Climate Change

Climate Change:

Obviously, I’m not cool with the bullying done to the young activist; but when asked pretty basic questions, she just arrogantly laughed like she was better than them. Sadly, this is a common practice of her predecessors. Jacob Rothschild, for example, would use this tactic all the time to gaslight journalists like they were wild conspirators for questioning him about usury in banking practices.

I mean, climate change is a pretty serious thing, and I don’t think it’s funny, especially when so many of our energy policies are dictated by it.

I think the President of Russia’s response to one of Greta’s speeches is reasonable and relatable. It reminds me of when my rich hippie friends would judge for me shopping at the Dollar Tree or buying fast food when that’s all I could afford. Not every government or environment functions the same way.

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Climate Change

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