New IRS $600 Rule hurts the poor and could bottom out the USD.

Irony is Joe still owes us all $600.00

Once again, I’m at a crossroads with my career never getting lifted off the ground.

Reminds me of the 2008 Driver Responsibility Scam all over again, only this time with with IRS agents being the useful idiots instead of local law enforcement.

New IRS $600 Rule hurts the poor and could bottom out the USD.

We all know how well that ended for police, they got bigger budgets, but a tarnished name no one will ever have respect for again. – Proverbs 22:1

New IRS $600 Rule hurts the poor and could bottom out the USD.

During those years of blissful ignorance; law enforcement would ticket me any chance they got, and I wasn’t alone, they were targeting the States most vulnerable.

I had no way to defend myself… Until social media.

Social media was a blessing, it allowed me to create my own reality during a time when most people still believed in professional wrestling, as they still do with CNN.

I lacked the overhead for traditional marketing, but saw the future of advertising going full mobile.

This disruptive technology gave people like myself a chance at having a fair shot like everyone else. – It was a huge FU to academia!

– The Means of Control had Shifted!

Even dinner table conversations with family members changed.

I went from shrinking to having dirt on their bosses and the scum who they glorified as reputable people in society.

It was like I had a remote control on my parents and the places where I was from.

Some would even joke that they didn’t even seem like the same people anymore.

I was blessed! Made peace with everyone, even my ex wife.

As grandmothers across the world were screaming ACAB out their Dodge Caravan windows, I finally got comfortable in my skinny jeans as being author of my own universe.

I could push any narrative on a zero dollar budget, and media would immediately scramble to counter whatever I said.

CIA would even beg me to stop talking about Gaza.

Part of me questioned, “was it really me?” or was I just acting out pre-synchronized reactions, giving myself the illusion that I was changing something?

I mean, then again, all these models thought I was the guy whose dick they had to suck to become famous.

It was all a lie lol, or perhaps part of it was was really true?

Luckily for my own legal sake, I saw the big picture, even foresaw the birth of MeToo.

I saw the hollow side humanity, and in that bigger picture, wanted to change it even more.

Fuck tha G-ride I want the machines that are makin’ em.

Rage Against the Machine,

Here are a few things that require Attention to create Big Change!

  1. United States Supreme Court: To provide an option for Medicare Premiums to be paid for at the federal level. – Sign the Petition!
  2. End Data Suppression:
  3. Why Psychiatric Survivors should be a Protected Class:
  4. Free Tax Pass For Low Income People. – Sign the Petition!

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