Truth about Trafficking

I know this might sound like toxic masculinity or whatever, but fear is respect.

Once the fear is gone, out comes all wrong doings.

I know this because to this day, I’m loyal to my integrity and a keeper of many secrets, secrets that are hidden even from the Vatican.

I know things that many of you know nothing about it, because you only know what you hear, I was actually there. My piercing eyes have looked upon every deception under the sun.

As a youth, I was even more cautious than I am now.

One day, I was in the basement of my ex-wife’s parents’ house, and this was before we were married.. Her checker tiled floors illuminated the kind of hangman death I would later receive.

Dateline comes on the TV. It was about the people who owned the tattoo shop I was apprenticing at. The show made them out to be human traffickers, but they actually weren’t. They were not perfect either, but their crimes were petty compared to the people who were trying to bust them.

The average business owner in the financial district of Troy, Michigan, has more fire power in their tiny office suite than I ever saw at the East-side Clubhouse. My Step mom carries a bigger gun in her purse, lol, 357 magnum to be exact. Also, marijuana charges, are you kidding me? OMG, so dangerous, GTFO.

Daniel Brummitt

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  1. I fear being killed if I told you where the largest checkerboard floor I’ve ever seen is located. I escaped but so few do. I’m glad to have you as a friend.

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