Why men don’t want to marry anymore?

I searched the web to find the best videos that explain why men don’t want to marry anymore.

Most of the reasonings I found seem to be ego driven and mis the mark completely.

So, I gave myself the task of uncovering the real reasoning why?

Your life sounds like a Beatles song. Do you know why The Beatles sold so many records and were considered the greatest band of all time? It was because they found a general idea that relates to every generation. Everyone relates to a broken heart, at least once..

Random taxi driver from Florida

The opening content I chose is a woman speaking because her tone seems more credible, and I find much of the other man-splaining videos to be basic as hell.

All the videos have in common is that they can’t get past the money issue.

The combination of the other videos is to show contrast in an un-bias manner so as to offer up some kind of healing and deeper enlightenment on these issues.

Full Video🔗: https://youtu.be/kmCJKO9aEkQ

I’ve been fortunate in life to have met many great women who take care of me financially; plan cute dates for us, pay for our vacations, share me with other women, cook for me, and make me cum 3 times a day.

None of them were old or washed up. Some of them were 18 when I was in my mid 30’s.

I’m 5″8, I don’t have Ryan Gosling abs, and I’m not a millionare yet; I just think most dudes have been conditioned to be simple, stubborn, and the rest lack life experience.

Sometimes, a part of you must die to become good.

The truth about men with passports going for women outside of their Western upbringing is that those marriages end up in divorce, too.

If they think that American women are bad when it comes to gold digging, they’ got another thing coming, lol.


It’s very hard to marry outside of your culture.

Once you’ve tasted babylon, you’re stuck here.

Try getting your passport wife from a conservative family to do anal with you.

She might cut your dick off for real.

She’ll make child support sound like a blessing, and good luck divorcing her when she stops putting out.

They might have completely different laws there..

Full Video🔗: https://youtu.be/kmCJKO9aEkQ

This clip reminds me of when I was 15, I had this friend who was much older than me, I think he was 24 at the time.

He was like the Fonz of our group. Super nice guy; but no ambition in life other than to get a lot of tattoos, get wasted, and sodomize as many young girls as possible.

Why men don't want to marry anymore?

He lived in a trailer park with his mom on 8 mile, didn’t drive or own a car, but all the young girls loved him.

His philosophy in live was that material things don’t matter much, he said “just get tattoos; a fresh hair cut on the first, drink 40’s, and bang bitches.”

When parties were thrown at his mother’s;

it always messed me up because there would be an equally amount of guys and girls there, but instead of one for each of us, all the girls would fight over my one friend.

It made my young mind think women were unstable;

I mean, my other friends had brand new mustangs, I think one of them even drove a corvette sting ray, but nope, they wanted the old dude with terrible looking tattoos who lived with his mom on 8 mile. Ha, ha, ha.

About the dating app thing, everything is numbers, as it is also perception.

Think of it like anyone who goes to university or lives in a wealthy area.

You’re gonna be exposed to a lot more attractive horny women.

It’s ratios.

Type of career you work in also makes a difference;

if you’re around a bunch of smelly pissed off dudes all day, you’re gonna have a negative view of the world, and thus attract negative back.

Men also pressure other men and sexualize everything when in groups, even each other when they’re straight, lol.

I’m also one of those trash guys who banged everyone on the apps but wouldn’t date.

I don’t know how things are now;

but about five years ago, If you had professional looking photos, a lot of instagram followers, and a premium tinder account, you could just swipe right on everyone, and have so much pussy it would be coming out of your nose.

I’ve been unfairly judged for this, but it was an emotional protection thing;

if I was always honest, and set on only one or two women at a time I would become overly thirsty, thus risk losing both of them.

To me, it was better than spiraling into a deep depression or anger.

I think that’s where I draw the line with the radical feminism stuff, which is when it becomes overly judgy to the point where even adaption doesn’t doesnt work anymore..

We’re all just human trying to survive by making the best of open scars.

Everyone on social media is trying to push ideas that benefit them, but not me, I’m actually just being truthful.

I’m not tall or skinny; but when it comes to real surveys, not rigged ones, this is the body type most women prefer.

Get mad all you want, but you’ll never see a guy like this giving af about anything.


Why men don't want to marry anymore?

This guy could probably fit more women on his dick smoking crack behind a dumbster than most fat billionares have on their yacht’s.

Also, I know this is true; because the times when I am really skinny to the point where I look like I have cancer and my collar bones are showing, those are the times that I can’t even walk down the street because women will stop their cars to agressively makeout with me.

So, all that other stuff aside, here is the conclusion of the matter.

This is it. This is the real reason why? It’s not because of money, nor any of the other existential things, but this is answear! – A broken heart.


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  1. It is so nice to read honest commentary.
    Like the anti hero of Canadian anti music industry wrote, “everybody knows”.

    1. Ha, ha, thank you!

      I was scared writing this because I thought of all the different ways it could be perceived.

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