When Family IS Broken.

If any social movement really wants to create equality? It starts here, with the family.

This is how The One Percent keeps the poor poor, and the middle class have been no exception for many years now.

It’s trendy now to hate cops, and rightfully so; but let’s be real, what did all those protests even do other than grant police more bloated budgets?

Meanwhile, judges and magistrates are the ones who get off the hook. There are the ones who tell the police what laws to enforce. It’s like basically blaming middle management and expecting Jeff Bezos to give you one of his yachts.

How our racist child support laws hurt poor, black fathers the most https://michiganfamilylawreform.wordpress.com/2023/01/11/how-our-racist-child-support-laws-hurt-poor-black-fathers-the-most/


A few years back, I was FWB with this girl who was from Puerto Rico and worked for the US Military. She was mad, I think, because I wouldn’t date her. I’ll never forget her saying how she said how she couldn’t raise kids here because of all the shootings. Meanwhile, she had Lockheed Martin contracts on her FBI laptop, lol.

She went on to explain that in Puerto Rico, there is very little crime, and although it’s very poor, poverty does not create crime.

Crime is created over time when the family unit is collectively broken.

When Family IS Broken
When Family IS Broken

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