck from Royal Oak, Michigan, until I figured things out because the rent was more affordable.

Also had some friends who started a hippie commune down the street, and we shared the same landlord, who was also my friend.

Had Blackberry cellphone on a T-Mobile plan for a year that I never missed a payment on. For my birthday, my Grandfather wrote me a check for 100.00; and instead partying with that money like I should have, I cashed that checked at my local PNC Bank, then payed my cell-phone bill trying to support my local cell-phone dealer.

Figured it made more sense logistically than to drive to Troy, Michigan to pay my bill.

I get a phone call from the T-Mobile guy threatening me that he knows where I live and accused me of giving his employee fraudulent money. Apparently, he had it all on camera and wanted me to come pick up the alleged money. (Which was probably his.)

I was like “look dude,” “you have me on camera giving your employee money, not fraud money.”I got that money from my bank. If you have a problem, call the FBI.”

So, I went to my bank and was like, “Look, “I was here the other day, and you have me on camera cashing a $100.00 birthday check from my grandfather.”May I please have access to the camera footage because this T-Mobile creep is accusing me of giving his employee fraudulent money.”

The bank manager said he couldn’t give me access to the video footage because apparently, he doesn’t even have access to it.

I was like “okay whatever,” I then asked him what the chances were of cashing a check and having all of the bills come back fake? He said, “You’d have a better chance of getting stuck by lighting 5 times.”

I then explained the situation to T-mobile corporate, and they took the store owners’ side, despite the fact that I always paid my bill in full on time for an entire year. They then proceeded to interrupt my service before my bill date. They cut my fricken service off on the 11th, and my bill wasn’t even due until the 13th.

These minor disturbances are what lead me into bankruptcy, and I told myself I would never it happen again.

I’m currently dealing with the same games, and I learned that you have to fight. Whatever it be police or banks, these people are part of a criminal syndicate and in order to get them off of your back you must give them such a hard time that you literally break them from exaustion.

I know the Bible teaches not to give authorities a hard time, but if you don’t, you’re gonna starve. These systems are not operating in a correct way. They’re infested with snakes. We have a NWO possible coming where these systems of usury can be abolished by the blockchain.

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