Big Tech is killing Crypto!

Recently, I had someone fraudulently open a Bank of America Checking Account in my name.

When I tried to gather information from the bank as to how this happened? Bank Of America wouldn’t fully disclose the exact method of how the account was opened.

The reason knowing the method is important, apart from it being my right, is so I can try to do things differently to secure my information and prevent it from happening again.

They basically protected the attacker more than the victim.

This is why third party crypto exchanges offered via cold wallets make me laugh so hard.

They’re asking for so much information it’s crazy. Currently, it requires less information for someone from Ukraine to fraudulently open a Bank Of America checking account in my name than it is for me to buy crypto currency using a cold wallet.

Yes, full bio metric scan of my face makes me feel so secure lol. Seriously, wtf are these crypto bros and hoes thinking? It’s no wonder they’re all turning up dead.

Big Tech is killing Crypto!
Big Tech is killing Crypto!
Big Tech is killing Crypto!
Big Tech is killing Crypto!
Can u actually delete my info please?
I don't feel comfortable giving out this much of my information. I feel Iv'e already given out a out.
So please, remove me from your data base. thank u!
We can delete your account, but please note:
All personal data gathered, processed and stored by us is necessary for clients’ due diligences purposes, to ensure clients applying for our services identification and verification of their identity and authenticity of the documents and information provided, thus ensuring complains with the legal provisions of applicable legal acts mentioned above and preventing money laundering and terrorism financing.
The Directive (Directive (EU) 2018/843 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018 amending Directive (EU) 2015/849 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing, and amending Directives 2009/138/EC and 2013/36/EU) (Chapter V), the Act (Chapters 3 and 4), the Requirements (Chapter 2 and 3) as well as legally binding recommendations the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog - The Financial Action Task Force (FATF),- oblige us to gather and store personal data on client’s identity, place of birth, jurisdiction and please of residence, source of funds and wealth, details of payment cards, nature and purpose of transactions performed, professional experience, transaction (also purchase) history, communication means and other information for the purposes of “Know your customer” (KYC) procedures and prevention, detection or investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing. We are obliged to obtain certain and accurate information and data to get full knowledge of our clients and legality of their funds and payment instruments which shall be used via our services.
Aforesaid legal acts determine that we should maintain the necessary information obtained through client due diligence measures and the records on transactions for at least five years after the end of a business relationship or of an occasional transaction. However, if necessary for the purposes of prevention, detection or investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing, and after carrying out an assessment of the necessity and proportionality, we should be able to require the further retention of records for a period not exceeding an additional five years, without prejudice to the national criminal law on evidence applicable to ongoing criminal investigations and legal proceedings.
In accordance with the mandatory obligations of the aforesaid legal acts, we unfortunately in no events are entitled to erase the following data and shall store it for at least five-year period since establishment of business relationship with you:
Passport or ID card, including all data specified in these documents and selfie;
Place of residence;
E-mail address and phone number;
Account/wallet details;
Payment card details;
Transaction history and respective communication with us, also regarding offered services related communication and comments;
IP address and web history, including transaction history login events and (excluding cookies and marketing events).
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Also please note that after we delete your verified account, you cannot create another one in the future, in accordance to our T&Cs.
please delete everything
thank u!
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To delete your account, please kindly send me a selfie with your passport/ID-card/driver's license and a code word written on a piece of paper. Your face, full name and the code word should be clearly visible on the photo.
The photo must be sent within 10 minutes after I give you the code word. Please, tell me when you're ready.

u already have this!
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We need to make sure that the owner of the account is contacting us, as termination is permanent. Thanks
12:45 am
I even more so dont feel comfortable
i feel degraded givng u as much info as i have
i need to speak with a supervisor then.
this is not ethical, so im asking politely.
Just now. Not seen yet.

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