Eugenics in Social Media

Eugenics in Social Media
Eugenics in Social Media

Governments don’t need to microchip you to control a population. Eugenics in social media has been a thing for quite some time, and it’s man made classism by haters.. Social media is an amazing tool that could be used to unite people. Instead, it’s used to create the illusion of connecting ordinary people. The companies on the back end dictate who can be your friend. I don’t like to be controlled. So, every time I catch Meta in the act, I’m gonna call them out and do research as to why certain people are blocked from my network.

List of accounts Instagram won’t let me FB.

Unraveling the Discriminatory Implications of Facebook’s Back-End Code

While Facebook’s front-end user interface seems inclusive and accessible, the hidden complexities lie within its back-end code.

Data Collection and Privacy Concerns

While this data collection serves various purposes, it can inadvertently perpetuate discrimination. The algorithms responsible for processing this data might unknowingly incorporate biases present in the collected information, leading to discriminatory outcomes in areas such as targeted advertising, content curation, and friend suggestions.

Algorithmic Bias and Content Distribution

These algorithms consider various factors, such as user engagement, relevance, and popularity. However, the inherent biases in the data used to train these algorithms can result in unequal visibility for certain groups.

Ad Targeting and Employment Discrimination

Facebook’s ad targeting features allow advertisers to tailor their campaigns based on various criteria, including age, gender, location, and interests. While this customization can be useful for reaching specific audiences, it can also facilitate discriminatory practices in areas such as employment.

Moderation and Content Removal

However, the enforcement of these policies has faced criticism for potential biases. The subjective nature of content moderation decisions, coupled with the potential for biases within the moderation algorithms, can lead to inconsistent outcomes.

Echo Chambers and Polarization

While this may enhance user engagement and retention, it can contribute to the polarization of society.

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