About Daniel Brummitt Publishing

About Daniel Brummitt Publishing

Daniel is an Independent Publisher from Detroit Michigan,

He has published over 8 books and magazines, genres included: Fashion Photography, Fine Art, Luxury Décor, Anti-Psychiatry, and Investigative Journalism.

His first publication was a Children’s Poetry Book he made for his son.

About Daniel Brummitt Publishing
Daniel Brummitt Publishing
Meet Daniel Brummitt, self-proclaimed Marketing Artist of the decade.
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A great smile can disarm an army of a thousand. ~ Daniel Brummitt


Daniel Brummitt is a renowned contemporary artist whose work transcends traditional boundaries and challenges conventional notions of art.

Through his art, he tackles pressing issues such as inequality, environmental degradation, and the impact of technology on society.

Whether through collaborative projects, public installations, or online campaigns,

he actively seeks to inspire others and create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Brummitt is also an avid writer and speaker.

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