The Amber Heard Trial

Despite what you hear from everyone else; all the “he said” “she said” misdirected narratives, which are really about ratings, (mainly from Depp’s side, and a few other frenemies’.)

I was actually on the inside at the Amber Heard trial.

The Amber Heard Trial
That’s me in the corner.

I’m not a professional journalist in the traditional sense, but I have worked behind the scenes in media/print for many years.

I know how to get my way around places, people, even security systems.

Every aspect of this trial resonates with me.

As it should, it’s pretty relatable to everybody.

It’s why the Beatles sold so many records.. Everybody can relate to having a broken heart.

I also know what it’s like to have your relationships messed with; every aspect of your life controlled, slandered with no one to defend you, sexualized in a career, groomed as a youth; and I know those jealous feelings of rage, where death feels like the only exit of a tainted relationship you can’t let go of.

The reason this trial is so important is because it highlights the end of an era.

The end of capitalism; the end of rich men always winning, and lastly, the naked inter-workings of zionism in the media.

Here’s Unarguable Evidence from 6 Platforms that Amber Heard is a victim of Influence Operations

Huge story waiting to finally be reported on!

Tens of Thousands of Repeating Exact Texts, Data Analysis leads to the source ➡️ Public GitHub:

Behind the Scenes with Journos!
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Greatly outnumbered but not backing down!
Watch these Ops in action. Depp fans lacking sleep and probably a place to poo, ended up fighting with the Depp organizers.

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