Checkout this Meetup with CARE: 

Checkout this Meetup with CARE: 

End prescribed psychiatric drug harm!

Coalition for Accountability, Reform, and Education in Psychiatric Prescribing. Let’s write letters, change laws, educate!

Dawn will send a full meeting link and ID to anyone who RSVPS.

New Research finds depression is not caused by chemical imbalance.

Checkout this Meetup with CARE: 
Checkout this Meetup with CARE

Roll call for all my Attorney friends who want to make an honest multi million dollars, I’m a walking goldmine right now.

All psychiatric treatments are harmful.

Psychiatric drugs, ECT (electric shock) and brain surgery (lobotomy) each harm the individual and society.

Taking a pill as a “cure” obviously is easier than confronting and dealing with the actual personal reasons for one’s difficulties with their own mind and life.

The alternative requires personal responsibility, control and can take time, but the final results far exceed the quick fix (drugs, shock, etc.).

In fact, the “psychiatric” methods “fix” nothing at all and actually make things worse.

Similarly, no psychiatrist will tell you psychiatry harms people and that you should avoid it at all cost. Even if they knew or suspected this, they couldn’t endure the loss of income, status and authority this would entail.

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