Unblock All On Twitter!

Unblock All On Twitter!

Unblock All On Twitter!

Life is too short to fight with people or even ignore them, plus the more people you block, the more it screws up the algorithm and lowers your engagement levels.

Here’s a line of code that will mass unblock all of your Twitter haters at once.

1.) Command+Option+i (or Command+Option+j for the JavaScript console).

2.) document.querySelectorAll(‘[aria-label=”Blocked”]’).forEach(function(account) { account.click() });

let autoUnblock = setInterval(function() { window.scrollBy(0, window.innerHeight); document.querySelectorAll(‘[aria-label=”Blocked”]’).forEach(function(account) { account.click() }); }, 1000);

4.) clearInterval(autoBlock)

You’re welcome. Have a wonderful day!



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