She was right about Britney; and they said she was crazy, now she’s right about this case too, only Britney didn’t have a million bots after her.

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp Movie | Crime, Rose McGowan, Violence, Bots, Brittany Murphy, Britney Spears, & Elections

Great video introduction that explains how these Ops work.

When Christina first asked me to help with Amber, I wasn’t too familiar with the actresses work yet, and became extremely hesitant once I saw her social media posts.

Christina has a very accurate track record of spotting victims of abuse.

I mean she was right about Britney.

So, I took her word for it, but also did my own research.

As a non-practicing Christian; I still cling to traditional Abrahamic gender roles in relationships, I think partially because they’re embedded in me, both culturally and through personal life experience.

Working on this case however, has enlightened me on many of my own relationship insecurities I didn’t want to face.

I also think people can become so stuck in their ways; their own traditions, their own self-righteousness, that it’s literally impossible for them to see a victim crying for help, even when it’s right in plain sight.

In Amber’s case, it was new technology being used against her.

This is not your everyday, he says’ she says’ Hollywood tabloid breakup.

There was espionage involving new technology un-detected by the current court system rules to defame her.

There’s only a 1% of lawyers who understand tech laws, and because it’s so ever-changing, it’s hard to put a price on it. I know this for many reasons.

I used to sell social media followers door to door to business’s in Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica CA.

At the time, I was certain everybody out West was buying followers due to their large accounts, but come to find out the inner circle was much smaller than I realized.

I also lost many social media accounts worth a lot of money in data, due to an issue at the fault of an ATT employee transferring google authenticator to a new phone improperly.

When contacting a tech lawyer, pricing it out was very difficult, he also wasn’t confident in winning the case.

He was confident he was the best tech lawyer, but not confident about tech lol.

Now back to Amber, I have never seen so many fvcking bots in my life.

I never witnessed so much hate towards a single person, so much disregard to a person’s life such as I saw Amber experience on various social media channels.

It was obvious to me, that not only were they trying to silence her, they were licensed to kill her as well.

She’s not the first, or the last.

She’s just the first to fight back in a way that caught the attention of a few frustrated overlooked influencers in tech.

Social Network Analysis of Disinformation/Influence Operations and Bots Cross-Platforms on Amber Heard.
Social Network Analysis of Disinformation/Influence Operations and Bots Cross-Platforms on Amber Heard.
Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram,, and Facebook for 6 Social Media Platforms.
Millions of Texts and Millions of Accounts were studied for Social Network Analysis.
We’re Worldwide Independent Researchers with over 20 data analysts, scientists, and observers analyzing this data for over a year. Research and development is ongoing, and this public operation spanning for years continues. We invite researchers and students to study this public case example.
Data collected on Amber Heard is primarily related to the years 2018-2021, ongoing into 2022.

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