The Book

The Book

I was re-watching the Book of Eli not that long ago.

(it’s a classic favorite of mine.) There’s a scene that really stands out, especially right now.

The scene is where the main bad guy sends goons to go in search of the Bible; he doesn’t tell them what the book is called,

he just says, “Bring all the books you can,” hoping in blind faith they bring the right one.

When they ask why the book is so important?

He explains that it’s the ultimate book for creating social order.

Let’s be real. The character in the film is not wrong.

God’s law, as us people of faith would call it, has stood the test of time.

Empires fall and rise, but the simple law of don’t do this or that remains supreme to this day.

Many years ago, during an uncomfortable psych review,

I explained to the psychiatrist that even Socrates had a Daemon, which he conjured information from.

He didn’t find wisdom in himself like some terrible New Age standard influenced by the Da Vinci Code series. No, all of the great social architects observed outwardly. (The stars and nature)

My Son asked where people who invented things years ago draw their inspiration from? I told him a book called Ezekiel, lol.

My girlfriend, who is very good to me btw, has a hard time understanding why a foundation in an old book that doesn’t change its opinion is so important for relationship stability.

All of the things she admires about me are all things I learned from the book, lol.

If we both agree that the book has the ability to correct; we always have someone, not a man, but the highest spirit to lean on together.

Now, regardless of people’s collective hostility towards religion, if we all looked inwardly for the answers to things, without having a higher standard to correct us, the results would be catastrophic.

Having a book that is allegedly inspired by the original architect, which no system has been able to top morally; proving in-itself that it’s from source, who has a name, Yahweh, remains the best way of creating social order.

A concept that every generation that fails to understand falls.

The Book

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