I had a realization, and can admit when I was wrong.

I think the CIA might have been right about a few unsaid things.

Suppose I wasn’t being stalked anymore, and the last traffic violation I received was legitimate? It was all of the other things and events in my life that lead to it which give me reason to believe it never really ends.

I think I messed up the world. Some pseudo scientists aka psychologists would refer to my feeling as psychosis; the fact that I believe I have the power to create global paradigm shifts with my cell phone, or through prayer.

However, if it were not so, I wouldn’t have Mossad agents treating me so nicely all the time. It’s like I’m the Prodigal Son, and have unlimited chances to come home.

I know that I play a two hat role in this drama, one hat being religious, and the other government. There is a divine reason my true identity has been kept hidden for so long, as a lot of life lessons from my past are reemerging to the surface.

Too bad FSB and CIA don’t realize a they are one in the same? Building healthy relations with Russia is crucial for a functioning new multi-polar world order.



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