Finally found out what tweet caused Twitter to produce my information to the NYC PD. (A city I don’t live in, nor recently traveled to.)

Most dangerous drug company in the world

It was Pfizer, the most dangerous drug company in the world!

On 4/22/2022, around 10:30 Am, Detroit PD showed up at my door to ask me questions regarding my information produced by Twitter to the NYC PD regarding a tweet. (Information, that Twitter would not go into detail as to tell me what information was produced to them.)

Detroit Police then told me it was in regards to a Pfizer tweet, something on the lines of burning the NYC HQ building down.

So, I searched and believe I found the alleged tweet, I also never said that in the RT of someone else’s art I posted!

There’s palm trees in the picture I posted, are there palm trees in NYC?

The RT I made was posted in a thread with the hashtag #ArtisticExpression, about protesters in France, not NYC!

You can read the tweet for yourself.

Also, if this was such a dangerous Tweet, why did it take them so long to question me?


Most dangerous drug company in the world
Most dangerous drug company in the world