Open Letter to The Ticket To Work Program

Many years ago, I participated as a survey taker for The Social Security Incentive Program. 

The program existed to give beneficiaries an accurate understanding of their benefits.

I was really struggling with my parents and friend’s at the time who were calling me a bum for collecting a check.

They’d say things like “why don’t you just get a job?”

Thing is, I always worked. I wasn’t lazy, nor incapable of working.

Logistically, when I calculated out all of the expenses it takes to commute to a job, plus other amenities Social Security covers, I was better off just collecting a check lol.

I asked the lady on the last day of the program if she believed I was scamming the system?

She said “no.” She said “your parents and community are just not understating of the times.”

Then she said “there are song writers we have who collect Social Security Disability, and until they get their big break, they just keep collecting.”

So, with a clear conscious, that’s what I did…

I lived frugal, spending all my time trying to create this online brand identity, with the hopes to one day make it big and sell the rights of all my artworks.

I had a lot of ups and downs in my career (that capitalists call a hobby.)

Every time I’d get close I’d just get shut down again.

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m the guy who can sit in a crowded room full of hot drunk women, ignoring every single one of them and just grind it out on my laptop.

Probably the reason so many people assume I’m gay or autistic.

I’m so robotic I give PPC bot-farms in India a run for their dedication.

‘The reason I’m painting this way is that I want to be a machine…’

Andy Warhol

Finally I got it.

With the right combination of Social Media Optimization, I created a system that actually makes money.

Not enough to live of off, but enough to buy myself a pair of jeans at H&M that aren’t too skinny, and my son some V-bucks.

Then this guy Joe Biden happened…

Open Letter to The Ticket To Work Program.

I was on a roll man, I thought Democrats were the ones who were supposed to help the poor, not tax us so hard we end up starving to death like the south of Yemen?!

On top of everything happening with the United States economy right now, it’s not just me just me anymore, all the things I used to complain about are now being realized on a much more broad scale.

The reason I’m writing this Open Letter is I want Administration at the Ticket To Work program to understand that those third party payment systems via Only Fans are the reason single mothers have had enough gas money to drive to Wendy’s and make your kid’s one dollar frosty’s after soccer practice everyday.

Not taxing those apps are vital to a surviving economy.

Joe Biden is a fricking idiot!

Almost everybody gets food stamps.

It’s not even stigmatized anymore, you’re a high roller if you can take your girl out to Kroger and buy some fresh produce.

We can’t all get audited lol?

Here’s what I suggest:

That the Monies used for the Ticket To Work Incentive Program go to giving a Free Tax Pass for people who are low income so they can gradually get themselves off the system.

Free Tax Pass For Low Income People.

– Sign the Petition!

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