Avoid Google Play Store Gift Cards This Holiday Season !!

I bought a Google Play gift card with cash at a Meijer gas station, the code works, but says it needs more of my info.

The reason I bought the card in the first place was because I was a victim of identity theft, and no longer feel comfortable keeping my card info on file.

Avoid Google Play Store Gift Cards This Holiday Season !!
Google has 139,995 employees as of (31 March 2021, but can’t pick up the phone?

Sending the requested info to Google is very confusing and lengthy to fill out.

It’s also hard to get in touch with an agent via chat.

The contact number on the back of the card is no longer active because Google claims the company is short staffed from COVID.

It took about two days for Google to respond, only to inform me that my credentials are invalided.

I’m very pissed off, and don’t understand why Google requires so much of my personal information just to use a gift card?

What could I possibly buy that’s so illicit on the Google Play Store that they would need all of this additional info?

Would Google like a sample of my blood too?

I just want what I paid for, I feel cheated, and will never purchase a Google Play Gift Card as long as I live.

I highly recommend you all avoid them like the plague this holiday season as well.

I did not get a receipt because I didn’t expect to have an issue.

I’ve used gift cards in the past and never had this problem.

I know better now, and I hope everyone stops using Google Play gift cards too!


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