Finally found out what tweet caused Twitter to produce my information to the NYC PD. (A city I don’t live in, nor recently traveled to.)

Most dangerous drug company in the world

It was Pfizer, the most dangerous drug company in the world!

On 4/22/2022, around 10:30 Am, Detroit PD showed up at my door to ask me questions regarding my information produced by Twitter to the NYC PD regarding a tweet. (Information, that Twitter would not go into detail as to tell me what information was produced to them.)

Detroit Police then told me it was in regards to a Pfizer tweet, something on the lines of burning the NYC HQ building down.

So, I searched and believe I found the alleged tweet, I also never said that in the RT of someone else’s art I posted!

There’s palm trees in the picture I posted, are there palm trees in NYC?

The RT I made was posted in a thread with the hashtag #ArtisticExpression, about protesters in France, not NYC!

You can read the tweet for yourself.

Also, if this was such a dangerous Tweet, why did it take them so long to question me?


Important Update!

I was informed that it was FBI agents who came to my door and spoke with me that day, not Detroit Police. The Detectives lied to me about what department/agency they were from.

Over 80k RTs, and wayy more flames, can someone say double standard much?!

Seems like an unwarranted excuse for them to bother me, SMH.
Maybe they should spend more time solving actual crimes within their own agency, instead of investigating RTs of Art?!

Most dangerous drug company in the world
Most dangerous drug company in the world