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Corporate Art leads the easy way with Daniel Brummitt

Today, I’m gonna teach you how to generate Corporate Art leads by spoofing geo data without a VPN or spoofing app.

I think this video will help a lot of struggling artists hit their target audience while maintaining their privacy for free!

Google Chrome offers a way in the source code to tag yourself in a fake precise location anywhere in the world.

This is great for people who have been struggling to make sales or generate sufficient leads on apps like Twitter.

I like the idea of traditional sales, especially in tech. I also know that with the political/economical climate; many people feel hopeless right now, hopefully this brightens your day, and gives you hope to continue being productive in creative marketing pursuit’s.

Here’s some examples of my corporate art being seen directly by my target consumers.

Create Corporate Art Leads the easy way with Daniel Brummitt

In today’s digital world, success relies on the internet.

Daniel Brummitt

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