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Why I am not an Anarchist?

It’s because I’m a former cult founder, and small communities are very hard to run.

Maybe it was the time period? Perhaps we were still subconsciously influenced by capitalism and not ready for a selfless utopia.

Either way, human nature is the problem. Greed; envy, lust, coveting, and the desire for power; all of these exist regardless of wearing a different uniform.

Details: During the early 60’s there was a killer loose in Madison Heights.

He used to bury his bodies in the landfill which is now a hill used for sledding right next to Lamphere High School.

Every once and a while you can hear insane laughter around the school.

Written by: Jessica Street
Published on: October 23, 2022

Those noises people heard were actually me and my friends. The Hill is not haunted.

I’ve never been to jail, thank God. However, I have been picked up by police multiple times for praying in tongues.

So, about the disconnect in the thread:

Think of it like a pitbull. Sometimes, pitbull’s make noises that sound like growling, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are angry. They’re just noisy.

Same with many homeless people:

If you’re your at your local Dunkin’ Donuts in Chicago, and see a homeless person jump kicking the air like a Power Ranger; he’s probably not trying to kick you, but the invisible demon sitting in the corner.

One day, I was on Jefferson, shopping at my local 7-11 when I heard loud screaming in the back of the room.

The cashier then said to me, “Don’t be alarmed. He’s just working out his demons.” I laughed because I completely understood.

The woman working the register probably had no idea that I was a modern-day Legion. It made me happy, and more people should be like this woman.

If this was a 7-11 in Royal Oak, the man would have been shot dead by police.

Sometimes, angels write about the humans’ good deeds, too. 😉

The Village

2 responses to “The Village”

  1. People think that unseen things do not control the world.
    A virus has never been seen and is size of a wavelength of light.
    Virus affected world economy. Often unseen living entity can affect the world. Any cult leader will become a target of investigation. Remember Black Panthers KKK David Koresh. What FBI can not understand it monitors. But that is OK. Avoid followers who can become informants and set you up . From FBI viewpoint the fewer followers the less the risk.

  2. Morgan Escherly Avatar
    Morgan Escherly

    Because we dont respect children in this country, we grow up crippled in a thousand different ways, traumatized out of our spirit, our core identity, our place in the world. And since this happens from a very early age, we have no idea that this violence has been inflicted upon us. We just think this in normal. We need deep healing.

    I’m a shaman, a healer, a guide, but really we all are if we choose to be.

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