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Daniel Brummitt on TikTok
Don’t resist this cute face. 🙂 Daniel Brummitt on TikTok



The optimism of youth!

As we enter 2020, it’s becoming increasingly clear that AR platforms are the future of social media. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great places to keep in touch with friends and family, they are less and less suited to help users promote themselves or their brands. Platforms like Twitter and Pinterest are great for self-expression and sharing creative content, but they are less focused on video—and video is absolutely crucial to the success of AR platforms.

So where do designers and marketers go next? To the future-forward AR platforms like Bit.Tube, TikTok, and Mirrord to name a few. These platforms combine the video,

photography, and social elements of Instagram with the graphics and gaming elements of VR platforms like Unity. They’re also completely free to use—although you may find yourself tempted to buy props or add-ons as you create your content.

As a designer, creating content for these new AR platforms is a great learning opportunity. Having worked with several of them in my capacity as a freelance designer and consultant, I have a few suggestions for how to get started and make the most of your experiences on these platforms.

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Social Media Marketer | Online Publisher 📚 📲 IFB

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