There’s nothing wrong with keeping traditions and culture.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping traditions and culture.

India is a big melting pot having various beliefs and behaviors which gave birth to different cultures here. Jews have been in India for a very long time, yet keep their traditions wherever they go.

An abundance of fresh spices, coconut milk and tapioca starch (in place of gelatin) allowed Indo-Jewish households to easily adapt their strictly kosher food requirements, creating a unique cuisine that is both equally Jewish and Indian in nature.

What’s the difference in what Putin is saying here? “Preserving culture does not mean destroying… If we preserve it, it will be a great advantage for human development as well.”

We Should not divide everything based on ethnicity, but rather look to the future for ways to build a common future and follow this common path.”

However, this is the way Western oligarchs want you to see Putin:

The politics of fear
There's nothing wrong with keeping traditions and culture.

More fear:

The other day I was getting gas, and some sheriff flashed it’s bights on me like I was some kind of criminal just for entering the store.

I told myself when I got home that I was gonna run a bot campaign directed at his/her particular county to protect myself when visiting my gf.

Then I came across a viral video that made me think?

I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with cops ever since I started driving, which was like 20 years ago.

That’s 20 years of consistent hatred towards these thieves, and no, I didn’t just start hating them because it was trendy for a year.

I lay off here n’ there when they leave me alone, but I’m gonna point out some undeniable patterns, and how it ties in with politics:

We’re all being played. How does a video like this get so many tweets on a platform that is clearly pro-police?

After everything that’s been exposed about policing; budgets have increased, truthfully, I’ve never seen so many cops patrolling daily in my entire life.

Use discretion when trusting large accounts pushing revolutions, especially when emotional content is involved. I regret giving the State so much power.

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